Ancient Mutations
Not all secrets of evolution are tied to the unique essences of the stranger forms of life (and unlife) in the world. Some of these secrets are tied to forces that predate much of known life and have been hopefully suppressed by divine efforts from the bodies and memories of races everywhere in times long gone. Well, what are adventurers to do if not open that little Pandora’s Box anyway? 
This list of mutations is available to Aboleths, Kyorl’Zuraj, Tsochari, to creatures with Abomination or Elder Evil traits and to characters who take the Ancient Mutator feat.


Teratomorph I

  • Karish Companion: The essence of a karish creature is tied to the evolutionist’s own, giving him the ability to spawn it as a loyal servant. As a full-round action, the evolutionist can create a larval karish that will grow to adulthood after 24 hours, the base creature for the karish can be any vermin or ooze with a number of hit dice up to ¾ of the evolutionist’s mutator level, if the vermin chosen has less hit dice than that, it is advanced to the evolutionist’s maximum (which can change its size, provide feats, etc). Once the companion is fully developed, it will remain by the evolutionist’s side until it dies or its essence is recollected (another full-round action), at which point the evolutionist may spawn a new companion, which does not need to be have the same base creature as the previous one. If the evolutionist has a mutant ascendancy, his karish companion also gains its benefits. This teratomorphism can be taken more than once, providing an additional karish companion each time it is taken.


Karish is an inherited template that can be added to any ooze or vermin.
A karish uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.
Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to aberration. Its Hit Dice change to d8, and it has good will saves. Size is unchanged. The karish gains the augmented subtype pertaining to its old creature type.
Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +2. 
Special Attacks: A karish retains all the special attacks of the base creature.
Special Qualities: A karish loses the mindless and split special qualities if it had them, but retains all other traits of its old type. It retains all special qualities of the base creature, and gains the following.

  • Natural Mutator: Karish have a mutator level equal to their hit dice, even without levels in actual mutator classes.
  • Resin: Karish are treated as if they had as many instances of the Resin mutation as their mutator level allows them.

Abilities: Karish have a minimum intelligence score of 3, a minimum wisdom score of 10 and a minimum charisma score of 5. If the base creature has scores higher than those, they are unchanged.
Skills: Karish gain Skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) per Hit Die, with quadruple skill points for the first Hit Di. Balance, Climb, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Survival and Swim are class skills for the Karish. 
Feats: Karish gain feats according to their hit dice.
Challenge Rating: As base creature +1.
Alignment: Karish are usually lawful evil. Even if the evolutionist they serve is of a different alignment, they remain ruthless and vicious. Their loyalty to their masters is beyond question, however.
Level Adjustment: Karish are not viable player characters.

Teratomorph II

  • Crown of Vermin: Hundreds of ravenous insects flock around the evolutionist, forming an aura with a radius of 10 feet around him. Creatures within the crown of vermin gain concealment against nonadjacent creatures, however the insects bite hungrily any being inside the cloud other than the evolutionist himself (and other insects of the cloud), dealing 1d6 points of damage per teratomorphism to any creature that enters the aura or begins its turn inside it. The crown of vermin can be attacked, damaged and dispersed, it is immune to damage from weapons and takes 50% increased damage from area of effect attacks (in many ways it acts as a swarm of fine vermin). The crown of vermin is treated as if it had HD equal to the evolutionist’s mutator level, it uses his saves whenever it would need to make a save and it has 5 hit points per mutator level, it can never be reduced under 0 hit points and heals 1 hit point per HD every turn, as long as the crown of vermin is at 0 HP, it does not inflict damage or grants concealment. The evolutionist may activate or deactivate this ability as a swift action.

