The following is a selection of incarnum focused feats created by the talented Amechra that I consider to be a part of the core incarnum content out there. And we all know I have a weakness for incarnum so that's high praise indeed!


Soulcrafting [Incarnum][Item Crafting]
You have discovered how to shape your Soulmelds in a way that allows you to lend them to others.
Prerequisites: Must be able to shape at least 2 Soulmelds, Meldshaper Level 3rd
Benefits: Whenever you shape a Soulmeld, you may shape it as a Soulmeld Item, appearing at your feat as a solid item. As long as a Soulmeld Item exists, anyone can pick it up and use it as if it were a slotless magic item with a caster level equal to your Meldshaper level. Soulmelds that normally create a weapon, such as Incarnum Weapon, instead act as magic weapons when created as Soulmeld Items

The Soulmeld is still subject to effects that destroy soulmelds, and is additionally subject to effects which target magic items. If you shape the same soulmeld an additional time, either as a Soulmeld Item or as a normal Soulmeld, the existing Soulmeld Item is unshaped.

You cannot invest any essentia into a Soulmeld Item, and you cannot shape a Soulmeld Item that is bound to a Chakra.
Special: You gain 1 essentia.

Bonded Investment [Incarnum]
You have gotten better at manipulating Incarnum into forming Soulmeld Items.
Prerequisites: Soulcrafting, Meldshaper Level 6th
Benefit: If someone with an Essentia pool is wearing or wielding one of your Soulmeld Items, they may invest Essentia into that Soulmeld Item as if it were a Soulmeld they had shaped themselves. 

As soon as they are no longer wearing or wielding that Soulmeld Item, the essentia invested is divested from the Soulmeld Item and returned to the person who invested it.
Special: You gain 1 essentia.

Chakraic Panoply [Incarnum]
You are good at specializing your Soulmeld Items.
Prerequisites: Soulcrafting, The ability to Bind a Soulmeld to a Chakra.
Benefits: When creating a Soulmeld Item, you may specify that it is linked to any Chakra that you normally would be able to bind it to. If you do so, the Soulmeld Item is treated as if it were a magic item used in the slot analogous to the chakra it is linked to.

If a Soulmeld Item is linked to a Chakra, it gives the benefits of that Soulmeld being bound to that Chakra as long as it is worn or wielded.
Special: You gain 1 essentia.

Soul Asthetics [Incarnum]
Your soulmelds just scream "you". Well, that's because you nabbed a bit of your own soul energy when creating them.
Prerequisites: The ability to shape a soulmeld.
Benefit: When you first take this feat, you may specify an aesthetic for your soulmelds to take on. From this point on, all of your soulmelds take on that aesthetic.

For example, if your aesthetic was "Basalt and Brass", and you shaped an Incarnum Weapon, it could form an imposing blade apparently made of basalt, shot through with brass tracery, rather than one made of blue glowing energy.

Any checks to determine that you are carrying or using a soulmeld have their DC increased by 10, because of the sharply different aesthetics of your soulmelds.
Special: You gain 1 essentia.