This list of mutations is avaiable to all evolutionists of the plant type, augmented plant subtype and to all those who take the Plant Mutator feat.


Teratomorph I

  • Roots: The evolutionist gains the ability to root himself to the ground and make himself a nearly immovable object. Taking root requires a move action, while rooted to the ground the evolutionist has his base movement speed reduced to one third of its normal (rounded down), but he gains a +2 bonus per teratomorphism on rolls to resist being grappled, bull rushed or tripped, his natural armor increases by +1 per teratomorphism (stacking with any other natural armor he has) and he gains Fast Healing with a value equal to the number of teratomorphisms he has (stacking with any other fast healing). Uprooting takes a move action, but it immediately ends if the evolutionist loses contact with the ground for any reason.

Teratomorph II

  • Solar Power I: The evolutionist can derive additional energy from photosynthesis. As long as he is under direct sunlight or within the area of a Daylight spell or similar, he gains a +2 bonus to all of his ability scores.

Teratomorph III

  • Offensive Roots [Requires Roots]: When you are rooted, you may use your roots as tentacles to attack your opponents. These tentacles are identical to the ones gained through the natural weapon mutation and benefit from any mutations you have applied to them. You gain one additional tentacle per teratomorphism you have.
  • Mobile Roots Requires Roots]: The evolutionist can move at his normal land speed or burrow speed while rooted. Swimming or flying breaks the connection of the roots to the ground and terminates the effect.

Teratomorph IV

  • Solar Power II [Requires Solar Power I]: This teratomorphism improves Solar Power I, increasing the ability score bonuses to +4. However, if the evolutionist find himself in a non-illuminated area, he becomes fatigued.

Teratomorph V

  • Regrowth [Requires Roots]: While rooted, the evolutionist may swiftly drain the surrounding terrain of all its nutrients to quickly replenish himself, using this ability is a standard action that can be performed as long as the evolutionist is alive, even if he is otherwise unable to act (stunned, unconscious, dazed, frightened, nauseated, etc). Using this ability heals the evolutionist for 10 hit points per mutator level and immediately ends any and all of the following adverse conditions affecting him: ability damage, blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, feebleminded, insanity, nauseated, sickened, stunned, and poisoned. After this ability has been used in any given area, it becomes barren and cannot be drained again by this ability or similar effects, the evolutionist will need to move to a new area (completely, if his area covers more than one square) in order to use this ability again.

Teratomorph VI

  • Solar Power III [Requires Solar Power II]: This teratomorphism improves Solar Power II, increasing the ability score bonuses to +8. The evolutionist becomes extremely dependant on sunlight, however, and whenever he is not beneath direct sunlight or within the area of a Daylight spell or effect, he becomes fatigued, if he finds himself in an area of shadowy illumination or no illumination, he becomes exhausted instead.

Mutant Ascendancy: The evolutionist gains the ability to ascend into an plant being. Doing so grants the traits of the plant type, including low-light vision, immunity to poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph effects and stunning and critical hits. Unlike common plants, the evolutionist is not immune to mind-affecting effects. Lastly, he gains the following benefit:

  • The evolutionist’s natural armor increases by +2 and he gains two additional hit points per mutator level.


Mutant Perfection: Plants, the oldest of their lot are ancient colossi that have stood unshaken for millennia, witness to the birth and death of dragons and the rise and fall of civilizations. In all this time, no winter, no illness and no creature has worn away at their strength, and should they ever fall, their lingering roots will raise them anew to witness another age.
The evolutionist heals one point of ability damage or ability drain to each score every turn and one point of ability burn on each score every hour. At the end of each encounter he immediately recovers all negative levels without the risk of them becoming permanent. Should the evolutionist die, as long as his body (or his ashes) stay in contact with the ground for at least a week, he will be resurrected at the end of that time, with no level loss, on that exact spot where his remains rested last. 




Bounty [Extraordinaire]

Prerequisite: Nourishment.
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The evolutionist provides to those around him, from his own body springs health and vitality that he has elected to share with others.
This mutation directly improves the produce generated by the nourishment mutation (and by the Garden ability of the Grove mutation), providing him with one of the following benefits, chosen when this mutation is taken.

