Flavour Handbook Excerpt: Sonic

Can you hear that? Day five of flavour week and we're turning up the volume with: Sonic damage!

Rippling air, cracking stone and an intense rumble is the quintessential sonic damage but there are many pitches and tones. Perhaps your sonic attack is in a range humans cannot hear, it is eerily utterly silent even when accompanying other actions, even to the point of blocking out all sound in the area. Bones crack, skin peels, earth shatters and all of it drowned out by silence. Or instead imagine the power of sound focused utterly, instead of devastating waves perhaps your sonic attack appears to be one or more deep puncture wounds just opening up in the target seemingly from nothing, literal piercing notes. Or, if you're in a hustle for some sonic kung fu styled sonics, imagine every note of your instrument or syllable of your voice to take the form of translucent weapons and warriors flying through the air, slicing, bashing, and splitting anything in their path. If you're more into deep reverberations you could even flavour your sonic attacks as such fierce vibrations that a foe shakes apart, or as a blasting chorus of an appropriate theme music so powerful that ears bleed and teeth rattle.

Alright folks! Just one more day to decide what you want to see for the last two flavour excerpts! Your options are: Force, Negative energy, positive energy, arcane damage, weapon damage, critical hits, movement in combat, grappling? Let me know and the 2 most requested choices will be featured as the last two excerpts.