Continuing on plant month, let's down to the sticky icky of things and talk about a common use for plants. Everyone loves alchemical items, everyone loves potions, but there are so many great ways to partake besides drinking. In this article I'll share my rules for inhaled alchemical items!


Inhaled items: Lighting and breathing in an inhaled item generally requires a standard action and once inhaled, the item provides a powerful effect for as long as the imbiber can hold their breath, or has an effect when exhaled based on how long it was held in thelungs. Depending on the realism and mood of your game, you may descide these benefits are magical or not. Likewise this can either be used as a way toc reate high level craftables for the craft alcemy skill, or they can be used as an extention of the brew potions feat, the choice is yours.

Since the user is holding in a cloud of alchemical smoke rather than life-giving oxygen this is significantly harder than just holding one's breath.

A character may hold a lungful of smoke for up to one round per point of constitution score before having to make a constitution check.

Once these rounds are depleted the imbiber must make a constitution check at the beginning of each round. The DC for this check is 10+2 for every time the check has been made since spending a full minute not holding breath. This means using inhaled items in rapid succession is much harder than doing so on full lung capacity.

A creature taking damage while holding its breath must make another constitution check immediately or lose the held smoke.  If the inhaler is stunned, paralysed, unconscious, confused, dazed, frightened, panicked, or helpless they exhale the smoke automatically. Needless to say anyone holding their breath is unable to speak, cast spells with verbal components, utilize a breath weapon, or do anything else requiring exhaling breath without first needing to exhale the smoke in their lungs.

Unless otherwise noted all inhaled items are single use and consumed when used.

A creature that does not breath cannot make use of an inhaled alchemical item, and one without a constitution score uses charisma instead, if it lacks both scores the creature cannot use inhaled items.


Inhaled alchemical items:

Bramble back: In its natural form, bridge brambles are a hazardous but very useful form of thorny vines that tend to grow in long stiff arcs across large expanses of open air. Once ground up into a paste, treated, and dried however it becomes a potent smoke able alchemical item. The inhaler sprouts a pair of thick thorn covered wings from their back, the hard needled branches form a frame for an intricate membrane of tiny filaments. These wings allow the user to fly with a speed of 30 ft and also grants them two natural wing attacks for 1d4+str bonus each. These natural attacks are primary if used on their own, or secondary if used in combination with other manufactured or natural weapons.  Cost: 1,800 per dose

Clusterfruit seeds- These rich seeds are oven baked and then ground into a highly flammable powder before being ignited and inhaled. Their scent quite resembles citrus and their potent abilities allow the user to create duplicates of themselves. As a standard action, a person currently holding in Clusterfruit smoke may create a duplicate. The duplicates have all the same statistics as the original but only mundane versions of their equipment. Furthermore each copy exists only while it also continues to hold in the smoke filling its lungs. All duplicates and originals use the same pool of breath and save DC for the constitution check and anytime the DC increases it does so for all copies.  This means for example if there are 3 copies and the original, the user would be expending 4 breath every turn, and once that amount exceeds their constitution score the DC would increase by 4 each turn. To continue the example, if one copy is damaged the DC for all copies raises by 1, and if the copy fails to hold its breath it vanishes. Cost: 10,500 per dose

Dragongrass: This dried and pulverized grass is a favourite food of dragons and other hearty creatures. When alchemically prepared and treated it grants the inhaler the power to build and release a massive blast of flames. Anyone holding a lungful of dragon grass smoke may use a standard action to exhale a cone of flames. The size of the cone and amount of damage dealt increases every round the smoke is held. If exhaled on the round after it's inhaled it deals 5d4 damage in a 15 ft cone. For each round beyond that the damage dice increase by 1 size (To a maximum of 5d20) and the size of the cone increases by 5 ft (With no maximum). However, dragongrass is notoriously painful to hold in, At the start of their turn a person holding in dragongrass smoke takes fire damage equal to the size of the damage die it will deal. So 4 damage on the first round, 6 on the second, and so on.  As per normal this damage causes the inhaler to need to make a second immediate check to hold their breath. And as one final peril of this potent substance, if the user fails their check to hold onto the smoke they instead exhale it in an uncontrolled blast, changing the area of effect into a radius around them equal to the length of the cone. The user is not protected from this flame.  Cost: 1,200 Per dose

Ghost Fumes- This peculiar white jelly is made from mushrooms that grow in the afterlife and it is intensely aromatic. A smidgeon of it rubbed onto the tongue fills the lungs with a powerful effervescent mist that spreads out until the user them self turns into a cloud. This functions as gaseous form as long as the user continues to hold their breath, which functions using the normal mechanics despite the lack of lungs.  Cost: 400 gp per dose

Gold Dust- This extraordinarily rare fine gold powder is made from a special mineral found only on the elemental plane of earth and it's power is widely sought after. Once someone ignites this powder and inhales the brilliant golden smoke, their entire body becomes living gold. This functions exactly as Iron body, and is only a side effect of the main power this substance provides. Until the user exhales, everyone  they touch is transmuted into solid gold. This functions as transmute flesh to stone but the target instead permanently becomes solid gold.  Cost: Minor Artefact

