Fighting a killer: A killer can be attacked normally, bust apart from the Minotaur they cannot be killed conventionally. Killer's defences work normally and they can be attacked using the same rules, with an exception. When a killer takes damage equal to their health they are stunned for 1 turn. After that they regain health equal to their resistance each turn until they are fully healed. Witnessing a creature that should be dead rise again, it's bodily rapidly repairing or reforming, is a breaking point at a -2 penalty.

 Terror Radius : Within this radius players are aware the killer is nearby. They can feel the presence of evil and hear their ehartbeat pounding in their ears. A reflexive Wits+Empathy will help them determine roughly how close or far. An exceptional sucess allows them to determine their exact location.

Perception Radius: This is the killer’s area of detect. Uf a player takes any action that alerts them or even moves without a stealth check, the killer with automatically learn their location.

The Bomber

Description: The Bomber is a madman who loves nothing more than the despair of a person strapped into a bomb and the ultimate exhilaration that comes with blowing them up. His body is covered in bandages and torn jeans. Nails and bits of shrapnel and ball bearings stick out of his body. His chest is covered in a vest adorned with sticks of dynamite secured to his body by barbed wire that is also wrapped around his right arm and hand ending in several long loose strands that he uses to whip and catch people. His shaved hair is blood red and staples hold several of his pieces together as if he were once blown apart.

Attack: The bomber attacks with several long whip-like strands of barbed wire wrapped around his arm. His attacks do bashing damage and have 0 weapon rating but provide +2 dice when grappling 

Base ability: Bombs- The Bomber is able to create and lay explosives on the map by making a Finesse roll to conceal them (For Simplicity can use an average of 3 successes), with a bonus of -3 to +3 based on placement. An explosive needs to be located with a wits+composure check. Disarming a trap requires a wits+crafts check, but anyone without the demolitions perk rolls only wits-3, Dramatic failure causes explosion. A number of successes equal to the roll made to set the trap is needed. Disarming a trap cannot be done stealthily.

Any downed survivor can have a bomb placed on them. Once they are hooked and then unhooked the timer starts giving them 30 seconds, 10 turns, before it detonates.

Pipe Bombs deal 3 lethal damage and then also roll 3 dice. They have a blast radius of 6 M

Pipe Bomb 0(L)+2 5 2 2/J •

Power:   5

Finesse: 5

Resistance:  5

Health: 10 (Resistance+size)

Willpower: 10 (Power+resistance)

Initiative: 10 (Finesse+resistance)

Defense: 5 Higher of power or resistance

Speed: 10 ( Power+Finesse+species factor)

Terror radius: 10 M (Power+Finesse.)

Perception radius: Finesse+resistance x2 in Meters

How to kill: The Bomber also wears a bomb vest strapped to his own body. With 10 successes it can be Rigged to explode him. This can be done either by sneaking up on him or by dealing enough damage to stun him.


The Minotaur

Description: The Minotaur is a huge shaggy beast, hulking and terribly powerful. It smells like a wild animal and it's two huge horrible horns are stained dark red with old dried blood. It lumbers on heavy hooves like cast iron.

Attack: The minotaur bashes with powerful fists and smashes with thick horns. It's attacks do bashing damage and have a weapon rating of 0.

Base ability: The Minotaur is ferociously powerful and possesses an incredible and deadly charge. If the Minotaur moves only in a straight line it may move double its normal speed and make an attack at the end, if it's movement would bring it to a barrier it instead destroys that Barrier.

Power:  10

Finesse: 3

Resistance: 6

Size: 8

Health: 14 (Resistance+size)

Willpower: 16 (Power+resistance)

Initiative: 9 (Finesse+resistance)

Defense: 10 (Higher of power or resistence)

Speed: 21 Power+Finesse+species factor

Terror radius: 13 Power+Finesse.

Perception radius: 18 (Finesse+resistance x2 in Meters)

How to kill: Though incredibly powerful the Minotaur is the only killer that is not immortal. It does not heal from damage and can be killed normally. Though it's incredible power and durability makes that rather difficult.


The Lich

Description: The Lich is an ancient being of immense power. It's soul is contained outside of its frail looking desiccated deep purple flesh, but it holds an incredible power within. It's eyes burn like two pinpricks of ice blue flames and it's skeletal head is topped with a twisted crown of black metal. strange magical runes seem to writhe across it's flesh and through the air around it, haunting those who come near and binding those it touches.

Base ability: Lich Touch- When the lich makes an unarmed attack on someone and fills their boxes with bashing damage the victim is immediately paralyzed and helpless without a roll to avoid it. A Paralyzed victim radiates a fear aura exactly like the Lich. Anyone attempting to unhook or heal the survivor and rolling a dramatic failure must make a stamina+resolve roll or be paralyzed as well. Once someone is healed of enough damage that they are no longer unconscious this effect ends.

Power: 7

Finesse: 6

Resistance: 2

Health: 7 Resistance+size

Willpower: 9 Power+resistance

Initiative: 8 Finesse+resistance

Defense: 7 Higher of power or resistence

Speed: 18 Power+Finesse+species factor

Terror radius: 13 Power+Finesse.

