The Muse

By Temotei


It has long been the dream of every player who rolls a bard to take your instrument and absolutely BELT someone with it. That and to use powerful music to enhance the abilities of your allies, I guess. Well, find yourself a class that can do both in The Muse by Temotei.

This homebrew is a combat oriented support class that boasts simple mechanics that lend powerful support options to the party. It's a more straightforward and easy to play class than a bard and evenly trades overall versatility for more combat potential.

As usual we'll start by taking a look under the hood. The basic framework of the class is somewhat misleading. Medium base attack bonus, low fort and reflex save, 6+int skills, good will. The class seems to be what you'd expect from a partial caster, not a support/frontline combatant. The truth is that this class excels in combat but it doesn't need the full base attack bonus to do so. Between the buffs it has access to and the class features improving combat capability, a medium attack bonus is just perfect here. Of course as a support class the bundle of skill points is definitely well received.

As I eluded to, the Muse gains the ability to use their instrument as a weapon, and a pretty darn good one at that. Not only does this allow for clobbering with violins, and smashing or slashing with cymbals, but it allows you to use your voice itself as a weapon. Just that on its own is cool enough to base an entire character around, but there's far more. The first music ability they gain is brilliantly placed at level one and it grants temporary hit points. I absolutely love this because there is no level where a handful of hp is more useful than first. This on its own shows a great deal of understanding of gameplay at various levels. Temp hp is a simple and incredibly noticeable benefit to provide right away and it grants a great deal of survivability for a low level party.

As levels are gained a plethora of new musical abilities are aquired that contain a mix of passive bonuses, activated powers, and improvements to direct combat skill. This ensures that the Muse is never at a loss for what to do. The muse is able to actively aid allies or dish out accurate powerful attacks using its actions while at the same time supporting the party just by being around them. The design of the class is positively inspired, pardon the pun. Each ability comes at an appropriate level, and when combined with previous abilities getting stronger, there is always more than one new improvement upon leveling up which keeps the class feeling fresh at all levels.

On top of the assortment of excellent static abilities the Muse class also has the option of picking a certain path which provides a few other benefits to help suit a particular play style, this makes the class even more customizable. Topped off with one of the coolest capstone abilities this is flavourful and well balanced class that I would love to play through from 1 to 20 and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves music, well made homebrew, or just playing really solid support.