Hatching Duck and roll: Getting help

When I finally decided to start making and selling my own content I was completely lost, I didn't have the first idea where or how to start. The smartest thing I ever did was tell everyone who would listen and then take their advice. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is a great programmer, and my girlfriend has a bizarre passion for editing, so I already had some companions in my endeavour. Along with a couple of artist friends and a gaming group happy to help me play test I had a tiny little support network (You can meet the whole party here). Anyone who can help or offered advice should be heeded, and when you don't know someone in the area you're looking for, find someone.

When I got started I went to my town hall and asked them if they had any resources that might help. I immediately was directed to a free entrepreneurship course I could attend, and that I could even apply for a small business grant if it all went well. I got a chance to meet professionals in the field there to give me direct guidance, and even the option to have 1 on 1 meetings with lawyers, accountants, and more for free. And from there I learned about new programs and new people who could help guide me even further. Just like you wouldn't go into a dungeon without equipment, you should never start a business without as much support as you can manage. So When faced with the big challenging world of business, find allies, form a party, and come equipped.