Air dodge: (Combat)

You've mastered the air of evading attacks even with nothing to push off against

Prerequisite: Dodge roll, Double jump, Mobility

Benefit: You may use either dodge roll or double jump as an immediate action to travel half the distance your normally would be allowed. In addition to using your next turn's swift action this also uses as much movement from next turn's move action, if any. Thus if you had a speed of 40 ft and made an immediate action to jump 10 ft awayyour first move action next turn would only allow you to move up to 30 ft. If this movement is made in response to an attack; it is still rolled against you, however you gain the benefit of mobility as if this were an attack of opportunity.


Charged strike: (Combat)

You can focus all of your energy into delivering a single massively powerful attack

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1 

Benefit: As a full round action you may prepare to unleash a devastating attack. Your first melee attack next turn gains a bonus to both attack and damage equal to your base attack bonus. This attack can be combined with other actions such as full attacks or vital strike but it applies only to the first attack in that turn, though it also applies to critical hit confirmation rolls and the damage is multiplied normally on a critical hit. During the round spent preparing your attack you are flat footed.


Counter: (Combat)

You can lure an opponent into attacking you and then come back with a deadly retort

Prerequisite: Combat expertise

Benefit: As a full round action you can prepare to intercept and counter an incoming attack. Any foe seeing you believes you to be flat footed and if they choose to attack you before your next turn you may oppose their attack roll with one of your own. If your attack roll is higher than theirs the attack fails, and if they are within melee range you may immediately make an attack against them. A successful hit with this counter deals additional damage equal to the foe'sHD. This counter applies only to one attack made against you but you do not have to apply it to the first attack directed at you if want to save the counter. You may use this to counter melee or ranged attacks, including touch and ranged touch, but not attacks that don't require an attack roll or attacks that you are actually flat footed against.


Directional Influence: (Combat)

You can help influence the direction you're forced to move in.

Benefit: Anytime you are forced to move as a result of a bullrush, reposition, trip, or drag maneuver you may at any point as part of the movement move 5 ft in any direction. This can allow you to effectively prevent 5 ft worth of movement or to help guide the direction you're forced into.


Dodge roll: (Combat)

You have mastered the art of rolling through nearly any peril.

Prerequisite: Mobility 

Benefit: As a move action you may move up to 1/2 your land speed without provoking attacks of opportunity. This movement also allows you to pass through spaces occupied by allies and enemies alike. You cannot use this feat if any of your movement would take you through difficult terrain.


Double jump: (Combat)

You possess the uncanny ability to leap off of thin air

Prerequisite: Acrobatic, character level 5th. 

Benefit: As a swift action you may make an athletics check as if jumping from your current position and travel normally, even if you are not currently touching solid ground. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity and uses up movement normally.


Final Strike: (Combat)

Your are capable of unleashing a single massive attack, in exchange for accuracy.

Prerequisite: Improved devastating strike, greater vital strike, Power attack, Base attack bonus +15 

Benefit: As a standard action you may make a single melee attack that is wildly inaccurate but monstrously powerful. Your attack roll takes a -20 penalty to hit and confirm but it is an automatic critical threat in additional to the normal effects of being a vital strike. Until your next turn you are flat footed.


Float: (Combat)

Once you begin striking an opponent you direct every blow to ensure they're right where you want them. 

Prerequisite: Quick bullrush

Benefit: Anytime an opponent is moved as a result of your action, such as being bull rushed, thrown, or knocked back you may follow them using any normal movement mode you possess. This does not use an action and can be performed even if you are making a full attack or have already used your move action to move.  Additionally you may choose when these movement effects are applied. For example you could start a full attack routine with a bullrush but choose to finish your full attack routine before the foe is actually moved. Or you could bullrush an opponent into the air, follow them using a fly speed or acrobatics check, and continue to attack them before they fall to the ground. As an added benefit of this feat, any foe that you have successfully bull rushed or tripped is flat footed to any attacks you make after that during your turn.


Juggling: (Combat)

As long as your attacks are powerful enough you may force your opponent around the battlefield.

Prerequisite: Str 14, power attack 

Benefit: If you score a successful melee attack and deal damage at least equal to half the foe's CMD, calculated as if this were a bullrush, you may either render the target prone, or move it up to 5 ft in any direction.  For every 50% of their CMD you deal in damage you may move the target an additional 10 ft.  If you are making a full attack against a foe you may total the damage inflicted, and then apply this effect after all damage is calculated if you so desire.


Punish: (Combat)

One sloppy mistake on an opponent's part can open them up to a world of hurt

Prerequisite: Dodge 

Benefit: Each time an opponent attacks you and misses you gain +1 attack and damage to your next attack on the opponent as long as it's made on your next turn. This bonus stacks with itself but If you miss or if the opponent successfully lands an attack this bonus is lost.


Shielding: (Combat)

Your defenses are nearly impenetrable so long as you focus on using your shield.

Prerequisite: Shield focus,   

Benefit: When using a total defense action and wielding a shield; increase the shield's shield bonus by 1/2 your base attack bonus. This extra shield bonus also applies against touch attacks, and ranged touch attacks as well as on reflex saves. You may, as an immediate action, declare a total defense but doing so uses both your swift and standard actions from your next turn.


Spike: (Combat)

You've mastered the art of swatting an opponent out of the air

Prerequisite: Power attack, improved bullrush or awesome blow 

Benefit: If you use power attack and successfully make an attack against a foe that is not touching the groundyou may immediately make a CMB roll against them. This roll gains a bonus equal to the damage you added to your attack from power attacking instead of the penalty taken to make the attack. You may count this roll as both a trip and a bullrush for the purpose of abilities that modify either feature. If successful the opponent is sent crashing down to the ground falling a maximum of 200 ft or until they hit the ground, whichever is less. Upon hitting the ground the foe is rendered prone and takes falling damage normally.


Tipping: (Combat)

By catching the opponent with just the tip of your weapon you can deal a far more deadly blow.

Prerequisite: Lunge, Strength 14,

Benefit: When using a melee weapon to strike an opponent in a square diagonal to yours, or when striking a foe you can only reach due to the lunge feat, you increase your damage one half your strength bonus. This can be used while wielding a weapon two handed to deal double strength in damage instead of the usual x1.5.