Dead by Darkness

Dead by darkness is a variant on the standard World of Darkness game. It was created by Duck and Roll Games and is designed primarily for one shot games that emulate the popular videogame Dead by Daylight. The conept is that the players are a group of survivors being stalked by a supernaturally empowered killer who wants to sacrifice them to an evil entity. Even those unfamiliar with the Dead by Daylight videogame should be able to learn to play and have fun in a short period of time.

This game was originally created as a fun side project for my gaming group and I decided to share it with the world free of charge. (Though Donations are always appreciated). I claim no ownership of either the world of darkness rules or the dead by daylight copyrights or intellectual property.

In order to start playing it's best for players and storytellers to familiarize themselves with the core rules for chronicles of darkness. You can also use the core rulebook for new world of Darkness and the free God machine update pdf.

If you're already familiar with world of darkness then it should be very easy to pick up and play after a quick glance over the rules.

To get started check out this “Basics” section on the setup and rules changes: Here  

And then Pick out a killer and whip up a map, with our help. Now you're ready for a night of hacking and slashing up some mostly helpless victims. Killer's and map construction can be found under the killer and Scenario sections respectively.

If you love the setup but want to run an ongoing game you can check out the rules for Adjusting the difficulty and creating a campaign right: Here in the Scenario section.