Homebrew review: The Ozodrin

By Owrtho

Pathfinder's summoner class was designed with a concept of letting you build and control your own monster. Paizo, eat your heart out. Or rather allow your heart to be eaten by: The Ozodrin by Owrtho.

To put it simply this is one of my favourite homebrews, and I'm not alone in that opinion. This class allows you to build yourself an extremely customizable and horrifying for using a plethora of points. The class deals with themes of becoming an eldritch horror, having a host of powerful and peculiar body parts, and being truly disturbing no matter your alignment.

The chassis for this class is very precisely middle of the road. D8, medium attack bonus, 4+int skills, good will save. This is a very direct and intentional choice because this is a class that really can be anything it wants. Since most melee builds for this class rely on natural attacks it doesn't need the highest attack bonus, especially given they get a free bonus to their attack rolls from another ability. However medium attack bonus means if you wanted to use weapons you certainly could. This class can benefit greatly from certain skills if you decide to go that route, but it's certainly not for every Ozodrin, so it has just the right amount of skill.

The abilities offered by this class are extremely varied so I'll cover them in general strokes. By far the most crucial ability is to customize your "true form" which is to say your monstrous form. You can add tentacles, mouths, eyes, spikes, customized skin, and more to your body to generate a massive host of effects. Every single feature makes you more disturbing and inhuman and some of the abilities are truly creative, such as creating a secondary body at the end of a tentacle to act as a meat puppet decoy. The massive host of powers makes you wish you could take them all, and luckily you can! The Ozodrin is able to change its parts with just a little thought and effort, allowing them to customize their bodies to suit any task they should come across meaning you can be a new monster every day, or even every hour.

The other features the class receives all ad new options and expand on the features the Ozodrin can use, they include being able to consume a foe, vanish extra dimensionally, andeven altering is false form.  With a wide selection of flavourful bonuses and an amazing capstone these auxiliary features perfectly serve as a backdrop to the forms they can take and each ability makes the character more and more interesting. All the abilities, including the features provided show a great understanding of the rules and supplementary DND material. The class allows you to be confident in what you're playing. Whenever a rule or ability goes against the usual rules its very clear that its an intentional change, and that its for the best, which is so crucial in homebrewing.

The flavour of this class is unmistakable. Every ability, every description drips with otherworldly horror, from frightening creatures that see you change, to literally being above morality, this class styles itself. The only thing I would recommend is check with your fellow players and your DM before playing this, since most adventurers reflexively slay things that look like a transformed Ozodrin.  This class would take a very great deal of work to re-flavour, but it could be doable with some creative design and explanation, but honestly why ruin such a great taste that comes with the class?

Something that I don't usually mention about homebrewed content is support, but in this case its essential to mention. Not only did the creator provide a whole host of pitch perfect feats for the class, but even other homebrewers have added new content with more than twenty homebrewed prestige classes based on this one amazing base.  I can't think of any one class that has that many prestige classes devoted specifically to itself.

The class is made with 3.5 rules and it does deal a lot with grappling so a small bit of examining and adjustment is required for a pathfinder game, but nothing super difficult.

It should be clear by now that I'm one of the many to fall in love with this finely tuned class and its not hard to see why this class makes my bucket list. There's a small community of people who positively adore this class and our numbers are always growing. So please... join us.