Incognito- This dried flower is one of questionable use to spies and insurgents around the world. It is most typically rolled and smoked like typical tobacco though it has a far sweeter, almost flowery, aroma. As the user inhales they mentally picture a physical appearance and their body changes to take on that form. This functions as Alter self or Monstrous physique I.  Of course ones ability to infiltrate is severely hampered by the fact that since the user is holding in smoke they cannot speak without immediately ending the effect. Cost: 500 gp per dose

Lifekiss- This sticky crimson resin is made from the tacky condensed sap of the fearsome void angler. When the resin is smoked in a pipe it produces a sweet syrupy flavour that coats the inside of the user's mouth making their lips, tongue and teeth glossy and sticky sweet. The smoke has no effect on a living or undead user, it only benefits the very recently disceased. When this smoke is inside the lungs of a creature that died within the last 1 round it restores the creature to life, healing them 5d8+10 HP. If the person holding onto the smoke dies, they immediately gain the benefit of this effect. Alternatively the user may use a standard action to breathe the smoke into the lungs of an adjacent creature.  Cost: 2,500 gp per dose

Light bulbs- These peculiar yellow bulbs are naturally lighter than air, hence their name. To use the plant one simply snaps the stem and sucks on it like a straw, filling their lungs with the ultra boyant gas inside. The user gains a +20 circumstance bonus to jump checks and can jump vertically the same distance as they could jump horizontally and is always treated as if they had a running start. Furthermore The user is under a continually feather fall effect. Additionally, the user may choose to float up to 20 ft into the air as a move action, this functions exactly as the spell levitate, including the risk of unbalancing oneself.  Cost: 300 gp per dose

Lungburn- This powerful synthetic mist is generally taken through a specially created inhaler. A single breath of this powerful burning liquid fills the user with vitality and an overwhelming urge to run. The user gains a 30 ft bonus to their base land speed. This is an alchemical bonus. Additionally the user gains the benefit of the run feat. Furthermore the user may move both over the surface of water and up walls as long as they end their movement on solid ground. The downside of this powerful substance is that as long as the user continues to hold it in their lungs they cannot attack or cast spells, they must use all their actions to continue moving in some form. Cost: 800 gp per dose.

Macro-Mushroom Smoke- These dried powdered red mushrooms have a rich heady aroma and once burned and inhaled they cause the sensation that the entire world is shrinking around them. The Inhaler increases size by 1 category as enlarge person, though it affects creatures of any type that breathe.  Cost: 50 gp per dose.

Micro-Mushroom Smoke- These dried powdered purple mushrooms have a sweet smokey aroma and once burned and inhaled they cause the sensation that the entire world is growing around them. The Inhaler decreases size by 1 category as reduce person, though it affects creatures of any type that breathe.  Cost: 50 gp per dose.

Quicksilver vapor- This peculiar glittery silver smoke is made of vaporized time and when inhaled it makes the user feel as though their lungs and veins are entirely numb. Quicksilver vapor has a peculiar effect on the flow of time in the user's body. As long as the vapor is held in the lungs, all active effects on the user have their duration, but not effects, suspended. For example, if the user has a haste spell cast on them while they have quicksilver vapour inhaled, the spell will last for 1 round per caster level, starting after the vapour is exhaled, but the user gains the benefit of haste immediately. This applies equally to beneficial and harmful effects. The effect is not limited to spells either, a creature suffering from a Poison that deals damage every round will find that poison continuing to harm them every round they have the smoke inhaled, as it would not count those rounds towards it's duration (though the requisite number of successful saves does not change).  Cost- 2,400 GP

Stardust:  This extremely powerful inhaled item is made of ground up star matter and it makes the inhaler invulnerable. The user of this item is impervious to all damage and effects for as long as they hold the substance in their lungs. They cannot be forcibly moved, grappled, slowed, or entangled, nor can they be harmed by any status effect or condition. This does not give them any special way to navigate obstacles so the user can still be trapped or have their way barred. While under the effect of stardust the user's eyes, chest, mouth and nose all seem to glow with a brilliant cosmic energy that is very noticeable.   Cost: 96,000 Gp per dose

Stormbrew cigar:  These fat cigars are made of large leathery stormwrack fronds that have been baked to a paper thinness and wrapped around the hairs taken from aged coco drums that have been soaked in sea brine. The flavour is complex and salty sweet and when the smoke is held in the lungs the user feels a storm brewing inside their body. As long as the user holds in the smoke, anytime they take damage they also add that damage to a pool to be unleashed on a foe. As a standard action the user may exhale and make a ranged touch attack with a range of 30 ft. On hit they deal damage equal to the amount of damage stored in the pool. The type of damage dealt is determined by the roll of a D4, 1= Electric, 2=sonic, 3=bludgeoning, 4=acid. If the user fails to hold the smoke in and accidentally exhales it prematurely the pool is wasted. Cost:  10,400 per dose

Tempus toke: The petals of the tempus lotus dried and pressed into a fine elegant cigarette produces a potent and flowery smoke that bestows the inhaler with supernal speed. This functions as time stop but lasts for as long as the user is able to hold their breath.  Cost: 28,000 per dose.

Vanishing violet: This peculiar violet flower bud is inhaled by placing it's tip into the nose and drawing a single deep in breath through the nostril. The floral aroma is painfully overwhelming, but as long as it's held inside the lungs the user becomes invisible as per the spell. Cost: 250 gp per dose.