  • Health: The produce can heal more than mere wounds. Upon eating the produce, the recipient also recovers one point of ability damage suffered from each ability score. This particular ability can be taken multiple times, increasing the recovery by one each time. For every three points of ability damage recovered, the produce may also restore a single point of ability drain or one negative level.
  • Recovery: The healing energies of the produce can remain latent until needed. If any of the produce’s healing is leftover after the recipient reaches full health, that healing energy remains in the recipient’s body for up to 24 hours. At any time the recipient is damaged, the healing energy begins to slowly heal him, recovering one point of damage per round until all leftover healing is spent or the target is at full health.
  • Vigor: The produce carries with it a taste of the evolutionist’s might. The recipient gains a +1 alchemical bonus to attack, damage rolls and saving throws, these bonuses last one hour per mutator level. This particular ability can be taken multiple times (but no more often than once per four mutator levels), increasing the bonuses granted by one each time.
  • Vitality: The produce can do more than heal the recipient, it can make him tougher, for awhile. Any excess healing is turned into temporary hit points for the recipient. These hit points last for up to 24 hours and do not stack with themselves.

Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per three mutator levels. Each time it is taken, a new effect can be chosen. Whenever a creature feeds on the evolutionist’s produce, it benefits from all of the abilities provided by this mutation, unless they would be contradictory. If two effects contradict each other, the evolutionist must chose which one is active on any given instance of his produce before it is plucked from his body.

Budding Creation [Spell-like]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 5.
Ability Score: None.
Benefit: The evolutionist can produce seeds that, rapidly develop into structures and objects of his design. Producing a seed is a standard action, and the seeds require ten minutes to grow into the chosen forms or develop the desired substances, because of this accelerated growth, however, their duration is limited, and the objects decay away within 24 hours, however, it is possible to use new seeds to restore old creations, sustaining their continued existence (effectively using this ability again to reset their duration). Besides what was listed above, this works as per the Minor Creation spell, with a caster level equal to the evolutionist’s mutator level.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the number of cubic feet per level created by any one seed increases by 1. This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels.

Fragrance [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: -
Ability Score: None
Benefit: The evolutionist can produce chemicals that dull the senses of those who inhale them. As a free action, he can emit a cloud that covers a radius of 60 feet around him, this cloud does not hamper vision in any way and is, in fact, not visible at all. All creatures inside the cloud suffer a -1 penalty to all dexterity, intelligence, wisdom and charisma checks and skill checks, as well as reflex and will saves. The evolutionist can immunize a creature to his fragrance for 24 hours beforehand, through methods left completely at his devising when taking this mutation; the process must take at least one minute to fulfill.
Creatures with scent can be affected by this ability if they are within 120 feet of the evolutionist, however they also receive a +10 bonus on all spot, search and survival checks to find him.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, the penalty increases by 1. This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels.
Special: If you have Fragrance active at the same time as Stench, the penalty caused by this mutation also applies to fortitude saves and constitution checks and skill checks.

Fungal Growth
Prerequisite: Spores, mutator level 2.
Ability Score: Constitution
Benefit: Chose one type of sessile fungus, slime or mold (such as Phosphorescent Fungus or Yellow Mold) with a CR up to half your mutator level. Any creature or object struck by your spore attack must succeed on a reflex save or become covered in the chosen fungus, the fungus covers a single 5 feet square per spore attack fired if it is aimed at the ground. Fungi created by this mutation use the DC for mutations instead of their normal DCs. A creature covered in fungi can scrape it off of itself as a move action.
Once created in this manner, the fungus acts as any normal patch of it would (but with an increased DC).
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, the evolutionist can chose a new fungus, slime or mold to add to his repertoire. Only one type of fungus grows from each spore shot fired.

Grove [Spell-like]
Prerequisite: Verdant Servant, Mutator level 9.
Ability Score: None
Benefit: The evolutionist can take control of an area with a radius of 5 feet per mutator level, creating a link between him and the location, activating this ability requires one hour of uninterrupted work, but its duration is permanent afterwards. His ability can be activated repeatedly to increase the radius of the grove by 5 feet per mutator level each time, to a maximum radius of 1 mile, however, the evolutionist can only have one grove at any given time, and using this ability out of the boundaries of an existing grove breaks the connection with the old one at the same time it creates a new one. The expansion of the grove can be noticed with a Spellcraft check, DC 25. The grove does not persist through the evolutionist’s death.
The evolutionist has a few benefits regarding his grove. First, any structures he places on a grove using Budding Creation have a permanent duration. Second, the evolutionist can link up to two verdant servants to his grove, these servants cannot leave the limits of the grove, but they do not count towards his limit. Third, the evolutionist gains two abilities chosen from the following list:

