This list of mutations is available to all evolutionists of the outsider type, augmented outsider subtype and to all those who take the Outsider Mutator feat.


Teratomorph I

  • Smite Opposition: The evolutionist can smite a creature with at least one opposite alignment component (Good-Evil, Lawful Chaotic. True Neutral evolutionists can smite Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil opponents). This smite deals extra damage equal to his mutator level and adds his charisma modifier to the attack roll. This ability is useable once every five rounds. This teratomorphism provides a supernatural ability.
  • Armor of the Outer Planes: The evolutionist may forge armor out of the matter of his very soul. This ability can create any armor of the evolutionist’s choice and the armor check penalty for the armor created is treated as zero (which means proficiency is irrelevant), the armor can be made of any material of his choice that armor of its type could normally be made of (Hide armor can’t be made of mithril), it has an enhancement bonus equal to ¼ of his mutator level and can receive up to +10 worth of additional enchantments (the baseline enhancement bonus doe snot count towards the cost), but the evolutionist must be present during the whole enchanting process. Calling this armor to the evolutionist’s body is a move action, and it displaces any existing armor in order to don itself (the other armor falls to the floor near the evolutionist), if the armor is removed, it dissipates back into the evolutionist’s soul until called again. Whenever the evolutionist gains a new level, he can change what the basic armor is, but all enchantments remain the same. This teratomorphism provides a supernatural ability.
  • Arms of the Outer Planes: The evolutionist may forge a weapon out of the matter of his very soul. He is considered proficient with the weapon created by this ability (but not with other weapons of its type if he is not proficient with it already), it has an enhancement bonus equal to ¼ of his mutator level and can receive up to +10 worth of additional enchantments (the baseline enhancement bonus doe snot count towards the cost), but the evolutionist must be present during the whole enchanting process. Calling this weapon is a standard action, and if it is ever throw or disarmed, it can be called back to his hand as an immediate action. If the weapon is ever away from the evolutionist’s person for more than a minute, it dissipates back into his soul until called again. Whenever the evolutionist gains a new level, he can change what the basic weapon is, but all enchantments remain the same. This teratomorphism provides a supernatural ability.

Teratomorph II

  • Summon: As a standard action, the evolutionist can summon an outsider whose alignment matches his own. This creature cannot have a CR righter than 1 + half the evolutionist’s mutator level and remains in his service for up to 1 hour, the evolutionist can have no more than one summoned creature through this ability at any one time. Summoned creatures cannot use any summoning abilities they might have themselves and creatures summoned through this ability cannot grant wishes with their spell-like abilities. This ability can be used once per day for each teratomorphism the evolutionist has. This teratomorphism provides a supernatural ability.

Teratomorph III

  • Planar Apotheosis: The evolutionist gains alignment subtypes matching his own alignment at the time this teratomorphism is taken. If the evolutionist’s alignment changes, he can change what subtypes are granted by this teratomorphism when he next gains a level. Having an alignment subtype causes all of your attacks to pierce damage reduction as tough they had the alignment in question. Furthermore, he gains immunity to the harmful effects inherent to any plane that shares at least one of his alignment (or elemental, if any) subtypes, such as Cania's cold (but not any other cold, including those of the inhabitants of the plane) and may choose wether or not he is treated as an Extraplanar being while in such planes at his discretion.

Teratomorph IV

  • Planar Renewal I (Requires Planar Apotheosis): Once per month, after the evolutionist is killed in any plane where he gains the Extraplanar subtype, he reappears (after five days) in one plane of his choice where he would not gain the Extraplanar subtype as if revived with a Resurrection spell. This teratomorphism provides a supernatural ability.

Teratomorph V

  • Planewalker: The evolutionist can use Greater Teleport as a spell-like ability at-will and Plane Shift as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to the number of teratomorphisms he has. When using either of these abilities, he can only transport himself and up to his medium load in personal possessions, not any other creatures.

Teratomorph VI

  • Planar Renewal II (Requires Planar Renewal I): The evolutionist’s Planar Renewal is improved. It works once per week and the evolutionist revives in the plane of his choice one day later as if revived by True Resurrection.


Mutant Ascendancy: The evolutionist gains the ability to ascend into an outsider being. Doing so changes his creature type to Outsider and grants him a few characteristics of the type, including Darkvision 60 feet (or a 60 feet increase in existing darkvision), he still needs to breathe but no longer requires food, drink or sleep (but can eat, drink and sleep if he wants to). Lastly, he gains the following benefit:

  • The daily uses of the evolutionist’s current and future spell-like abilities increases by 1, if this increase would bring the spell-like ability's daily uses to seven times per day or more, it can be used at-will instead. The save DCs of his spell-like abilities increases by +1.