Teratomorph III

  • Defile: Wretched energies well within the evolutionist’s flesh and soul. Whenever he deals damage, half of it (rounded up) is converted into vile damage. If the taint rules are in play, this teratomorphism has an additional effect. It immediately sets the evolutionist’s minimum taint to half of his mutator level and grants immunity to the physical and mental degeneration of taint (although elevated taint would still affect his appearance, it would merely not impact him negatively). The taint awarded by this teratomorphism is difficult to conceal, so pervasive that it is, and its effects persist through spells and effects that change the evolutionist’s physical form.

Teratomorph IV

  • Swarm Form: The evolutionist can break down into a swarm of creatures (covering an area of 10 feet) gaining the benefits and penalties of the swarm subtype, or revert to his usual form as a standard action. The size of the evolutionist defines many things about the swarm her turns into. If he is medium-sized, he becomes a swarm of tiny creatures, if he is small-sized he becomes a swarm of diminutive creatures, if he is tiny or smaller, he becomes a swarm of fine creatures. Large or larger evolutionists become multiple swarms of tiny creatures, creating four swarms for each size category above medium, these swarms must always remain contiguous, but the area they cover is otherwise shapeable, multiple swarms have only a single set of actions in a turn and all act on the same initiative, but all of the swarms can move independently with any action that the evolutionist takes to move, and his standard actions may originate from any of his component swarms. An evolutionist in swarm form cannot use natural or manufactured weapons, but gains a swarm attack and the distract ability as per the swarm subtype (the save DC for Distract is equal to the DC for mutations and is based on constitution), he may still use all of his extraordinaire, supernatural, spell-like and psi-like abilities. Extraordinaire abilities tied to the evolutionist’s natural weapons can be used against any creature that is affected by his swarm attack, however, abilities that rely on specific natural weapons (such as rake for claws, mutilate for bite and bash for slams) cannot be used. Special abilities that cover an area (such as elemental nimbus and elemental aura) cover the entire area around and within multiple swarms, but only one takes effect in any area where they would overlap. The swarms keep all of the evolutionist’s movement speeds, hit points, hit dice, skill points, abilities and other stats, with only the following modifications, his strength score in swarm form drops to 1 and his dexterity score increases by +4, and his size modifiers to armor class, attack rolls, grapple, hide, and etc, change to those of a creature of his new size category.

Teratomorph V

  • Broodmother (Requires Karish Companion): One of the evolutionist’s karish companions becomes a Karish Broodmother, gaining the appropriate template. Furthermore, the maximum Hit Dice of the Broodmother becomes equal to the evolutionist’s mutator level. This teratomorphism can be taken more than once, as many times as the evolutionist has taken the Karish Companion teratomorphism.

Karish Broodmother:

Karish Broodmother is an inherited template that can be added to any creature with the Karish template.
A broodmother uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.
Special Attacks and Special Qualities: The broodmother retains all of its special attacks and special qualities and gains the following.

  • Mutations: A karish broodmother gains a number of mutations equal to her hit dice.
  • Spawn Karish (Ex): As a standard action, a karish broodmother may lay an egg that will hatch and grow into an adult karish creature over the course of 24 hours. The creature spawned can have a maximum HD equal to the broodmother’s own HD, and is under her control. The broodmother can control up to a number of HD of karish equal to twice her own HD.
  • Link (Ex): A broodmother can command any karish under her control as a free action.

Abilities: Str +2, Dex +2 , Con +4 and Wis +4 . The minimum Intelligence and Charisma scores of a Broodmother are set to 10.
Challenge Rating: As base creature +2.
Alignment: Karish Broodmothers are usually lawful evil. Even if the evolutionist they serve is of a different alignment, they remain ruthless and vicious. Their loyalty to their masters is beyond question, however.
Level Adjustment: Karish Broodmothers are not viable player characters.

