Healing and Harm

Hooks: An unconscious or dying survivor can be picked up by the killer and placed on a meat hook scattered across the map. This causes 1 lethal damage per turn the survivor is hooked. The supernatural pain and torment caused by the hook automatically forces the survivor to remain conscious even if their health boxes are filled with lethal or bashing damage. As an action a survivor can unhook another but this causes them both to lose their defense until their next turn. Hooking a survivor grants a killer a point of willpower. A killer who is grappling a survivor may move at half speed each turn as long as they are in control of the grapple, and if they succeed on their roll to overpower a survivor while adjacent to the hook they may hook the survivor even if they are not unconscious. It may also be possible for a survivor to hook a killer if they can somehow overpower them. In this case the rules should work the same, however given a killer's ability to recover from damage they will not die on the hook.

A survivor on a hook may attempt to free themselves. They roll a D10 and on a result of 10 they are freed. Each attempt deals 1 lethal damage to the survivor in addition to the damage taken by remaining on the hook.

Clever survivors armed with toolkits can attempt to destroy a hook. This requires a int+crafts roll as an extended action and needs a total of 10 successes. Once a hook is disabled the killer becomes immediately aware of it, as well as the hooks location. 


Healing: Unlike normal world of darkness it is possible to heal wounds very rapidly. This is caused by the Entity and its desire to prolong the suffering of the survivors it entraps.

By making a Int+medacine roll a survivor can attempt to heal another as an extended action. Each success allows the removal of 1 bashing damage. Every 2 successes allows the healing of a point of lethal damage and every 5 heals 1 aggravated damage. The worst condition must always be healed first.

Not having a med kit Imposes a -1 penalty and causes each 1 to subtract a success. A total of -1 successes also causes a dramatic failure.  Meanwhile having a med kit allows the user to use the medicine skill to heal them self.

On failure no healing is achieved. On a dramatic failure the survivor takes 1 bashing damage and screams, alerting the killer.


Calming: It's easy to rapidly deplete one's reserve of will, to lose all hope. But other survivors can make all the difference. By rolling a Presence+ Either Expression, socialize or persuasion a survivor can attempt to calm and rally another. This is an extended action that requires a number of successes equal to 6-target's composure. Once that many successes are achieved the target regains a point of willpower. A survivor may not use stealth while calming someone and as such is detected if within the killers perception radius.