Even if he does not chose to take the Outsider ascendancy, an evolutionist with access to this mutation list may, upon acquiring this class feature, change his home plane to whichever plane he prefers, causing him to gain the extraplanar subtype on his former home plane and no longer gain said subtype on his new home plane, the evolutionist gains immunity to dangerous characteristics of his new plane (such as Cania's cold or the fires of the elemental plane of fire). This choice can be changed once again when the evolutionist gains Mutant Perfection, as well as on the off-chance that his home plane stops existing for some reason.

Mutant Perfection: The evolutionist has the weight of spiritual gravity to match that of the outer planes, imposing his spiritual truth on his surroundings. He is an anchor to which the souls of the dead can hold, or be chained to. 

The evolutionist projects an aura with a radius of 60 feet, the area within this radius is considered to have strong alignment traits matching his alignment. Furthermore, as a full-round action, the evolutionist may bind the soul of a creature that died within this area no more than 1 minute/mutator level before, converting it into a petitioner, the dead creature is entitled to a will save to resist this effect as if it were still alive, against a DC of 10 + ½ Mutator level + the evolutionist’s charisma modifier, but it may forgo this save if it wishes. Petitioners are bound to loyalty to the evolutionist, they will never disobey his commands, even outright suicidal ones or those that go against everything in which they believed in life. Mere death will not release these souls from their chains, and destroyed petitioners will reform within 60 feet of the evolutionist after 24 hours, any petitioner more than 60 feet away from the evolutionist gains the Extraplanar subtype and will return to this radius if banished, if the evolutionist moves to a different plane, all of his petitioners move along with him, no matter where they are referent to him (they usually appear within 60 feet of him when that happens, usually), if the evolutionist dies, all of his petitioners are released to their proper afterlives. Any effect that binds or destroys souls will prevent the petitioner from reforming, furthermore, any spell that revives the dead (such as Raise Dead or Resurrection) cast on the petitioner, his body or the idea of the person it was in life allows it to freely chose whether it wishes to live once more or to remain in this state, nothing the evolutionist can do or say is capable of tampering with this decision. The resurrection is much smoother in this manner than travel back from the grasp of the outer planes, and the resurrected being does not suffer level loss from being revived.


Petitioner is a template that may be added to any creature other than constructs, elementals, outsiders or undead that leaves a mostly intact soul upon death.
Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to Outsider, it retains all subtypes, its size remain unchanged.
Hit Dice: Petitioners have 3d8 HD, plus an additional 3d8 HD for each size category above medium (6d8 for large, 9d8 for huge, 12d8 for gargantuan and 15d8 for colossal).
AC: Petitioners retain their natural armor, size modifier and dexterity bonus to AC, they usually have no armor to speak of, but retain proficiency with any armor they were proficient in life. Incorporeal petitioners retain their deflection bonus to AC.
Speed: Petitioners retain their movement speeds.
Base Attack: Petitioners have a base attack bonus equal to their hit dice.
Attacks: Petitioners retain all natural weapons and are proficient with all weapons they were in life.
Special Attacks: Petitioners lose all spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities, spellcasting, manifesting, psi-like abilities and basically anything that isn’t an extraordinaire ability.
Special Qualities: Petitioners lose all special qualities and gain the following:
Immunities (Ex): Petitioners are immune to all mind-affecting effects and to a single form of energy damage chosen by the power that created them.
Resistances (Ex): Petitioners have resistance 10 to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic (one of these is, however, overwritten by the immunity above).
Damage Reduction (Ex): Petitioners have DR 5/Magic if large or smaller and 10/magic if huge or larger.
Planar Chains (Ex): Petitioners cannot leave the plane to which they are bound (or the plane in which their evolutionist master is, as the case may be), any attempt to force them out fails outright. If a petitioner is slain it reforms in his home plane after 24 hours, unless its soul is trapped or destroyed somehow.
Saves: The base saves of a petitioner are equal to 2 + half their HD (rounded down). 
Abilities: Petitioners retain all of their ability scores.
Skills: Petitioners retain all of the skills they had in life, but some may be limited by their new HD, they do not receive any additional skill points.
Feats: Petitioners retain all their feats, if their new HD is not compatible with the number of feats gained, these are considered bonus feats. They do not gain new feats.
Environment: Their home planes.
Organization: Any.
Challenge Rating: As a guideline it is 2 (medium or smaller), 4 (large), 6 (huge), 9 (gargantuan), 11 (colossal). But often these numbers won’t cut it.
Treasure: None.
Alignment: Same as the base creature.
Advancement: Nope. But sometimes the gods (but not evolutionists) can allow petitioners to advance similarly to how they advanced in life.
Level Adjustment: -. Petitioners are not appropriate player characters except on silly all-petitioner campaigns.



