Hiding and Seeking

Stealth: While performing a repair generator, search, or healing action the survivor cannot use stealth, allowing a killer to detect them if they're within the killer's perception Radius.

When hiding a survivor must make a stealth check and move only half their speed. As long as there is at least some cover between the survivor and killer the survivor remains undetected even with just a single success. The killer does not get a roll to notice them. On a failure the survivor accidentally causes enough noise to alert the killer from anywhere on the map. On a dramatic failure the survivor still believes they are concealed, but in fact they are not.

An Injured survivor is automatically detected within this radius unless they make a resolve+composure check when taking any action, including moving.

Hiding places: When hiding in a special hiding place a survivor can make a stealth check as a rote action.


Crows: Scattered across the map there are crows that serve as the spies of the entity. Any player moving within  4 meters of the crows must make a presence+animal ken check. On a fail the crows will alert the killer if within their perception radius. On dramatic failure  they alert the killer anywhere on the map. On success they let the player pass without noise. On dramatic success they will never alert the killer to that particular player.

Obstacles: All over the map there are many obstacles that can be used to make life harder for the killer. A survivor can pass over these obstacles with an athletics check without being slowed down, but a Killer must use their action to traverse or destroy them depending on the obstacle. This allows the survivor to gain distance despite the likelihood that the killer is significantly faster than them.

The two main types of obstacles are barriers and jumps. Barrier's are objects that can be pulled or pushed in such a way as to block the killer. Doing this takes an action and usually a str+athletics check and alerts the killer if within their perception radius.

Jumps are barrier's or obstacles like window sills, tables, baby gates, half walls, desks and the like, the survivor can jump over them fairly easily, but the killer must either break them or go around.  


Searching: All over the map there are searchable objects, be they closets, tables, chests, dressers or more. A player cannot remain stealthy while searching allowing a killer to detect them within their perception radius. Searching requires a roll of wits+investigation and needs a total of 5 successes. A dramatic failure alerts the killer and causes the loss of 1 success. Once 5 successes are reached Roll a D10 to determine the item found, and then a second roll to determine the quality. or exact item for a full description of items check the item section.

1- Hazard, Horror, or Crow

2- Stress relievers

3- Flashlight

4-5 Melee weapon

6- Med kit

7-8 Toolkit

9-Ranged weapon





 Hazard, Horror, or Crow: This is not precisely an item, so much as something deeply unfortunate. If the result is hazard and the killer is capable of placing hazards, such as the Bomber's bombs, then the chest contains that hazard.

1-2 Hazard- If the killer has a special hazard, such as the bomber's bombs this is that. Otherwise the chest is instead in some way trapped or dangerous dealing 3 damage, minus the number of successes on a wits+dexterity roll by the survivor.

3-5 Horror- The chest contains something horrific that forces a breaking point roll at -2.

6-7 Crow- The chest contains an agitated crow. The animal ken roll to calm this bird is at -2

8-9 Terrible tools- The tools found in this chest do not actually provide any bonus.

10 Nothing- The container is empty


Stress relievers: These items are used to regain willpower. The exact nature of them can vary between games. They may be Alcohol, toys, videogames, medication, or other forms of stress relief. If the Killer is the beast however then this is always Food of some kind.

1-2 Disposable- The roll to regain willpower is allowed, but the item is destroyed after successfully restoring willpower.

3-4 Premium- The roll to recover willpower is made at +3

5-6 The good stuff- The roll to recover willpower is rote

7-9 Top shelf- Automatically regain willpower with a single use but the item is then consumed

10 Professional grade- Automatically regain 1 willpower on each use and gain +2 on rolls to resist breaking points


Flashlight- A flashlight can be used to blind someone with a well placed beam. This requires a roll of dex+athletics-defense. The target then rolls stamina. if they acquire less successes than the attacker then they are blinded for 1 round. If the attack roll is an exceptional success the blindness lasts 2 rounds. A foe unaware of the attacker does not get their defense. If a flashlight is used multiple rounds in a row the stamina roll must beat the total number of consecutively accrued successes. A blinded killer who is grappling or carry a survivor drops them immediately.

1-2Nearly dead- This flashlight is good for only 3 blinding attempts before it runs out of power

3-4 Fully charged- This flashlight can be used to make up to 10 blind attempts

5-6 Sturdy flashlight- This heavy duty flashlight can not only be used to blind indefinitely, but also can be used to make weaponry attacks with a weapon rating of 0.

