In honour of the month's theme of "Beginning" I'm releasing 10 Feats based around that idea, some are great for new players, others affect the first round of combat, and some are just great for starting something.



Benefit: When you begin an encounter by making an attack against a flat footed opponent and hit them they take a penalty to half your level to their initiative roll.

Cautious caster:

Prerequisite: Combat casting

Benefit: When you begin casting a spell with a casting time of 1 round or more you are also considered to be using a total defence action as long as the casting continues.

Defensive dance:

Prerequisites:  1 rank perform dance

Benefit: When fighting defensively, using total defence, or combat expertise you may take a 5 ft step anytime a foe attacks you and misses. This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Extra swift:

Prerequisite: character level 5th

Benefit: You may take two swift actions in a single round. This also permits the use of a second immediate action to replace the second swift action from your next turn. 


Benefit:  When making a skill check that will require multiple rolls to succeed (such as crafting a magic item, climbing a surface higher than you can climb in one round ect.) you may make one extra roll and at any time when rolling a future attempt for the same project or endeavour you may substitute that roll  with the total you just received. You may choose to wait until you know if you succeeded or failed. Once you've chosen to do this substitution you may not do so again during the same project.

Fortifying rest:

prerequisites: Toughness

Benefit:  At the start of the day if you would receive natural healing from resting any excess of that healing above your full hp becomes temporary hit points. These hit points are not lost over time but they do vanish when you begin an 8 hour period of rest.

Good start:

Prerequisite: Tactical positioning, proper positioning, improved initiative, character level 10th.

Benefit: When you roll initiative you may immediately take a standard action instead of a move action.

Proper positioning:

Prerequisites: Improved initiative

Benefit:  When you roll initiative you may also take a 5 ft step

Second chance:

Prerequisite: This feat must be taken during character creation.

Benefit:  The first time you are slain or permanently incapacitated (petrified, paralyzed forever ect) you may ignore the effect entirely as if it had missed, you made your save, were immune or even as if the event had never happened. Once this feat prevents a negative effect  or once you gain a level this feat is replaced by a new feat of your choosing . At the DM's discretion a player may select this feat again as a replacement for itself.

Tactical positioning:

Prerequisites: Proper positioning, character level 5

Benefit: When rolling initiative you may take a move action to move using any mode of movement available to you. This movement replaces the five foot step from proper positioning and provokes attacks of opportunity normally. This move action may not be used for anything but moving.