Teratomorph VI

  • Sign: Where the evolutionist goes he is announced by disaster, and catastrophe is what is left behind. The evolutionist continuously emits a Sign of the Apocalypse (Elder Evils, pg. 7) with a radius of 10 miles per mutator level, centered on himself, this ability cannot be deactivated. The sign can be chosen from any of the existing signs, or perhaps the player could develop a new sign to be his mark. Whenever a sign would demand a save, it uses the listed DC for the sign or the DC for mutations (based on charisma) whichever is higher. Normally, the evolutionist’s sign will be set to its Faint power, however, by concentrating on it as a standard action, he can bring the sign’s power up to Moderate, and by concentrating on it as a full round action, he can bring the sign’s power up to Strong.



Mutant Ascendancy: The Ascendancy of the Ancient Mutator list does not change the evolutionist’s creature type. However, it grants Darkvision with a range of 60 feet (or increases the range of existing darkvision by 60 feet) and provides the following benefit:



  • The Evolutionist gains one bonus vile feat, plus an additional vile feat for every five mutator levels. This ability does not change the evolutionist’s alignment, however, it causes him to register to Detect Evil spells and effects as if he were a cleric of his mutator level. The evolutionist does not need to qualify for the vile feats gained as far as his alignment is concerned, but he must qualify on all other aspects. This ability does not allow the evolutionist to take additional vile feats if he evolutionist is not of evil alignment.


Mutant Perfection: Worlds weep at the coming of the evolutionist, it knows his advance shall not be hindered, and supernal forces younger than the powers he has claimed as his own quake in fear of him.
The evolutionist gains immunity to polymorphing (his powers that change his shape still work normally), petrification, or any other attack that alters his form, energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage (the evolutionist may ignore these immunities when using his vile feats), mind-affecting effects, death from massive damage and he gains resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 5, or increases existing resistances by that amount, if increasing his resistances would give him a total of 35 or more, he gains immunity to that type of energy instead.
Furthermore, the evolutionist gains one of the following Malefic Properties (Elder Evils, pg. 14) of his choice: Dark Visiting, Divine Enervation, Impervious to the Divine or True Death. These Malefic Properties work out to a range of 1 mile per mutator level.




Anathematic Secrecy [Spell-like]
Prerequisite: Hidden Anathema, mutator level 8.
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The gods are blind and deaf to the evolutionist. The Nondetection effect provided by Hidden Anathema cannot be dispelled and resists dissipation by antimagic fields or dead magic zones, all divination spells of divine origin (those cast as divine spells, but not as arcane spells) and divination spells and spell-like abilities used by outsiders and creatures with a divine rank fail to pierce the Nondetection effect outright.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once.

Cargo Hold [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: Swallow Whole.
Benefit: When the evolutionist swallows a creature or object, he can chose to deposit it within a compartment of his digestive system where it will take no damage. All other conditions for being swallowed whole apply normally. 
The evolutionist can regurgitate any amount of creatures and objects stored within his gullet as a full round action, or a single creature or object as a standard action.
Further Mutations: Every instance of this mutation increases the maximum number of creatures the evolutionist can hold within his gizzard by one creature up to two size categories smaller than him or an appropriate number of smaller creatures (See the Swallow Whole mutation). This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels.

Carrion Swarm [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Any extraordinaire or supernatural ability that deals energy damage.
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: Ravenous things thrive in the deleterious secretions of the evolutionist, waiting to ravage his victims and feed their host. Upon taking this mutation, the evolutionist must chose one type of energy. Whenever he deals damage of that type with an extraordinaire or supernatural ability, he is healed of 1 point of damage for every die of damage rolled, for every creature hit by the attack. This healing is halved if the attack allows a save and the creature succeeds on it.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, the evolutionist can chose a new type of energy to be affected by it.

Colossal Strength [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: -
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The evolutionist is unhindered by even the greatest weights. His carrying capacity is multiplied by four, he may treat any armor he wears as if it were one weight category lighter than it is (to a minimum of treating it as light armor), and he may reduce the armor check penalty of any armor worn by 1 (to a minimum of 0), the arcane spell failure by 5%, and increase the maximum dexterity bonus to AC by 1.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per five mutator levels.