  • Garden (Requires Nourishment mutation): The evolutionist’s grove creates two produce per mutator level (identical to the Nourishing flora mutation), this produce is separate from what grows on the evolutionist’s own body. In addition, the grove produces an additional source of excellent nourishment, available once per day, that works as a Heroes’ Feast spell with a caster level equal to the character’s mutation level.
  • Darkwood (requires Sign teratomorphism): The evolutionist's Grove is always under the effect of the evolutionist's sign at the strongest level he can create.
  • Dreadwood (requires Psychic Effusion mutation): As a swift action, the evolutionist may fill the area of his grove with the effect of the Psychic Effusion mutation.
  • Elemental Dominion (requires any elemental subtype or the undead or deathless types): The evolutionist's grove gains the elemental dominant traits associated with his elemental subtype. Undead evolutionists apply the minor negative dominant trait to their groves, while deathless evolutionists apply the minor positive dominant trait to their groves. The elemental dominance trait reshapes the area of the grove into a proper manifestation of it. Air may expell the majority of other elements from the grove's radius, possibly leaving free-floating remanants of earth and water. Earth could fill an open area, creating caverns and tunnels within the grove. Fire could engulf everthing in the grove without truly consuming what lies within. And Water could create a deluge of surging tides within the grove, even if there wasn't a drop of water in the area before. If the grove is undone, the elemental manifestations disappear as if they were summoned effects. The evolutionist does not suffer negative effects due to the elemental dominant traits of his grove.
  • Elemental Fury (requires Elemenetal Aura mutation): As a swift action, the evolutionist can fill his grove with the effects of any one elemental aura he has. The evolutionist sufers no damage or any other negative effects from the aura.
  • Miasma (requires Fragrance mutation): As a swift action, the evolutionist can fill his grove with the effects of his fragrance, this ability also applies to the Stench mutation if the evolutionist has it, and follows the same interaction rules described in fragrance. The evolutionist is not affected by the miasma.
  • Mire (requires Fungal Growth mutation): Patches of any fungi the evolutionist can create with the fungal growth mutation naturally spring on his grove wherever he wishes. As a standard action, the evolutionist can cover up to one 5 feet square per mutator level anywhere within his grove with a patch of fungus of his choice.
  • Communion: As a standard action, the evolutionist can gain the benefits of the Commune With Nature spell with regards to the whole area of his grove.
  • Unity (Requires Roots teratomorphism): The evolutionist can take root or uproot in his grove as a free action, but no more than once per round. While rooted in his grove, each instance of this mutation is considered a teratomorphism when calculating the benefits of the roots teratomorphism, and offensive roots teratomorphism.
  • Generous Land (Requires Regrowth teratomorphism): When using the regrowth teratomorphism on his grove, the evolutionist does not drain the area he is in of all its resources and may repeatedly use regrowth on the same spot.
  • Verdant Host: The evolutionist can link an additional two verdant servants to the grove. This ability can be taken multiple times.
  • Living Fortress: All structures built with Budding Creation that are located inside a grove recover one hit point per mutator level every round. Furthermore, objects turned into animated objects through the Living Creation mutation do not count for the evolutionist's limit of controlled HD as long as they are within the grove.

Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, the evolutionist may choose one additional ability from the above list. This mutation can be taken once per six mutator levels.
Special: An evolutionist with the Mutant Perfection of the Elemental type that takes this mutation can treat the entirety of his created plane as his Grove. This does not interfere with his ability to create a grove elsewhere.

Hardy Damage Reduction [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: Damage Reduction
Ability Score: None
Benefit: The evolutionist’s damage reduction can only be pierced by a specific type of physical damage (Bludgeoning, Piercing or Slashing), chosen when this mutation is taken.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once.

Leaves [Innate]
Prerequisite: -
Ability Score: None
Benefit: The evolutionist gains the ability to photosynthesize, as long as he can get at least 1 hour of light per day he needs no other food (but still requires water normally).
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once.

Living Creation [Spell-like]
Prerequisite: Budding Creation, Mutator level 9.
Ability Score: None
Benefit: Whenever the evolutionist creates an object with Budding Creation, he may turn that object into an animated object of the appropriate size. This ability only works on objects of small size or smaller. The evolutionist can have a number of HD of animated objects active through this mutation equal to four times his mutator level.
Further Mutations: This mutation can be taken once per three mutator levels, each time it is taken, the maximum size of object that the evolutionist can animate increases by one step and the maximum number of HD of animated objects controlled increases by his mutator level.

