Flawless adept

By Greg Ducker

“To fail, to fall, to forget, this is all the lawless and flawed aspire to. We follow a higher path. If to err is human, what then am I?”

–Orrick, A Flawless adept.

In a world where there is no power that the trained and experienced cannot attain there are bound to be those who focus their energies towards being flawless.

Role: The Flawless adept is a combatant skilled at ranged or melee combat. They excel at direct confrontation however they also have some talent with skills and even bear a small amount of support, they make an excellent fighter replacement and can also fill the role of a good fifth member.

Alignment: The extremely rigid training and mental conditioning required to master every motion and every situation requires a dedicated and devoted spirit. Flawless adepts are always Lawful.

Hit Die: d10.


To qualify to become a Flawless adept, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

Alignment: Any lawful

Skills: Perception 5 ranks,

Feats: Weapon focus (any), Skill focus (Any)

Class Skills

The Flawless adept’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are: Acrobatics (dex), Diplomacy (Cha),  Escape Artist (Dex), Knowledge (Religeon), Perception (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Stealth (Dex),

Skill Ranks at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.


1st+1+1+1+1Flawless attack
2nd+2+1+1+1Theoretical movement
3rd+3+2+2+2Flawless talents
4th+4+2+2+2Theoretical movement, Peak perfection
5th+5+3+3+3Flawless defense
6th+6+3+3+3Theoretical movement, Bolster allies
7th+7+3+3+3Flawless resilience
8th+8+4+4+4Theoretical movement, Masterful assault
9th+9+4+4+4Flawless blow
10th+10+5+5+5Theoretical movement, Paragon of perfection


Flawless attack: Once per day per class level a flawless adept may make a cautious and levelled strike at an opponent and instead of rolling for their attack they may take a 10 on the roll. If they do so they deal additional damage equal to the weapons critical multiplier. (+2 damage for a longsword, +3 for a greataxe ect.). At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter they add their critical multiplier to the damage again.


Theoretical movement: The Flawless adept has managed to focus and train for any occasion intensely. They have reached a supernatural connection with not just the lawful energy of reality but with truth itself. This allows the Flawless adept to flawlessly conduct a theoretical action. Before declaring an action they may decide to make it a theoretical action. At second level this must be a move action but upon reaching fourth level they may make it a standard action or even combine two uses to make it a full round action. This ability may be used an additional time at each even level of Flawless adept.


The action is treated normally however no dice rolls are resolved. Upon seeing what awaits if the action were taken the Flawless adept may decide no to proceed. This allows the Flawless adept to acquire a great deal of information however there are some intrinsic limitations. Because Die rolls are not resolved until the Flawless adept decides to proceed with an action it limits their ability to gauge a threat. They could for example know that taking a theoretical move action down a hallway will trigger a trap, but they will not know it’s chance of striking him. Likewise they could not use the ability before activating an item with a randomized effect such as a rod of wonder to deduce what the effect would be. It should be noted that while talking may be done during these actions, each action buys only about 3 seconds worth of theoretical interaction making it difficult to use in social settings. Of course since any bluff checks would not resolved it is impossible to discern the truth of what anyone might say during such an action.


As an exception to these limitations however, an action which may be resolved by the flawless adept taking a 10 will have its results revealed. For example he could use a theoretical move action to climb up a tree if he had attained the flawless talents ability. Likewise he could determine if a 10 on an attack roll would be successful vs a foe by using a use of his flawless attack ability. Using these abilities for theoretical actions still expends them normally.


Flawless Talents: Upon reaching third level a Flawless adept has become so practised that they may perform perfectly under almost any condition. A number of times per day equal to their class level a Flawless adept may take a 10 on any ability check or skill check in which they have at least 1 rank. This choice is made before rolling and does not increase the time of the action used.


Peak perfection: A Flawless adept is constantly working to improve upon their weaknesses. At 4th level the Flawless adept gains +2 to their lowest ability score. If this is a tie then add +1 to all scores of that value.


Flawless Defenses: Upon reaching 5th level the Flawless adept is so versed in survival and self defence that they can be overcome only by truly potent threats. A number of times per day equal to their class level the Flawless adept may take a 10 on a saving throw. This must be done before the roll is made.


Bolster Allies: A Flawless adept knows the value of teamwork and co-ordination and takes time and effort to ensure their allies are as well prepared as they are. As an immediate action a Flawless adept may allow an ally within 30 ft to take a 10 on an attack, save, ability check or skill check. When the Flawless adept reaches 10th level the ally may take a 15 instead. This may be used once per day for every 2 class levels


Flawless resilience: The Flawless adept has honed themselves to the very peak of perfection for their race. Upon attaining 7th level recalculate the Flawless adept’s hit points as if they had rolled maximum for every roll to determine their HP. Additionally from this point on when levelling up they always gain maximum hp per level, even if they are levelling up in a different class. Finally the Flawless adept no longer takes penalties for aging, any ability score penalties for age are reversed but bonuses still accrue and the Flawless adept still dies when they reach their maximum age.


Thwart Enemies: The Flawless adept has learned an arsenal of counters, defences, and techniques to shut down their opponent’s efforts. As an Immediate action the Flawless adept may force an enemy within 30 ft to take a 10 on a save, skill check, ability check, or attack roll. Upon reaching 10th level the enemy is forced to take a 5. This powerful ability may be used once per day.


Masterful assault: The Perfected Assailant trains constantly and works always towards ensuring that each strike is at it’s very best, even follow up slashes are deadly strokes of perfection. When making a full attack a Perfected Assailant may choose to total their combined attack bonus and then divide it by the number of attacks they are making. This number is then rounded down and is used as their bonus for every attack. This applies to off hand attacks and extra attacks granted by a speed weapon ect. (So a 5th level ranger/10th level Flawless adept with 20 str wielding a +2 speed longsword and a +1 dagger with weapon focus dagger and two weapon fighting would have an attack bonus of 17 with all 5 attacks, instead of 20/20/15/10 with the longsword and 20 with the dagger)


Flawless Blow: The Flawless adept has now not only mastered every possible strike they can make, but now always aim their blows to deal the most possible harm. From this point on all damage rolls by the Flawless adept are Instead treated as if the maximum value had been rolled. This takes place regardless of the source of the damage.


Paragon of Perfection: A Flawless adept may now use their Flawless Strike, Flawless Talents, and Flawless Defense abilities any number of times per day. However a total of 1/day per class level any 10 taken may be replaced by a 15.