10 feats for foresight

Anticipate attack: (Combat)

Benefit: As a standard action you may prepare yourself to counter an opponent's attack. When you are attacked by a melee or ranged attack, but not a ray or ranged spell, you may roll an opposing attack roll with your currently drawn weapon.  If you beat the opponents roll their attack fails automatically. If they were using a melee attack and you successfully countered it they may not proceed with the rest of their full attack if they had one.  

Counter stroke: (Combat)

Prerequisite: Anticipate attack, weapon focus

Benefit: If you successfully counter an attack using the anticipate attack feat you may immediately make a single attack against the attacker if they are within melee reach. If you posess the vital strike feat you may apply that to this attack.

Ever ready:

Benefit: When readying an action you may choose two separate actions that you can choose to react to and a separate reaction for each. You still may only actually perform one of the chosen actions.

Insightful advantage:

Prerequisite: Int 13

Benefit: If you are receiving an insight bonus to attack, damage, ac, initiative, or saves you may, as a swift action, change the bonus to any of those other options. This change lasts until you use another swift action to change it or until the bonus wears off on it's own.

Perfect weapon:

Prerequisite:  Character level 10th

Benefit: When attacking a foe with an attack it is weak against you may reroll any 1's on any damage rolls. This includes wielding a weapon that overcomes a foe's damage reduction, using an element the foe is vulnerable to, or using a bane or slaying weapon that affects the chosen target.

Potent preparations:

Prerequisites: Ability to prepare spells

Benefit: When preparing spells for the day you may select a number of spell slots with a total spell level equal to your primary casting stat. Each of these slots allows you to prepare two different possible spells. At the time of casting you pick which of the two spells will be cast. You may take this feat multiple times, each time selecting up to your casting attribute bonus in total spell levels.

Prepped and ready

Prerequisite: Wis 11

Benefit:  Anytime you have the option of purchasing equipment or items you may choose to spend a number of gold pieces to buy an unspecified item. At anytime you have access to your equipment you may specify the item purchased. The item chosen cannot be magical in nature nor can it be a specific or unique version of an item. You could for example select that you bought a thieves kit, but not a key to the jail cell you are trying to break into.

Secret sensor:

Prerequisite: Able to cast at least one spell of the scrying subtype, stealth 1 rank

Benefit: When casting a scrying spell you may choose to make a stealth roll with a +16 size bonus. The total for this check is the perception DC to locate any of your scrying sensors.

Sight beyond sight:

Prerequisites: Able to cast any divination spell

Benefit: If you are under the effect of a blinded or deafened condition you may expend a divination spell to ignore those conditions and regain your normal senses for 1 round per spell level expended. This does not grant you a sense that your race does not possess, though it can grant you the use of a sense you were born without in which case you gain the default senses for your race. If the spell expended was at least 4th level this also grants at least 60 ft darkvision, and if the spell was at least 8th level it grants true seeing.

Wandering mind:

Benefit: When maintaining concentration on a spell you may also use your standard action to continue performing any simple task that you would normally be able to take a 10 on.