Flavour Handbook F.A.Q and Errata


Q: Is the Chef proficient with tower shields? It does not specify they arn't

A: No, this was accidentally left out. The only time a chef can use a tower shield or equivilant is if they find a kitchen impliment of about the same size. 


Q:  Should the meal preparation ability be listed as Extraordinary instead of Supernatural?

A: Yes. The Chef's meals should work just fine in the area of antimagic. 


Q: Do the benefits of meal preparation stack with multiple instances of the same ability?

A: Yes. A 5th level Chef could for example use all three abilities to grant a +3 morale bonus to attack roll. They do not stack with other morale bonuses. 


Q: What types of weather hazards does the temperature control ability protect against?

A: The language of this ability is a little vague. The intended result is to protect someone wearing heated or cooled armor from Cold, sevre cold, extreme cold, heat, sevre heat, and extreme heat. It does not include physical damnage from an avalanch, lava, boiling water, smoke inhalation, difficult terrain, thirst, starvation or hampered visibility.


Q: Can the chef alternate between heat or cold damage without ending the ability?

A: Yes. The wording of this ability was intended to convey that the Chef can fluctuate the temperature from the maximum heat required to deal their maximum allowed damage to as low as it would take to deal the listed cold damage. So they cannot deal a mix of both fire and cold damage but they can choose anywhere along the hot and cold spectrum. 


Q: Should there be a saving throw allowed for this ability if it can be used on an opponents items?

A:  No, this ability was intended only to be used on unattended objects or objects where the wielder was willing. This caveat was missing from the final version of the ability. 


Q: The comfort food ability grants half healing when below half of full hp, does this include temporary HP?

A: No, this should state "Half of full normal hit points or less" 


Q: For culinary arts such as Eat the rude and Eat what you kill is the chef permitted to preserve the meat?

A: Generally not. The ability was intended to allow a temporary reward after a particular encounter. The Chef must begin cooking within an hour of the creature being slain in order to make use of it's remains and the benefit of course applies only to that particular meal. 


Q: Can the Chef learn 0 level recipes?

A: As written the chef doesn't get any level 0 recipes. This is because most people find cantrips and orisons to be useful only when they have them castable at will and the chef doesn`t get traditional spell slots. That being said a player who desires a particular cantrip/orison should certainly be able to learn it in place of a first level recipe. If a chef descides to craft food items using cantrips they should calculate cost as if they were  level 0 spells.


Q: In the Alechemist archetype, the Better When I'm drunk mutagen modification says that it adds +4 to all attributes, but also applies the sickened condition to the alchemist while they are under the influence (hehe) of the mutagen. Doesn't this negate any benefit of the mutagen?

A: The sickened penalty is just enough to balance the major benefits of the mutagen, but there are secondary benefits that come with it. The drinker's armor class will be much higher, since dex raises along with natural armor, their molotov save DC and damage will be higher, damage can be higher when 2 handing a weapon, carry capacity goes up, and so on. And as a side benifit it prevents the Alechemist from being sickened since the condition wouldn't stack. It's designed to make you think carefully about when the mutagen is going to help or not. 


Q: What does the "Èxtra big spread" Actually do?

A: when the Chef was first drafted the meal preparaiton ability was limited to a number of creatures at a time, so the feat expanded that limit. Before the final draft the ability got changed but I completely missed taking out that feat! It will be removed in later editions of the book.


Q: The Mental consumption feat is the same as Limit Removal

A: Quite right, The Description for Mental consumption somehow got replaced. It should read as follows: 

"Mental Consumption

You have learned to indulge in food through it's contemplation and understanding.

Prequisites: Inability to eat

Benefit: By carefully examining and dissecting a meal you are able to gain it's benefits as if you had consumed it. This takes the same ammount of time as consuming the meal and what remains after is unsuitable for eating."


Q: The Chef's marinade ability is based on the use of a flask of acid, does the marinade still work like normal acid?

A: Yes. Anything a flask of acid can do, a bottle of Marinade can do, but with the extra use that a chef with the marinade ability has. 


Q: How does Marinade affect swarms?

A:The marinade deals normal damage to swarms. It is not a true area of effect so it doesn't deal 50% bonus but the attack has enough acidic liquid mass to hurt clusters of bugs and so harms swarms like any other creature.