If the survivors plan to live up to their name they have only two options. Power the generators or find the killers weakness.

Generators: Across the map are scattered a number of generators equal to 1+the number of players. repairing all of these will allow the survivors to open the exit doors and escape.

A generator can be repaired using an extended Int+Crafts or Int+science roll. Each generator requires a total of 10 successes to repair. As mentioned under general rules changes this roll can be attempted any number of times and allows 1 roll per round.

Not having tools causes a -1 penalty, and causes each 1 rolled to remove a success. If this would lead to less than 0 successes then it is a dramatic failure.

A failure results in no progress, a dramatic failure causes the loss of 1 success and creates a loud Noise, alerting the killer regardless of distance.

A Killer can use their action to damage a generator, once damaged it loses 1 success per turn until a survivor begins repairing it. Killer's cannot destroy generators.



Of course just powering the exits won't stop you from being murdered, that would be too easy. Once powered the exits still have to open. The gates take 3 turns to power up before they finally open, giving the killer some time to  get some last minute slaying in. Until they are powered there is absolutely no way to open the exits. There should normally be 2 exit gates on the map.


Killer's weakness:

Each killer is unique and they all have some sort of weakness. These weakness are another way to bring them down or disable them. It's up to the discretion of the storyteller how hard or easy it is to discover the killer's weakness, but as a rule of thumb a player encountering the creature should be able to roll in order to learn about them. This roll is usually int+occult, but it could change for different killers, such as computer use for the AI or Academics for the bomber. Failure leads no information, while dramatic failure provides incorrect information. Each success should provide progressively more information and an exceptional success should reveal everything. There is also an item that can be found by searching chests known as the "Bok of lore" which reveals the abilities, origin and weakness of the killer, though as will all items it's appearance isn't guaranteed. Regardless of player knowledge the map should always contain whatever is necessary to fulfill the mentioned condition. Which is included in the scenario section. If the players seem to be having a great deal of trouble learning the killer's weakness it's entirely fine for the storyteller to determine the next item discovered is the book of lore.

Once a killer's weakness is discovered it's up to the players to fulfill the necessary conditions. Of course most of the killer's are aware of their own weakness and may take steps to avoid them. Though they should never make it impossible, since that would hardly be fair for the players. Each killer's description will explain how the weakness works and any special mechanics needed.