Abduction [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Any supernatural, psi-like or spell-like ability that of the teleportation subschool.
Ability Score: Charisma
Benefit: When the evolutionist uses a supernatural, psi-like or spell-like ability of the teleportation subschool (such as Teleport or Dimension Door) he may bring an unwilling target along with him, by either grappling the target or successfully landing a touch attack. This target is entitled to a will save to avoid being taken, but the evolutionist can chose to not complete the teleportation effect if his target resists it.
Only one unwilling creature can be taken along through this mutation, but this creature can be taken in addition to any other creatures that the teleportation effect would normally allow. 
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, the evolutionist can bring one additional unwilling target with a teleportation effect. This mutation can be taken once per three mutator levels.

Aligned Damage Reduction [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: Damage Reduction, Mutator level 6.
Ability Score: None
Benefit: This mutation improves your damage reduction, making it necessary that an attack bear one alignment descriptor (Chaotic, Lawful, Good or Evil) of your choice in order to pierce it. You may not be of the chosen alignment and should your alignment change, you may immediately alter this the alignment descriptor necessary to pierce your damage reduction.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once.

Aura of menace [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 6.
Ability Score: Charisma
Benefit: A threatening aura surrounds the evolutionist when he wills it. Any hostile creature within a 20-foot radius of him must succeed on a Will save to resist its effects. Those who fail take a –2 penalty on attacks, AC, and saves for 24 hours or until they successfully hit the evolutionist. A creature that has resisted or broken the effect cannot be affected again by the same evolutionist’s aura of menace for 24 hours.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the DC to resist its effects increases by +2 and the radius increases by 10 feet. This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels.

Divine Blessing [Spell-Like]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 11.
Ability Score: Charisma
Benefit: It is unbecoming for the transcendent evolutionist to suffer the baser limitations of mortal existence, to not be understood, to not perceive the world for what it is, and many more small grievances. The evolutionist gains one spell of his choice, from the following list, as a permanent effect active on himself with a caster level equal to his mutator level, whenever they offer a save DC against their effects, the DC is based on the spell level of the ability.

  • Arcane Sight
  • Daylight
  • Deathwatch
  • Deeper Darkness
  • Magic Circle Against (Type depends on the alignment of the evolutionist, chosen when the spell is taken)
  • Nondetection
  • Obscuring Mist
  • Sanctuary (effect is reestablished five rounds after it is broken for any reason)
  • Silence
  • Tongues
  • True Seeing
  • Zone of Truth

The abilities gained through this mutation may be activated and deactivated as a swift action, and they can be dispelled, if one such effect is dispelled it can be reactivated as a swift action on the following round.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, it provides a different ability. This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels.

Divine Ward [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 7.
Ability Score: Charisma
Benefit: The evolutionist gains a deflection bonus to AC equal to his charisma modifier, to a maximum of +3.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels, each time it is taken the limit to the ac gained from this mutation increases by +3.

Greater Telepathy [Psi-Like]
Prerequisite: Telepathy
Ability Score: None. 
Benefit: The evolutionist may telepathically communicate with any creature that has an intelligence score, it is worth noting that creatures of animal intelligence perceive the world with simpler eyes than those that are fully sapient.
Further mutations: This mutation can be taken once.

Spell-like Abilities [Spell-like]
The baseline mutation Spell-like Abilities is modified for evolutionists with access the outsider mutator list. They may take spells from the cleric spell list (but not from any domains) with the spell-like ability mutation.

Spiritual Wound [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 6, any natural weapon.
Ability Score: Charisma.
Benefit: The evolutionist’s natural weapons cut deeper than flesh, these wounds do not heal naturally and resist magical healing. This mutation applies to one natural weapon of the evolutionist’s choice, attacks made with the chosen natural weapon apply a persistent wound. An injured creature loses 2 additional hit points each round, these wounds stack with themselves. The wound does not heal naturally and resists healing spells. The continuing hit point loss can be stopped by a Heal check, a cure spell, or a heal spell. However, a character attempting to cast a cure spell or a heal spell on a creature damaged by the evolutionist’s attack must succeed on a caster level check, or the spell has no effect on the injured creature. A successful Heal check automatically stops the continuing hit point loss as well as restoring hit points. The caster level check has a DC equal to the normal DC for mutations, while the heal check has a DC equal to the save DC versus mutations + 4.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the continuous damage dealt by the attack increases by 2 and the DC for the heal check increases by +2, if this mutation is taken at least three times then the target can receive no magical healing until the spiritual wound is healed. This mutation can be taken once per five mutator levels.

Supernatural Disease [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Disease, mutator level 7.
Ability Score: Constitution
Benefit: This mutation works exactly like the Disease mutation and shares its mutation limit, but allows Supernatural diseases (such as Mummy Rot and Devil Chills) to be taken.
Further mutations: This mutation can be taken once per five mutator levels.

Umbravision [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 3, Darkvision.
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: Your Darkvision pierces magical darkness as if it were normal darkness.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once.