Instant Myths


All this month we're exploring the theme of Myths. Myths and legends are wonderful and a great vway to enrich your setting, but sometimes you don't have enough time to finely craft a tale. Well here's a quick and easy shorthand you can use to generate myths and legends on the fly. All you do is roll on the chart of Random myths, and then if needed roll on the secondary chart indicated or fill int he blanks yourself.


Random Myths:

1    Killed a powerful monster (roll on powerful monsters chart)

2     Has a legendary mount or pet (roll on powerful monsters chart)

3     Prevented a terrible crime (roll on terrible crimes chart)

4     Committed a terrible crime (roll on terrible crimes chart)

5     Saved someone important (roll on important people chart)

6     Murdered someone important (roll on important people chart)

7     Fled or failed a great deed (roll on great deeds chart)

8     Performed a great deed (roll on great deeds chart)

9     Brokered peace with a neighboring faction

10   Roll twice


Powerful Monsters

1   Dire wolf

2    Kraken

3  Great shuddering ooze

4    Manticore

5  Griffon

6    Chimera

7    Talking snake

8    Magical horse, Unicorn, pegasus, hippogriff ect.

9    Ancient Machine

10 Dragon


Terrible crimes:

1     Roll again but the event occurs at a sacred ceremony, wedding, funeral ect.

2     The death of a diplomat or holy person.

3     Wrongful imprisonment of a hero or many innocents

4     Corruption or taint of the land itself

5     Destruction of a holy relic or work of art

6     Theft of a priceless item

7     Gruesome torture

8     Murder of an innocent

9     Betrayal of a loved one

10     Massacre or genocide



Great deeds:

1     Heroic sacrifice of one's self

2     The redemption of someone evil.

3     An act of fantastic charity or generosity

4     A great act of mercy against a sworn foe

5     Formation of a just country or kingdom

6     Creation of a beautiful work of art

7     Discovery of a forgotten sacred site

8     Retrieval of a long lost relic

9      The defeat of an evil warrior in fair combat

10     Defeat of a wicked mage


Important people

1     Religeous figure, Priest, Rabbi, ect

2     General, Admiral, other important military figure

3     Wealthy merchant/head of a big corperation

4     Scholar/inventor/scientist

5     Famous actor

6     Popular musciain

7     Witness in an important trial

8     The last remaining member of a venerable or respect group or species

9     Major/Duke/Barron

10     Ruler/Prime minister/head of state