Perks: These are special abilities given to survivors and killers. Each player receives the same number of perks as the killer. Changing the number of available perks adds more complexity and customization to the game. It's not advisable to allow more than 4 perks. Unless otherwise noted perks stack with each other and multiple survivors can have the same perks. This can be adjusted to make the game easier or harder. Unlike merits, perks can be changed out between each game even if you're using the same survivor. See also the "Variations" section for how to handle perks in a long running Dead by Darkness game.

Survivor Perks:

Climactic moment: Once per game you may spend a willpower to either escape a grapple or cause a killer's attack to miss automatically.

Libra me: Once per game you may spend a willpower to remove yourself from a hook automatically.

Sole Survivor: For each survivor who dies gain +1 on all die rolls for the remainder of the game.

Run like hell: By spending a willpower point you can increase your speed by 8 for a turn.

Feathered friend: Your rolls to pacify crows are rote actions.

Swift and silent: Using stealth does not halve your speed.

Cover your ass: Each player may spend 1 willpower once per game to reroll a roll regardless of which player took this perk.

Twist free: When grappled by a killer gain +2 dice to escape, you can roll to escape a killer's grapple even if unconscious.

Getting into it: Take -2 on all extended actions but each turn you continue to do it gain +1 on that action.

Destructive: Once per game you may spend a willpower and destroy a hook adjacent to you, but not one that you are hooked on.

Excellent aim: Your rolls to blind with flashlight or shoot with a gun gain 9 again.

Quality care: Your rolls to heal or restore willpower gain 9 again.

Survival instinct: Attacking a killer grants you a point of willpower.

Encouragement: Anyone involved in the same action as you gains +2 dice. For example someone healing the same person as you or repairing the same generator.

Safe escape: When you unhook someone they gain +3 defence and 3 armor for 2 turns.

Hope: When a generator is powered heal 1 point of your most severe damage instantly.

Lucky: Two more chests appear on the map.

Fortunate: When you find items roll twice and pick the preferred result.

Good Karma: If you unhook someone you automatically succeed a roll to unhook yourself.

Tough stuff: You are not automatically detected when injured without having to make a resolve+composure roll.

Back door: There is one more exit gate than normal and the gates open 1 turn faster.

Technician: Your rolls to search containers or repair generators have 9 again.

 Killer perks:

Deadly Introduction: During the "First kill" the Killer lashes out with either supernatural power or pure maddened violence. Each survivor takes 5 dice of damage matching whatever damage the killer normally inflicts.

Deadly form: The Killer's body is a hazard all its own. Anyone grappling, or attacking the killer in melee suffers 1 damage of the same type as the killer's normal attack. This does not apply to survivors being carried by the killer.

High Pressure: Within the Killer's Terror radius all rolls take a -1 penalty.

Shifting Labyrinth: By spending 1 willpower the killer may shift the map in subtle ways. Each survivor must roll wits+survival or be moved to another random space on the map the next time they move.

Walking Altar: The Killer is able to bind a helpless survivor to them self and in doing so act as a mobile sacrificial hook for one survivor at a time. "Unhooking" someone from the killer still does not require any special action, but being so close to the killer is a dangerous prospect.

Scent of prey: The Killer has such a refined sense of smell that they detect food and injured survivors as if their perception radius were twice as large.

Rise of the dead: Survivors sacrificed on the hook rise as mindless zombies. They have 2 Power, Finesse and resistance and wander the map on their own. They attack with no weapon rating and have a size and of 5, giving them 7 health, and a speed of 9. They treat all damage as aggravated damage and take no wound penalties. If they are slain the zombies alert the killer to their last location.

Scatter the vermin: Survivors must make a resolve+composure roll each turn they are within the killer's terror radius or be forced to try and move out of the radius. This can prove perilous since the survivor may not know what direction the killer lies in, in which case they must move in a random direction. This applies to any effect that mimics the killer's terror Radius as well.

Ebbing life: The Killer can automatically locate anyone who is being healed using a medicine check regardless of stealth or perception radius.

Nightmare footing: All survivors reduce their speed by 2.

Howling madness: Anytime a survivor fails a breaking point or benefits from a calm action their location automatically becomes known to the killer for 1 turn.

Dread that cracks the mind: Any survivor within the killer's terror radius takes -2 on breaking point rolls.

Treacherous machines: All generators apply a -1 penalty on rolls to repair them and regular failure reduces accumulated successes by 1.

Unblinking: The killer's resistance roll to resist being blinded by a flashlight is a rote roll. Additionally increase the killer's perception radius by 2.

Sinister plan: When the killer damages a generator they also make it dangerous. If the next attempt to repair the generator fails to get an exceptional success the survivor takes damage as if the killer hit them with their normal attack.

Swift Hunter:  The killer can use their action to jump/climb/float over an obstacle or damage a barrier and still finish their movement for the turn

Surrounded by Horror: The Killer's terror radius is 4 larger than normal but the survivors do not get a check to learn the location of the killer.

Cloaking: If the killer moves only 4 meters or less on their turn they become completely invisible, which also surprises their terror radius. An invisible killer can attack while ignoring defence. The first time each survivor watches the killer disappear they suffer a breaking point.

Get through me: There is one less exit gate then normal and the gate opens 1 turn slower than normal.