Discord and Woe [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 3.
Ability Score: Charisma.
Benefit: The evolutionist can incite chaos in the minds of his enemies. Once every five rounds, as a standard action, he may target one creature within 60 feet and cause it to enter a violent rage, gaining a +2 bonus to strength, a +2 bonus to constitution and a +1 bonus to will saves (this bonus does not apply to saves against this ability), but suffering a -1 penalty to armor class, other than these altered benefits, this effect is identical to a barbarian rage. The creature affected by this ability must attack the nearest creature with no regard to whether it is a ally or enemy, and suffers 1 point of damage each round. A will save can prevent this ability from taking hold, and the target may attempt a new will save every round in order to break free. 
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels. Each time it is taken, the range of the ability increases by 60 feet and the evolutionist may affect an additional target with it, no two targets of this ability may be more than 30 feet apart. If this mutation is taken three times, the bonuses and penalties gained by the target increase to match those of a standard barbarian rage, if it is taken five times, they increase to match those of a Greater Rage.

Drone [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 3.
Ability Score: Charisma.
Benefit: As a standard action, the evolutionist may produce a hypnotic tune that draws the full attention of all creatures within 50 feet. Affected creatures must succeed on a will save or become fascinated for as long as the evolutionist continues to drone. Keeping drone active after starting it is a free action. A creature that successfully saves against this ability or breaks free from it for any reason becomes immune to it for five rounds.
Drone is a sonic, mind-affecting effect.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the save DC increases by 1, and the radius of the effect increases by 50 feet. This mutation can be taken once per three mutator levels.

Hidden Anathema [Spell-like]
Prerequisite: -
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The evolutionist is hidden from the world. He is constantly under the effect of a Nondetection spell with a caster level equal to his mutator level. If this effect is suppressed he may resume it as a free action on his next turn.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once.

Hive Mind [Psi-like]
Prerequisite: Telepathy, Mutator level 8.
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The evolutionist may maintain constant contact with his allies, warning them of any danger he becomes aware of and providing positional support in combat. If the evolutionist is not flat-footed, none of his allies within telepathy range are considered flat footed, if he is not flanked, none of his allies are considered flanked either. Mindless creatures cannot benefit from this ability.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once.

Parasitism [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 4.
Ability Score: Constitution.
Benefit: The evolutionist can bore his way into the bodies of other living creatures. The evolutionist can invade the body of a helpless or willing creature at least one size category larger than him through a process that takes one minute to complete.
While inhabiting the body of another creature, the evolutionist can only perceive the world through that being’s senses, he cannot be targeted by spells or attacks, but takes half of any damage suffered by the host (unless this damage as dealt by the evolutionist himself). He can take no actions other than the ones listed below, or attempting to leave the host.

  • Feed: The evolutionist can feed on the host to sustain himself, doing so deals 2 points of constitution damage to the host, and provides the evolutionist with all the nourishment (food and drink) he will need for a day. Feeding in this manner takes 24 hours. The host is entitled to a fortitude save for half damage.
  • Inflict Pain: As a full-round action, the evolutionist can deal damage to his host. He can deal up to 1d6 damage per two mutator levels. Taking damage in this manner forces the host to make a fortitude save or be nauseated for five rounds.
  • Communicate: The evolutionist can communicate with his host normally, this communication is not audible to others.
  • Commandeer: The evolutionist can take over the body of his host, this works like the Control Body power, but with no duration limit. Each minute that the host is under such control, he is entitled to a new save to resist, this save is made against the save DC for mutations, not the save DC against the control body power.

