Flavour Handbook excerpt: Bad apple

The following is an excerpt from the Flavour Handbook. It's a special archetype for the Antipaladin that transforms them into an insidious force of evil.:

Bad Apple: Antipaladin archetype

Most Antipaladins tend to be dangerous enemies, powerful opposed forces that meet paladins on the battlefield in a struggle of good vs. evil. The bad apple is a far more insidious threat. They seek to bring down true Paladins by corrupting them from within their own ranks, weakening their resolve and faith before eventually turning them.

Alignment: Lawful evil. A bad apple is expected to infiltrate paladin organizations for extended periods, follow their laws and rules and  seem for all intents and purposes to be a paladin. As such they must be lawful in nature rather than chaotic.

Aura of good (Su): Despite being entirely evil, a Bad Apple radiates a powerful aura of good that masks their true evil aura. For the purpose of all effects, mundane, magical or supernatural alike the bad apple is treated as being good aligned. This replaces the aura of evil.

Designate evil (Su): A bad apple has no need to hunt down and home in on good creatures, there is never trouble in finding an order of paladins or a brave dedicated hero to corrupt. Instead the bad apple benefits from a far more insidious ability. The ability to cause a creature to radiate with evil.  At will, as a swift action the Bad apple may designate anyone within 60 ft and wrap that creature in an aura of evil. The chosen creature gains an evil aura and is affected by magical affects as if they were a chaotic evil anti-paladin of the bad apple's level. This persists for the normal amount of time as a lingering aura of that power, although this duration only begins when the bad apple chooses to affect a different creature with this ability, even if they are no longer within 60 ft of the target the effect remains until the bad apple chooses a new target and the lingering duration elapses. This ability replaces detect good.

Smite foe (Su): A bad apple cares little for the true battle between good and evil, but the ability to tempt other paladins to ruin can be far more valuable. A bad apple gains the ability to smite any creature regardless of alignment. They add their charisma bonus to attack and twice their level to damage against the designated foe, however they do not gain a deflection bonus to their armour class. in all other ways this functions as smite evil. Additionally, if a paladin desires to learn how to draw more damage from their smite the bad apple may teach them. By leading a Paladin of 4th level or higher in a 8 hour ritual the bad apple may permanently change a Paladins smite into this ability. The discord created with the paladins god by such an act cause the paladin to receive one fewer smite each day, although even rigorous examination of the ritual performed does not reveal it's profane nature. This ability replaces smite good.

Lay on hands (Su): At 2nd A bad apple must be able to blend in among true paladins, and this includes performing their duties. As such a bad apple gains lay on hands, just as a paladin does. this replaces touch of corruption.

Aura of stolen courage (Su): at 3rd level A bad apple saps the courage from those around them. All creatures within 20 ft of the bad apple suffers a -4 penalty on saves vs. fear effects and as long as one creature is within this aura the bad apple gains a +4 on all saves vs. fear effects. Whenever a creature with immunity to fear is within 20 ft of the bad apple that creature looses the ability and gains the -4 penalty while the bad apple gains immunity to fear. The true danger of this aura is the way the doubt and fear lingers. the penalties and bonuses caused by this aura remain in place for as long as the subject remained in the aura. For example a paladin who sleeps next to a bad apple for 8 hours and then goes on an assignment away from them will continue to suffer the -4 penalty and loss of immunity for another 8 hours, while the bad apple will keep the immunity for the same length of time. If the subject returns to the aura before that time elapses the time is added together.

Aura of Rot (Su): at 3rd level A bad causes rot and decay near them. All creatures within 20 ft of the bad apple suffers a -4 penalty on saves vs. disease effects and as long as one creature is within this aura the bad apple gains a +4 on all saves vs. disease effects. Whenever a creature with immunity to disease is within 20 ft of the bad apple that creature looses the ability and gains the -4 penalty while the bad apple gains immunity to disease. The bonuses and penalties last for as long as the subject remains within 20 ft of the bad apple and for that long again once they leave. Lastly any creature within the aura attempting to consume food, potions, elixirs, or magical snacks must make a will save DC 10+1/2 the bad apple's level+cha mod or have the item turn to rot as they consume it, losing all magical effect and forcing a fort save at the same DC or suffer filth fever. This ability replaces plague bringer.