Nourishment [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: -
Ability Score: None
Benefit: The evolutionist can produce nourishment for others from his body. This can be fruit, seeds, leaves, sap, nectar from flowers, his own blood and similar products; he can have up to two of such produce available each day. Any creature that eats the evolutionist’s produce gains nourishment equivalent to one full meal and heals a number of hit points equal to twice the evolutionist’s mutator level + his constitution modifier. The evolutionist’s produce spoils 24 hours after it is removed from his body. If the evolutionist takes any damage due to starvation, he loses the ability to generate produce for as long as the damage remains and for 24 hours afterwards.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the evolutionist gains two additional produce per day. This mutation can be taken once per two mutator levels.
Special: The evolutionist's produce is only as healthy as he himself is, and if he is afflicted by any diseases transmited through injestion or contact, the nourishment he provides will also transmit those same diseases. The exception is if the disease is granted through the Disease mutation, in which case the evolutionist may opt to not infect those he feeds.

Solar Blast [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 2
Ability Score: Constitution
Benefit: As a full round action, the evolutionist can unleash a torrent of concentrated sunlight as a ranged touch attack. This ability has a maximum range of 50 ft. plus 10 ft. per mutator level and deals 1d4 points of damage per mutator level (1d8/mutator level if the target is undead or otherwise vulnerable to sunlight, 1d12/mutator level if both). Any creature damaged by this ability must make a fortitude save or be blinded for 1 round (or 1 minute if undead, vulnerable to light or if it has light sensitivity).
If the evolutionist has Solar Power active, using this ability is a standard action.
If there is not ambient light for the evolutionist to absorb when using this ability, he must make fortitude save (DC equal to the number of dice of damage dealt by the ability) or be fatigued for the rest of the encounter. 
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the damage dealt by the solar blast increases by 2 dice and the save DC against the blinding effect increases by 1. This mutation can be taken once per three mutator levels.

Solar Burst [Supernatural]
Prerequisite: Solar Blast, mutator level 6
Ability Score: Constitution
Benefit: The evolutionist’s Solar Blast creates an explosion of light centered at the target, dealing its damage in an area with a radius of 10 feet, with a reflex save for half damage. All creatures in the area must also make the same fortitude save against blindness as the primary target. The solar burst does no additional damage to the primary target, who does not get a save against the damage of the attack.
Solar burst can also be aimed at a point on the ground within range, in which case it dispenses an attack roll.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken, the radius of the explosion increases by 10 feet. This mutation can be taken once per four mutator levels.

Spores [Extraordinaire]
Prerequisite: Mutator level 2, any natural weapon.
Ability Score: None
Benefit: As a standard action, the evolutionist can fire a hail of spores against an opponent within 50 ft. +10 ft. per mutator level as a ranged touch attack. Any target hit by the spores suffers a 20% miss chance for 5 rounds or until he takes a standard action to clean the spores from his eyes. An invisible creature hit by the spores becomes visibly outlined by them until the spell is reapplied or it cleans itself completely (which requires a bath or a prestidigitation spell, or something).
Spores are considered secondary natural weapons.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the evolutionist can fire one additional hail of spores per round as part of a full round action and the miss chance inflicted increases by 10%, to a maximum of 50% miss chance. This mutation can be taken once per five mutator levels.

Thorns [Innate]
Prerequisite: -
Ability Score: None
Benefit: Short thorns grow on the evolutionist’s body. These thorns work as Armor Spikes, and also increase the damage of the evolutionist’s other natural weapons and unarmed strikes by one, as well as causing them to deal piercing damage in addition to any other type of damage. The thorns can be retracted or exposed as a swift action.
The armor spikes attack granted by this mutation is considered a natural weapon.
Further Mutations: Each time this mutation is taken after the first, the damage dealt by the evolutionist’s natural weapons increases by 1. This mutation can be taken once per three mutator levels.

Verdant Servant [Spell-like]
Prerequisite: Budding Creation
Ability Score: None
Benefit: The evolutionist can create a servant creature, this works as the Astral Construct power with a manifester level equal to the evolutionist's mutator level (it is treated as if a number of power points equal to the manifester level were spent on the power), with the following differences: 

  • Using this ability is a standard action, however, the servant requires 1 minute to be fully grown.
  • The servant has no duration limit.
  • The evolutionist can have only one servant active at any given time.
  • The evolutionist can change the menu choice abilities of his servant by forcing it to regrow over one minute, during this time, the servant can take no actions.
  • The verdant servant cannot take Ps abilities from the astral construct menu.

Further Mutations: For each time this mutation is taken, the evolutionist can have one active servant. This mutation can be taken up to once per eight mutator levels.