As a full-round action, the evolutionist can forcefully exit the host, dealing 1d6 points of damage for every two mutator levels upon doing so. He can harmlessly exit the host by spending one minute on the effort. If the host dies, the evolutionist can exit it as a free action. Upon exiting the host, the evolutionist appears on any adjacent square.
Remove disease, Dispel Evil, Heal, Limited Wish, Wish and Miracle cast on the host can force the evolutionist out. But he can make a fortitude save to resist the effect.
This ability cannot be used on incorporeal creatures, constructs, elementals, oozes, plants or undead unless the evolutionist has access to the appropriate mutation lists.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels, each time it is taken after the first, the evolutionist may chose one of the upgrades listed below:

  • Replace: The evolutionist can kill the host, effectively delivering a coup de grace with the act of invading the body, dealing 1d6 damage per mutator level. The evolutionist then takes the place of the host, keepings the body alive and fully under his control. This works as if the evolutionist had polymorphed into the shape of the host, but the evolutionist also gains access to the host’s memories, granting him a +20 bonus on disguise checks to pretend to be the host. The evolutionist can remain within the body for up to one week per point of constitution the host had, after which the body becomes too internally damaged to remain useful. If he exits the body prematurely, he may not reenter it again to resume replacing the host.
  • Mend: The evolutionist can repair the flesh of the host from within as a full-round action, doing so heals the host for one hit point per mutator level.
  • Extrude: As a move action, the evolutionist can force one or more of his limbs out of the host’s flesh, dealing 1d6 damage per mutator level. Upon doing this, he may take actions normally, as if he occupied the host’s space. The evolutionist can retract his limbs as a swift action to conceal his presence once more, doing so deals no further damage to the host.
  • Animate: The evolutionist can invade the corpse of a dead creature, animating it as if it were a zombie under his control, this animation lasts for as long as he is within the body. The evolutionist can animate a body in this manner for up to a week for each point of constitution the creature had when alive.
  • Overtake: The evolutionist can assume total control of his host, as per the Dominate Person spell, no common language is needed and the creature type of the host is irrelevant. A will save prevents this ability. The host is entitled to a new save for every ten minutes of control.

Proboscis [Innate]
Prerequisites: -
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The evolutionist gains a special proboscis as a secondary natural weapon with the following stats.

Damage (medium) Critical Range Damage Type 1d4 X2 Melee Piercing

Attacking with the proboscis is a swift action and it does not suffer penalties to the attack roll for being a secondary attack, it can also be used for opportunity attacks if the evolutionist so wishes. 
The evolutionist may only add half of his strength modifier to the damage of the proboscis; however, whenever he damages a living creature with it, he heals a number of lost hit points equal to the damage dealt.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels, each time it is taken, the damage of the proboscis attack increases by 1d4 (or more, if the evolutionist is larger than medium). If this mutation is taken at least three times, the evolutionist may add his full strength modifier to the proboscis’ damage, and he may add one and a half his strength modifier to the damage if the mutation is taken five times.
Special: If the evolutionist drains a certain amount of health with his proboscis (not necessarily healing any wounds in the process), he is treated as is he had a meal for that day. The amount of hit points that must be drained to benefit from this is equal to 1 + the evolutionist’s constitution modifier. Each size category beyond small doubles the number of hit points that must be drained to gain this benefit.

Psychic Effusion [Psi-like]
Prerequisite: Psychic Torment, Mutator level 6.
Ability Score: Intelligence.
Benefit: A psychic shadow lingers where the evolutionist deigns to. As a full-round action, he may create a zone with a radius of 50 feet plus 10 feet per mutator level, anywhere within 100 feet of him. Creatures that make use of mind affecting abilities or who sleep in this area suffer the effects of the Psychic Torment mutation, the evolutionist may not prevent this damage from happening. Once created, the zone lasts for 24 hours.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels, each time it is taken beyond the first, the radius increases by 50 feet plus 10 feet per mutator level and the zone’s duration increases by 24 hours.

Psychic Torment [Psi-like]
Prerequisite: Telepathy.
Ability Score: Intelligence.
Benefit: The evolutionist’s mind is a dangerous place to tread. Whenever he is targeted by a mind-affecting spell or effect, the originator of the attack suffers 1d4 points of intelligence, wisdom and charisma damage. The evolutionist can refrain from dealing this damage as a free action. A successful will save halves this damage.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, the ability damage inflicted increases by 1d4. This mutation can be taken once per five mutator levels.

