Duck and Roll: The real life adventure

Hatching Duck and roll part 1: Getting help

Hatching Duck and roll part 2: Following the path

Hatching Duck and roll part 3: The first dollar


Flavour Handbook Excerpts: 

The Bad Apple (Antipaladin archetype)


The Making of Naruto Pathfinder:

Part 1: Inspiration

Part 2: Core principals

Part 3: Where to start

Part 4: Creating

Behind the Vault door Excerpts: 

Magic item Usefulness



Teamwork part 1: Spellcasting

Teamwork part 2: Mundane support

Teamwork part 3: Financial support



Encounter Culture: 


#2- Conjuration

#3- Divination

#4- Evocation

#5- Enchantment




#9-Cross Crossbows

#10- Bandits

 #11- Soggy Sahuagin Spell Slingers

Campaign building: 

Beginning the campaign

Following the theme

Building the adventure

91 campaign details in an hour

Plotting the campaign

Player proficency

Campaign Types

The right game for your Campaign

The Inspired Campaign


Campain Models:

The Unstoppable Horror

The Travel Ban


Advice for DM's:

Divinations: A DM's best friend

Monster workshop

Reskinning Monsters

The scary session

Playing the monster

Evocative terrain

Enviromental Storytelling

Terrain overview

Roleplaying at the table

Inspiration at the table

Unique Items

Crossover Items

Campaign Calendar

Small time

Counting years

Naming time

Time Dilation

Boss Fights

Creating a new rules set

Social systems

Weather and storytelling

Weather and mechanics

The best laid plans of DM's and Players

Nested Monsters

Homebrewing basics

The Haunted mansion adventure

Fear at the table

How to scare your players

Change of systems

Change of players



Gods in games

Types of religeons

Ready made religeons


Love at the table: 

Types of love

Mechanics of love

The Power of love

Love and the species

Love as motivation