The Dimensional Conduit

By Kanachi


We all know that player. Every week they want to play a new class, a new build, a new background, a new character. Some of us ARE that player. Few and far between are the options for someone who simply craves variety but doesn't want to derail a campaign. Luckily there is hope. The Dimensional conduit created by Kanachi.

This class represents a character who is a singular nexus for all alternate versions of them self. Aside from just being wicked cool as a concept it allows the conduit to call on other versions of them self.  This is a class that has mastery over dimensional arts, shaping the very matter of realities, and moving between realities like a normal person moves from one room to another.

I'll start with the basic chassis. This class is very solidly built. It has medium base attack, all good saves, a respectable pool of skills and a wide selection of class skills. The basic framework is somewhat less important than for other classes since a considerable amount of time you will be playing as some other class. This middle of the road skeleton is reflective of the fact that this class is capable of nearly anything, but is not the best in any area.

There is good news for dimensional conduits who prefer to spend more time rely on their own abilities. Though their baseline power is minimal they do gain several strong benefits that help bring them more in line with the power of a regular character even when not swapping out. This class gains a whole host of abilities that range from passive bonuses to interesting situational benefits, to abilities that are critically important for nearly any high level character. This class covers all of its bases nicely and allows for playing in a variety of styles. Whether you want to mainly play a frontline warrior who can swap into a plethora of styles, or an intelligent dimensionally focused master of magic and strategy you will find abilities to support you.

Make no mistake, this is not a class for beginners. The abilities gained by the class are very complex, however a great deal of this comes from every odd situation being accounted for. A power allowing you to pull other copies of yourself into battle probably should be a bit wordy. Playing this class is a big investment of time and energy as you will need multiple character sheets and they will all need to be updated very frequently.

The style and story options for a character like this are literally limitless. Each copy of you might have its own back story, design, style, mannerisms, and appearance if you want to go into that much detail. One could also examine all the little implications of infinite parallel realities, fight foes from other dimensions, and spend a great deal of time even attempting to travel to such places. Even choosing the most basic of classes for your doubles can make a very memorable character. A conduit who has three fighters as alternate selves can make for three interesting twists and different styles of fighting . Imagine a conduit with doubles from several very different classes, or for even more variety, other homebrew classes!

This class is designed for 3.5 so usual pathfinder conversions will be required but it adapts very easily to pathfinder, though a few classes suffer some small limitations. A conduit who has a double that is from the summoner class will almost never be able to call upon their eidolon, and a wizardly double had best choose a familiar instead of a bonded object required to cast their magic. That being said with hybrid classes and archetypes the number of options for a conduit multiply exponentially.

In total, if you love building new characters, have a need to tweak builds constantly, or you just want to try something way way different and don't mind the extra work then I highly recommend the dimensional conduit!