7-8 Powerful flashlight- This flashlight provides +3 on blind attempts and can be used indefinitely

9-10 Strange light- This flashlight always ignores defense and instead of blinded the killer is stunned.


Melee weapon- A melee weapon can be useful in a pinch for harming a killer, or a survivor. See  the section on "Harming the killer" for details on how killers take damage. Unlike normal world of darkness, weapons do not impose an initiative penalty or have a strength requirement.

1-2 Crude club- This basic club has a weapon rating of 1 and breaks after 3 successful attacks

3-4 Knife- This simple crude kitchen knife has a weapon rating of 0.

5-6 Crowbar/Wrench- This heavy cudgel has a weapon rating of 2 and eliminates the penalty for not having tools when repairing a generator

7-8 Strange knuckles- This heavy set brass knuckles are made of an unusual material that seems to enhance their power. Brawl attacks made with these knuckles have a weapon rating of 3.

9-10 Legendary weapon- This weapon matches any brawl or fighting specialty the user has and has a weapon rating of 1 and ignores the killer's defence.


Med kit: Medical kits allow a survivor to heal them self, or to better heal another survivor. Each kit is only good for a certain number of uses, meaning a number of healing rolls.

1-2 First aid supplies. This poorly assembled bunch of bandages and wraps is just enough to allow a healing check without penalty and is good for 3 rolls before it's depleted.

3-4Basic emergency kit. This medical kit is supplied with the minimum needed to treat most common injuries. It provides a +1 on rolls to treat injuries and is good for 10 uses

5-6 Superior medical kit. This kit is full of essential medical equipment. It provides +3 on rolls to heal injuries and heals lethal damage at the same rate as bashing. It is good for 6 uses.

7-9 Doctors bag. This bag is packed with copious medical supplies. It heals lethal damage as if it were bashing, and aggravated damage as if it were lethal. It provides a +1 on medical rolls is good for 10 uses.

10 Experimental medicine. This syringe full of strange orange liquid will completely heal someone injected with it, even if they are dead, but not sacrificed. It is good for only a single use and does not require a roll.


Toolkit: These tools aid in repairing generators.

1-3 Basic tools. These simple work tools allow rolling to repair a generator without penalty for not having tools but do little else.

4-5 Well stocked toolkit. This set of well made tools provides a +2 bonus to craft checks to repair generators.

6-7 Silent tools. This set of tools has been carefully designed to minimize noise. It not only provides +1 on repair checks but allows the user to maintain stealth while repairing.

8-9Professional tools. These tools provide a +3 on rolls to repair generators and a dramatic failure no longer alerts the killer or causes progress loss.

10 Replacement part- By getting even a single success on a check to repair a generator you may immediately gain 10 successes. This uses up the replacement part


Ranged weapon: Ranged weapons are useful for harming a killer without getting too close to them, giving a chance to stagger them. However it is incredibly unsafe to fire at a killer who is carrying or grappling a survivor, doing so causes each 1 rolled to inflict a lethal damage to the survivor. Due to the limited size of the map none of the firearms take range into account.

1 Zip gun. This primitive pipe pistol has a single bullet loaded into it which makes it good for only one shot. It has a weapon rating of 2

2-3 Shotgun. This heavy double barreled shotgun is very powerful with a damage rating of 3 but it holds only 2 shells. if desired the user may take a -2 penalty on their attack to fire both barrels, but doing so raises the damage rating to 6.

4-5 Revolver. This powerful handgun packs a punch but few bullets. It has a weapon rating of 2 and can hold 6 shots.

6-9 Glock. This sleek modern handgun has limited power but holds a lot of ammunition. It has a damage rating of 1 and has 18 rounds.

10 Holy bow. This peculiar looking bow comes with a quiver holding three silver arrows. Attacks made using the bow use athletics instead of firearms and have a weapon rating of 3. If the damage dealt by a silver arrow is not enough to stun a killer it instead increases to the needed amount.


Misc: This covers other items

1-3 Generator repair guide. This book provides 1 dot of crafts to anyone referencing it.

4-6 Medical field guide. This book provides 1 dot of medicine to anyone referencing it.

7-8Body armor. This armor provides 2 points of armor but reduces speed by 2.

9- Lucky charm. This peculiar charm adds 1 die to all pools.

10- Book of lore. This book explains anything about the killer the players have yet to discover.