Product review: The Mythic Monster Manual


Few Pathfinder books grabbed me like Mythic Adventures. It promised bigger threats, more powers, new abilities, and a whole new caliber of foes and for the most part it delivered very well. One thing always seemed a little lacking though: The Monsters.  That's not to say they weren't good, but there simply wasn't enough of them. Solution: The Mythic Monster Manual. This amazing 3rd party book is chock full of Mythic monsters to add to your game and it has a truly perfect blend. It has mythic foes from CR 1 to 30, running the entire level range, it has classic creatures, brand new monsters, and several excellent templates too.

What I really love about this book is the heart that was put into it. Almost anyone could take a classic monster, slap a mythic simple template on it,  add a few of the existing abilities, and pass it off as a mythic monster. What this book did instead is carefully fine tune and hand craft a whole assortment of amazing and memorable mythic monsters to create threats that will not soon be forgotten. From sorcerous gelatinous cubes, to a giant King of the Ape's specializing in battling Kaiju, to a T-rex with the new mythic ability "Must go faster" right from Jurassic park. This entire book is made with dedication and love and shows the proper care that mythic monsters should be given.

The quality and craftsmanship likewise extends to the vibrant and amazing art that runs through this entire book, giving you the perfect look at what almost every single monster looks like and the feeling commanded by it's presence. The descriptions are likewise vivid and evocative and even the monsters abilities tie into their place in the lore, their role in combat, and the feeling the creature encapsulates. This book is a really amazing product of organic design.

The other amazing thing about this book is its history! The book itself is published under legendary games, but it came about as a result of a kickstarter campaign that was the joint effort of Legendary Games, Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Dreamscarred Press all working collaboratively. Anyone who knows third party pathfinder knows those names are all synonymous with quality, care, and creativity and it shines through clear as day. I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone running a Mythic game, or even DM's who want to throw some truly amazing monsters into their regular campaigns.