Resin [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisites: -
Ability Score: Constitution
Benefit: The evolutionist can produce resin as a standard action. Resin is a useful substance that can be used as raw materials for any form of crafting project, as well as having other uses. A character (even a non-evolutionist) can take Craft (Resin) as a skill, which allows one to use resin to create any kind of object usually under a different Craft skill. The evolutionist can produce resin a number of times per day equal to his mutator level plus his constitution modifier. 
Used as a crafting material, each portion of resin is worth 5 gold and the time needed to craft the item is halved (craft checks are made every three days, not every seven days as normal). It cannot be used to craft magical items, only mundane objects (although the resulting item may be enchanted later, the resin simply can't be used to supply the material cost of the enchantments). Items made of resin are as strong as steel, having a hardness of 10, as well as recovering one hit point per hour when damaged and making fortitude saves even if not held by a creature. The evolutionist must produce the resin that will go into the item during the crafting period (it cannot be stockpiled beforehand), if he cannot generate enough resin to supply the raw materials in that time, the crafting fails.
The evolutionist may also shoot resin at a 5 ft. surface or at a medium creature as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. A surface covered in resin is considered difficult terrain, however, the DC to climb any such surface is lowered by 10. A creature covered in resin becomes entangled, and must succeed on an escape artist or strength check (same DC as a save against mutations +4) check to free itself as a standard action, or take a minute to get out of the resin with no check.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per three mutator levels, each time it is taken, the gold value of each individual portion of resin increases by 5 gold, the area covered by a resin shot increases by one 5 feet square (the area must be continuous) and the maximum creature size that can be affected by a resin shot increases by one size category.

Spell-like Abilities [Spell-like]
The baseline mutation Spell-like Abilities is modified for evolutionists with access the ancient mutator list. They may take spells from the Corrupt list as spell-like abilities with the spell-like ability mutation in addition to the other options normally available. Corrupt spell-like abilities retain their corruption cost.

Symbiosis [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: -
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The evolutionist can connect to other creatures to gain benefits from it. As a full-round action, the evolutionist can forge a symbiotic link with a willing creature within reach, belonging to the aberration, animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, ooze or vermin types. Once this link is forged, it remains active for as long as the target stays within the evolutionist’s reach, or until the evolutionist takes a standard action to sever the connection.
While the symbiotic link is active, both creatures gain the other’s appropriate ability score modifiers (if positive) as a bonus on all skill checks. Furthermore, once per turn, the evolutionist can Aid another the linked creature as a free action, similarly, the linked creature can aid the evolutionist as a free action once per turn.
Symbiosis shows its true power when employed by multiple evolutionists who boast it. As a full round action, two or more creatures of the same creature type, all of whom must possess this mutation, may temporarily fuse together (all the limitations of creature type listed before apply, but the evolutionists need not be adjacent to each and everyone, being adjacent to a single other suffices). This fusion provides the following effects:

