Flavour Handbook excerpt: Fire!

Day three of flavour week and things are just heating up with: Fire damage!

Fire can come in many different exciting forms and is one of the most common elements in a typical game. Even regular fire can be very impressive, but there are a plethora of ways to turn the heat up even higher. Firstly, even real natural fire can come in a whole assortment of colours. Blue, for example, may give a feeling of cold, precise, incredibly hot fire, while something light white or gold might feel sacred and holy. And, of course who doesn't love Green Flame! Colour is a great first step, but what if the fie attack has no colour at all. We've all seen invisible heat shimmers and watching paper burn and flesh crisp and blacken with seemingly no visible source makes for a fantastic description. Opposing the incredibly dry heat one could also use scalding steam as the source of their fire attacks turning flesh hot horrible pink and boiling blood as it goes. Other common considerations are from where this fire emerges. A spell crating a small dragons maw unleashing a blast of flames speaks differently than a flickering bolt of wispy blue fire, and both are very different from a spell that simply creates fire on their target or invoking a sudden dramatic explosion with no trail or path from which it came.