Cruel wounds (Su): At 3rd level a bad apple inflicts wounds that defy the will of the gods. Any damage dealt by the bad apple cannot be healed by divine magic unless the caster succeeds on a caster level check DC 15+Antipaladin level. And even on a success the healing always restores the minimum damage.  Any examination into the cause of this, magical or otherwise, reveals only that the healer has a weakened connection to their god. The bad apple conversely always heals the maximum possible amount when healing injuries they inflicted and may choose to remove this effect from any target they've damaged as a free action simply by willing it. This ability replaces the cruelty gained at 3rd level.

Touch of corruption (Su): At 4th level the bad apple gains the ability to harm subjects while making it seem to be holy wrath. The bad apple may now use their lay on hands to deal damage equal to what they would heal. this functions exactly as the touch of corruption ability although it appears to all examination to be simply holy power. Since the bad apple can call on both positive and negative energy this ability can affect undead normally. This ability replaces negative energy channelling.

Spell-stealing (Su): At 4th level a bad apple begins drawing more divine energy into themselves and away from their companions. When the bad apple witnesses a divine spell caster preparing spells they are immediately made aware of what spells are being prepared as long as they are of a level an anti-paladin level may cast. While observing this process the bad apple may steal as many spells as an antipaladin would normally be able to cast that day and they become prepared like normal prepared spells regardless of what spell list they are from, so long as they are divine in nature. Meanwhile whoever the spell was stolen from is completely unaware of the loss until they attempt to cast that spell. When this occurs the spell fails and the action is wasted and the caster believes the failure was caused by the will of their god or patron and any magical attempt to divine the source of the problem reveals the same. This has no effect on spontaneous divine spell casters. This ability alters spellcasting.

 Break bond (Su): At 5th level the bad apple gains one of their most dreaded abilities, the power to sever even the most powerful and personal of bonds. As a standard action the Antipaladin may expend a use of their smite ability and make a single attack against a creature or object using a melee or ranged weapon. If the attack is successful the target must make a will save dc 10+1/2 bad apple's level+cha mod or at any point within the next 24 hours the bad apple may will a powerful bond the creature possesses to be severed. This can have a wide variety of effects depending on the target.  A character with a familiar, animal companion, eidolon, or mount has the bond with their master broken and looses all benefits of such a bond, and likewise the bond can be severed by the master being attacked. If the target is an item such as a wizard's bonded item, a blade bound magus' black blade, or a paladins divine bond weapon the benefits of that bond are lost as if the item were destroyed. Likewise those bonds can be severed by striking the character associated with them. A divine spellcaster cannot be completely severed from their god or patron, but the connection can be weakened, this requires the divine spellcaster to make a concentration check with a DC of 20+spell level in order to cast any of their spells. If they fail the check the spell slot is wasted. However, if the owner of any of the above bonds chooses to replace their old class feature with a more powerful evil alternative they may do so immediately, and at no cost, instantly becoming aware of the option. The exact options are up to the GM but generally a lost familiar may be replaced with an imp or quasit, granting the previous owner the improved familiar feat for free and ignoring the alignment restriction, a magical item may be replaced with a new one and it gains an evil magical ability such as the unholy or vicious enchantment for free, often along with an evil sentience. A paladin mount may be replaced by a fiendish boon normally granted to an antipaladin. An eidolon can be re-summoned immediately and gains the fiendish appearance evolution for free and it's alignment switches to an evil version of its owners. A cleric may choose to venerate an evil god ect. This may also be used to serve the personal bond with any living creature causing their attitude towards the target of the attack to revert to indifferent if it would have otherwise been better. In all cases the breaking of the bond appears, to all magical examination, to be the result of mistrust or personal or magical incompatibility and it must be regained in the same way such bonds are normally restored, which vary based on the class and bond. Only one bond from the above may be severed with each use of this ability. This ability replaces the fiendish boon ability.