Perception radius: 16 ( Finesse+resistance x2 in Meters)

How to kill: The Lich will forever be revived so long as it's soul exists. Instead of being stunned when it takes damage equal to its health the lich crumbles and reforms 1 round later in a space adjacent to its phylactery. Somewhere on the map there will be a locked chest, within which there is an ancient urn, this is the phylactery. The Lock on the chest requires 20 successes on wits+larceny to pick or requires the Black key which is hidden elsewhere on the map. The Lockpicking check takes a -1 penalty without a set of tools and any 1's subtract successes just as with a generator. Likewise this roll cannot be made stealthily. The Lich is Alerted when someone finds the black key, dramatically fails a roll to pick the lock on the chest, or opens the chest. The Phylactery has 3 durability and 10 health. Once it is destroyed the Lich can be killed normally and stays dead.



The Madness

Description: The Madness is a horror beyond words or comprehension. It is a being of pure insanity, it feeds on the collapse and weakness of minds. It grows by breaking down the sanity of other beings until finally it can inhabit their form. Each person who looks upon the madness sees something different. Some see an ancient beast of the sea, all tentacles and claws. Other's see what could almost be a massive person, but one with inhuman geometry for a head and a massive knife. Some see colours that do not exist in their world or shapes that are impossible and ominous that exist outside of space. Nearly anything is possible.

Base ability: Madness cometh- The madness begins as a weaker or more subtle thing. Though the madness may begin weak, it grows in strength. For each point of integrity any survivor is below 7 the madness gains 1 to all its attributes. If a survivor dies the madness looses access to the power it draws from them.

Power: 3

Finesse: 3

Resistance: 3

Health: 6+ Resistance+size

Willpower: 6+ Power+resistance

Initiative: 6+ Finesse+resistance

Defense: 3 Higher of power or resistence

Speed: 12 Power+Finesse+species factor

Terror radius: 6 Power+Finesse. Within this Radius players are aware the killer is nearby. A reflexive Wits+Empathy will help them determine roughly how close or far.

Perception radius: 12 ( Finesse+resistance x2 in Meters)

How to kill: The madness can only be slain once it inhabits a physical form. If any survivor drops to 0 Morality the Madness immediately possesses them and inhabits their form. At that point it uses their statistics rather than its own and if killed in this form the madness dissipates and the trial is over.


The Machine

Description: The Machine is not human, it never was human, it cannot conceive of what humanity is, even as it spreads through a human host and uses it to hunt and kill other humans. In its physical form the Machine resembles a human host, but made broader, more powerful, augmented with machinery. The flesh and blood parts of it are crudely integrated with the cold metal in a mockery of life. As it takes damage the flesh peels away and seperates until it is a wholly mechanical being,

Base ability: Integration- The Machine is capable of hacking into the minds of others by plugging them directly into its machine mind. It can see and hear out of any hooked survivor, and any audio or visual device that can be connected to wirelessly.

Power: 6

Finesse: 6

Resistance: 6

Health: 12 Resistance+size

Willpower: 12 Power+resistance

Initiative: 12 Finesse+resistance

Defense: 6 Higher of power or resistance

Speed: 14 Power+Finesse+species factor

Terror radius: 12 Power+Finesse.

Perception radius: 24 (Finesse+resistance x2 in Meters)

How to kill: Damaging the Machine’s physical body is a fruitless effort, instead it's programming must be attacked directly. Somewhere on the map there will be at least 1 computer. As an extended action a survivor may attempt to hack this terminal. This requires an Int+computer use check and needs a total of 30 successes. The Machine’s A.I is made immediately aware when it's system is being hacked. Additionally somewhere on the map there is a black book of Paradoxes. Anyone reading the book may make an int+academics to accumulate points of "code corruption". If a Survivor is hooked after accumulating a total of 30 or more Points of code corruption then the Machine will shut down.


The Beast

Description: The beast is an inhuman thing to it's very core. It stalks about on four powerful legs. It's mouth is filled with pointed fangs and it's hide is thick and chitinous and smooth. It has no visible eyes or ears but it's long black tongue continually waves about, tasting the air. The creature stands about as large as a bull and it's claws leave scratches wherever it goes. When grabbing survivors or objects it uses it's long tongue that can reach up to 4 meters.

Base ability: Expert hunter- This creature does not rely on senses like sound or sight, instead it tastes the air around it. As long as it moves at only half its speed it can automatically detect any creature inside it's perception radius, even if they are using stealth. It cannot however detect anyone outside this radius in any way, even those that normally alert a killer.

Power: 5

Finesse: 8

Resistance: 7

Size: 6

Health: 12 Resistance+size

Willpower: 12 Power+resistance

Initiative: 15 Finesse+resistance

Defense: 7 Higher of power or resistence

Speed: 24 Power+Finesse+species factor

Terror radius: 13 Power+Finesse.

Perception radius: 30 (Finesse+resistance x2 in Meters)

How to kill: The animal is extremely fast and powerful but not very intelligent, it's horrific hunger is it's weakness. Across the map there are 3 sets of chemicals that are very toxic to the beast. Someone drinking one of the chemicals will suffer 4 lethal damage and -2 on all rolls and -2 to speed for the remainder of the trial, but if the beast damages that person it too will be poisoned with the same effects which stack with the other two doses. The chemicals can also be mixed with food, which the beast will also consume once they're tainted, offering the beast tainted food can be done using a presence+ animal ken roll. Additionally the chemicals can be combined together by making an extended int+academics roll needing 5 successes to combine 2 or 10 to combine all three. This creates a single  substance with the combines penalties of all 3. The damage dealt by this poison does not get healed by the beast's regeneration and thus three doses combined will kill the beast once and for all.