Elemental Servant-Will Sublimation
Prerequisite: -

With an hour of meditation, you may attain a spiritual link with the Inner Planes that stays with you until expended. It may be expended as a full-round action to direct your power and spirit at a suitably sized chunk of elemental matter with the range of your [External] Mythos, and summon an Elemental of up to Huge size from the Inner Planes, which animates the chosen elemental matter and uses it to form a body. Aftering doing so, you must meditate for another hour before you may recreate your link and use this ability again.

After summoning an Elemental, you may give it a command. However, while it is your place and your right to command the elements, this Mythos does not give you the authority to suborn or corrupt an Elemental's nature. You must give the Elemental a command that is in line with its nature, otherwise it disregards your command and acts of its own will, possibly with a negative attitude towards you, depending on how insulting your command was.

Some appropriate commands include: 

The nature of Fire Elementals is to consume. They may be commanded to rampage in a particular direction, or rampage within a particular location. For example "Travel east and burn all within your path." or "Reduce the town of Hommlet to ash." However, they do so indiscrimately, and cannot be commanded to be choosey about what they do and do not burn, such as "...but don't harm my allies." or "...but spare the children."

The nature of Air Elementals is to travel. They may be commanded to carry a message, item, or passenger to a particular location, or to look for a particular person in a particular location and give it to them. They will fight to protect their charge, but only if escape or circumvention is not a viable strategy.

The nature of Water Elementals is to covet. They be commanded to acquire and/or protect a particular person or object. They are aware that their time on the Prime (or wherever you summoned them to) is temporary, and will take whatever measures necessary to prevent others from acquiring the objects they are commanded to covet, usually by hiding them somewhere so that, when they can no longer guard them directly, they will be guarded by simple secrecy. A Water Elemental cannot be commanded to relinquish their item, once acquired, to anyone. 

When commanded to protect a person, they are intelligent enough to know that preventing a person from going into a dangerous situation is much more effective than waiting for them to get into a dangerous situation and then protecting them from it. For example, if their charge tries to venture into a potentially-violent-ogre-infested-dungeon, the Elemental will simply do everything they can to prevent their charge from going inside (short of killing them), rather than going in with them and fighting the ogres.

Alternatively, a Water Elemental can be commanded to quench all fire in a given location. For example, "Put out all the torches in that castle." or "Put out that forest fire."

The nature of Earth Elementals is to wait. They can be given a simple task to perform in the general vicinity, and a specific time to do it in, and they will do so. For example, "Wait one hundred and ninety-two hours, eleven minutes, and forty-seven seconds, and then flip the switch on this bomb." or "For the next two days, tell every living thing that comes through that door that I'm not home and I'll be back on Sunday." They may also be commanded to guard a location, attacking anyone that enters the specified area. Like a Fire Elemental, the Earth Elemental is indiscriminate in its guarding, and cannot be commanded to allow some to go by unmolested, while preventing the passage of others.

All Elements will defend themselves if threatened, though they are aware that the destruction of their temporary summoned bodies will not harm their true selves (unless you've summoned them on their home plane). It'll just hurt. If the completion of their mission absolutely requires them to be destroyed, they will err on the side of completing their mission.

An Elemental remains summoned until its mission is completed, or until (class level) days have passed, if their mission lasts for that long.



Sojourner Of A Thousand Lives Shintai
Prerequisite: -

The Omphalos' relationship with time is not like a mortal's. It is not truly omniscient, though it might perhaps seem to cleave in that direction from a mortal perspective, perceiving most of its own existence from beginning to end as a single chain of memories, with all the inaccuracy, imperfection, and bias that a memory intails. But part of its future is dark; a great disastrous uncertainty. And it is for this purpose that, very occasionally, the Omphalos will turn its unspeaking, inscrutable will towards bending the very rules it was constructed to maintain, and withhold a dying soul from its afterlife.

These occurrences are rare; written off by the Outer Planar bureaucracy as a routine clerical error. Sometimes a soul destined to become a great Solar or Duke of Hell, or something of that kind, goes missing, and a god pops down to the Omphalos' inner machinery to check if anything has gotten stuck, but they are like toddlers staring into the workings of a great computer. Inevitably, they retreat back to their palatial estates and blame the whole affair on a rounding error.

However, in these vast mechanisms, the stolen soul is rejuvenated, relieved of its necessity to continue on to the afterlife and become one with the eternal ideological battlefield there. The custodians of the Omphalos inform the soul of its purpose and destiny, tutor it on matters that will one day become important and, eventually, send the soul backwards, back down to the Prime, where it inhabits a newborn body in place of a wholly new soul from the Positive Energy Plane. It remembers nothing. Yet. It grows into a new life, becomes a new person, makes new choices, and eventually dies again. And the process is repeated. Again and again, the soul is rejuvenated and recalled, over and over it lives, sometimes as a Kathodos, sometimes as a member of another class, other times as a simple sailor or dam-builder, once a human, once a dragon, once an orc, once a kobold, once a giant, and so on. 

Eventually, the soul arrives here. It is a Kathodos, and it is ready to realize its purpose. Though great power awaits, such a choice is difficult and rarely taken once presented. To awaken as one of the Sojourners is tantamount to a death of the self, as that which the individual believes to be who they are - their various personality traits and quirks, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and ideals - is overtaken in a flood of a thousand lives just as rich and beautiful and painful and unique as their own. What's more, they suddenly remember all the trials and teachings given to them between lives, and so their scope of time stretches even further.

So varied and muddled becomes a Sojourner's personality that they effective lose their personality altogether. All traits are subsumed into the one purpose that they have been born, and born, and born ad infinitum to do; protect the Prime, protect the Inner Planes, protect the Omphalos. They have no personal desires (for every hundred lives they've had that have enjoyed doing something, perhaps they've had a hundred that disliked it), no true friends (one life of loyality is outweighed by a thousands lives that are indifferent) - they are only stoic guardians now, impartial stewards of balance.

You gain a +6 bonus to your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores from the counsel of a thousand lives of experience. You gain a +30 competence bonus on checks with every skill, taught by a thousand lives of learning. You gain ten bonus feats of your choice, though you must meet the prerequisites for them. Finally, at (your initiative count - 10), you may act with a single standard, move, or swift action in addition to the actions you normally receive every round.


Surging Incarnum Inheritance
Prerequisite: The 'Flowing Incarnum Inheritance' Mythos, and you must have opened your Brow, Arms, and Shoulders Chakra.

Your mastery of Incarnum grows to even greater heights. Your Throat Chakra opens, you gain one more point of Essentia, and you may support one additional Chakra Bind. Your Meldshaper level is equal to your class level, to a maximum of 18. Add the following Soulmelds to the list you may shape from: Apparition Ribbon, Dissolving Spittle, Planar Ward, Soulspeaker's Circlet.

At the cost of 5,000 Mythos Points and 500xp, you may meditate for one hour and unlock further Incarnum secrets, provided you have a Meldshaper level of at least 15. Your Waist Chakra opens, you gain two points of Essentia, and you may shape and maintain one more Soulmeld at a time. Add the following Soulmelds to the list you may shape from: Flame Cincture, Heart of Fire, Strongheart Vest, Vitality Belt.

With a Meldshaper level of 18 or higher, you may meditate again, paying another 5,000 Mythos Points and 500xp, and climbing nearer to the zenith of Incarnum power. Your Heart chakra opens, you may create and maintain an additional Soulmeld, you gain four points of Essentia, and you may add any four Soulmelds of your choice from the Incarnate class list to the list of Soulmelds you may shape.