  • The fused entity’s size category is equal to the size category of the largest participant, increased by one for every two participants of the same size category that enter the symbiotic fusion. If all participants are considered long creatures, the fused entity is a long creature, if all participants are tall creatures, the fused entity is considered a tall creature, if there are long and tall creatures among the participants, they may chose to make the fused entity tall or long, and may change this shape as a full-round action.
  • The fused entity is treated as if it had the type and subtypes of all the participants. It can chose to be affected by spells and effects that check for subtype as best benefits it.
  • The fused entity has an effective HD equal to the highest hit die of the participants. Its hit points are equal to the sum of the hit points of the participants.
  • The fused entity’s armor class is set by its new size, ability scores and class features. If any of the participants has a natural armor (before considering mutations and class features), the fused entity uses the best natural armor available.
  • The fused entity has the best movement modes of each of the participants.
  • The fused entity has a single initiative modifier, set by its combined feats, ability scores, mutations and any other effects that modify it. It rolls initiative once for each participant in its creation and may act on each of these initiatives as normal, with a full complement of actions in each one. It may take one immediate action between each pair of turns it takes.
  • The fused entity has the best base attack bonus among the participants.
  • The fused entity has all the natural weapons of the participants. It is treated as if it had as many manipulating limbs as the total sum of the participants and as if it were wielding anything the participants were, even if its outward appearance would say otherwise.
  • The fused entity uses the best base ability scores of the participants in its creation, with a bonus to said ability scores equal to the respective modifiers of the unused ability scores (if positive). Changes in constitution do not alter the fused entity’s hit point total. The base ability scores used in these calculations are the ability scores without any typed bonuses, such as enhancement, alchemical or inherent, all of which are added to the final ability scores according to their own limits.
  • The fused entity uses the best base saves of the participants, modified by its new ability score bonuses. It can make one will save for every participant, and succeeds on will saves as long as any of the participants succeeds.
  • The fused entity has access to all skills and feats of the participants, modified by its new ability score bonuses. Any repeated skills have their ranks added up to the maximum allowed by the fused entity’s HD and are treated as class skills if they are class skills to any of the participants. Any repeated feats provide no additional benefits unless the feat can normally be taken multiple times.
  • The fused entity has access to all special attacks and special qualities of the participants.
  • The fused entity has access to all of the mutations, teratomorphisms, ascendancies and perfections of the participants, up to their caps as set by its mutator level. The fused entity has a mutator level equal to the sum of the mutator levels of the evolutionists involved, up to a maximum of its HD. Repeated teratomorphisms gained in this manner provide no benefit unless they can be taken repeatedly normally, size altering teratomorphisms do not change the fused entity’s size (as it is set in a different manner).
  • The fused entity has access to all other class features of the participants. The benefits granted by repeated class features do not stack (as per gestalt rules).
  • The fused entity has access to all of the body slots and magic items (and chakras and soulmelds if applicable) worn by the participants and benefits from all of them as normal.
  • The fused entity is affected by any condition that affects the participants, be it active spells, poisons, diseases etc. If the condition is prevented by a will save, the other participants have the option to make a save against the effect in order to end it. When the original bearer of the condition leaves the fused entity, it remains affected by it, as do any participants that leave it afterwards.

The overall appearance of the fused entity is up to the participants.
The participants can remain fused for as long as they wish. Any participant can extricate himself from the fused entity as a full round action at any time he desires. When one participant removes himself from the fused entity, the whole being’s characteristics must be recalculated to account for the removal. The removed participant exits the fused entity with an amount of hit points equivalent to the percentage of hit points the fused entity had when the split was performed.
The fused entity requires as much sleep as the creature involved that needs the most sleep, it can prepare spells, shape soulmelds and otherwise ready any class features that need such readying immediately following this rest. The fused entity requires daily nourishment equal to one and a half times what the participants would need.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels. For each time it is taken, the evolutionist and the linked creature may make an additional aid another check as a free action per turn, only one such aid another attempt can be made for any given roll on a turn. Additionally, an evolutionist can only take part in a symbiotic fusion with a maximum number of participants beyond himself equal to the number of times he has taken this mutation.
Special: The evolutionist can forge a symbiotic link with creatures of the construct, elemental, outsider, plant or undead types if he has access to the appropriate special mutation lists.

Taint [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 4.
Ability Score: Charisma.
Benefit: Dire power suffuses the evolutionist’s attacks, clinging to his victims as a befouling force. Whenever the evolutionist deals damage or ability damage to a creature with a natural attack, extraordinaire, supernatural, psi-like or spell-like ability, the affected creatures receive one point of corruption and one point of depravity. Whenever the evolutionist inflicts negative levels through any of these same means, his target receives twice as much taint.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels. Each time it is taken, the taint inflicted increases by 1.