Flavour Handbook excerpt: Positive energy

Alright! Today is the last day of flavour handbook excerpts and we're leaving off on a positive note:  Positive energy!

Healing is just as common as harmful spells and deserves equal attention. Common healing takes the form of a white or blue light that washes over the wound and undoes it. But other options abound. An old favourite of mine was the spell softening the flesh like clay and the healer working it with their hands, pressing and smushing and smoothing the skin back into an uncut seamless whole. More nature oriented healers could imagine tiny vines and plants and leaves growing into the wounded area and then turning back into regular skin and bone. And some unusual healing could appear as though the blood and skin were flowing back into the wound, unsplattering from the walls to seep back into the body. Another consideration is what happens after magical healing. Do healing spells leave scars? does the skin look new and clean? Does it look chalk white or jet black and then slowly match the persons real skin colour? Or taking the druidic version above perhaps wounds healed by some magic's leave part of a person as a living wood, or some other equally abnormal substance. Just make sure the other players are okay with having some odd looking scars before you implement something like this since it can affect their characters too!

I hope you all enjoyed a sneak peek at what I've got cooking in the flavour handbook and keep your eyes open for even more content to come!