Muse Feats


Barriera del Suono [Creativity]
Music is not just your heart and soul, your passion, but also your body.
Benefit: When you take this feat, you gain 2 hit points for each creativity feat you have (including this one). Whenever you take a new creativity feat, you gain 2 more hit points. In addition, when you use a music ability or tempo change, you gain 1 temporary hit point until the beginning of your next turn. Temporary hit points gained in this way stack with each other.

Colossale Passione [Creativity]
Your passion for your art exceeds all others, inspiring you to greater heights.
Prerequisites: Creativity class feature.
Benefit: You gain 1 extra creativity. In addition, for every creativity feat you possess (including this one), you gain 1 additional creativity.

Creative Performer [General]
You are well-versed in many methods of music, granting you insight into playing more efficiently.
Prerequisites: Bardic music class feature, creativity class feature, instrumental weapon class feature.
Benefit: You may spend one bardic music performance daily use to reduce the cost of a music ability by 1 creativity while playing as part of the same action, to a minimum cost of 1 creativity. If you have levels in bard and muse, those levels stack for the purpose of determining the number of times per day that you can use your bardic music and determining creativity and the magical improvements to your instrumental weapon. In addition, your bard and muse levels stack for the purpose of bardic knowledge. For example, a human 1st-level bard/6th-level muse would have seven daily uses of bardic music, 14 creativity, her instrumental weapon would be a +2 weapon, and she would be considered a 7th-level bard for the purpose of bardic knowledge.

Esperto della Musica [Creativity]
You take cues from many tunes heard around the world and improve each musical bit you create with just a little flair from somewhere foreign to your audience.
Prerequisites: Bardic knowledge class feature, one music ability.
Benefit: When you make a Perform check to earn money, you may add your bardic knowledge check to the Perform check for the purposes of earned amount, though your performance is still only as good as your Perform check indicates. In addition, when you use a music ability, you may make a DC 10 bardic knowledge check. If you succeed, you may lower the creativity cost of the music ability by 1, to a minimum of 1. For every 10 you beat the DC by, you may lower the cost by an additional 1 creativity, to a maximum reduction of 3 creativity.

La Canzone del Dualismo [Bardic] [Creativity]
Every one of your songs is shaped by your varied experiences in music, granting them a dual nature.
Prerequisites: Bardic music class feature, one music ability.
Benefit: You treat your bardic music performances as music abilities and vice-versa for the purpose of feats and features that benefit one. For example, if you have the music: finale class feature, you may play it after a bardic music performance, even though you would normally only be able to play it after a music ability.

Lacuna della Musica [Creativity]
Sometimes, no music is the best music.
Prerequisites: One music ability.
Benefit: While a music ability is in effect, you may halt it as a swift action for up to a number of rounds equal to Cha modifier. After this time, the music begins once more, except there is more tension in your intended audience. The halted music ability's effects last for 1 additional round after it has finished as the emotional impact of the music continues even after its end.

Macchina Come Risorto [Creativity]
Constructs and undead, both risen from nonliving material, are treated the same in your elegy–violently.
Prerequisites: Music: elegy class feature.
Benefit: Your elegy music ability now also works with constructs in addition to undead. Allies gain bonuses against constructs and constructs take penalties while you play your elegy, just as undead normally do.

Melodia del Tempo [Chronoshifting] [Creativity]
Your music reaches into and beyond the folds of time itself.
Prerequisites: Chronoshifter level 1st, maestro class feature.
Benefit: When you are maintaining a maestro conducting style and you use a chronoshift, you can spend 1 creativity per level of the chronoshift to play a music ability immediately after as a free action, in addition to the creativity cost of the music ability.

Una Tempesta di Sordità [Creativity]
Your note storm music ability pulverizes the eardrums of your foes.
Prerequisites: Music: note storm class feature.
Benefit: Your note storm music ability now also deafens foes within range of the storm on a failed DC 10 + 1/2 class levels + Cha modifier Fortitude save, made after any penalties to saving throws due to the note storm itself are applied.