Flavour Handbook: Electric Damage

Day four of Flavour week and it's no shock that we're coming to: Electric damage!

Electric damage is generally described as a crackling bolt of blue, white, or sometimes yellow lightning but there's so much more than can be done with such a powerful force. First consider times you have been electrocuted if any. Most of the time we're exposed to shocks and zaps it comes in the form of contact with a live current, it didn't look like anything, but it felt like buzzing in your blood. Imagine your lightning having no visible path but instead everyone it comes into contact with twitches and convulses, burning or smoking or even just spasming hard enough to break teeth and bone. Alternatively, take a look at real lightning bolts, often lightning actually flows from the ground into the sky, likewise your lightning attack could appear to originate from the enemy and then arc to your hand where it dissipates. Lastly consider your electrical attack as a stream of charged particles, and only when that stream comes near a viable target to small fast bolts arc out and blast everything near it in a wild forking pattern. And also consider the scars and burns a survivor of real life lightning strikes retain, such marks can be truly noteworthy and unique.

For those of you with a wisdom bonus, you might have guessed that next week is sonic damage. But what comes after that? You decide! What do you need help spicing up for your own game: Force, Negative energy, positive energy, arcane damage, weapon damage, critical hits, movement in combat, grappling? Let me know and the 2 most requested choices will be featured as the last two exerpts