Aura of Crippling insecurity (Su): At 8th level the presence of a bad apple causes weakening and draining on those around it, especially creatures reliant on their personal energy to fuel their abilities. Any creature within 20 ft of the bad apple reduces it's charisma bonus by the bad apple's own charisma bonus. There is no save to resist this effect and it lingers on a foe in the same manner as the bad apple's other auras. This does not however affect an ability that bases it's number of uses per day on charisma, though it can reduce the effectiveness or save DC's of such abilities. This ability replaces aura of despair. 

Aura of wrath (Su):  At 11th level the bad apple can channel pure hatred into their allies. By expending one use of their smite ability a bad apple causes all allies within 20 ft to immediately enter a rage exactly like a first level barbarian but the rage lasts for as long as the ally stays within 20 ft of the bad apple and then for that amount of time again after. An ally may choose to attempt to resist this rage by making a will save DC 10+1/2 the bad apple level+cha mod, but regardless of success or failure the ally believes the rage was a divinely inspired righteous wrath.  This ability replaces aura of revenge.

Aura of faithlessness (Su): At 14th level the bad apple has become a master of emulating alignments. Their attacks always ignore alignment based damage reduction, as do the attacks of their allies within 20 ft. However if desired the bad apple can reverse this ability, preventing their allies from being able to overcome any alignment based damage reduction. This bonus or penalty lasts for as long as the ally is within 20 ft of the bad apple and then for that time again after they leave the aura. Even if the ally is no longer in the aura, as long as they benefit from it the bad apple may invert or revert if they can penetrate DR. This ability replaces aura of sin.

Aura of temptation (Su): At 17th level a bad apple draws on the willpower of creatures around them. Anyone within 20 ft of the bad apple takes a -4 penalty on saves vs. compulsion and charm effects, and as long as any creature suffers this penalty the bad apple gains +4 to resist such effects. Additionally if a creature within 20 ft has immunity to charm or compulsion effects they lose that immunity and the bad apple gains it. Both the bonuses and penalties last for as long as the creature remains within 20 ft and for that long again after they leave it. Creatures without an int score are unaffected by this ability but any other creature that was formerly immune believes that it still is immune and thus attributes any actions taken while charmed or dominated to be their own doing or the result of divine guidance. This ability replaces aura of depravity.

Aura of violence (Su): At 17th level the bad apple causes suffering and harm wherever they go. Any creature within 20 ft of the bad apple deals 1 bleed damage whenever they deal any damage to a creature, even if the original damage was nonlethal. This bleed damage stacks with itself and with any other instances of bleed damage and can be healed by a heal check DC 10+ the Bad apple's level. It can also be healed through magical healing but the damage counts as being dealt by the bad apple for the purpose of their cruel wounds ability.

Corrupting beacon (Su): At 20th level a bad expands the size of all their aura abilities by 20 ft. Additionally any penalty or damage caused by any of the bad apple's aura abilities is doubled. Finally the first time in a 24 hour period a bad apple strikes a foe with a smite they must immediately make a will save DC 10+1/2 the bad apple's class level+cha mod or immediately have their most personal bonds violated. This has three effects. Firstly it causes the character to take any penalties that would normally come with violating their a sacred oath, breaking a taboo, changing alignment, or otherwise committing any action prohibited by a class feature, feat, magic item ect.  These penalties may be removed in whatever way that sin or action would normally be atoned for. Secondly this causes every creature the target has ever met who is not immune to mind affecting abilities to lower their disposition towards the victim by 1 step. lastly, for one round per bad apple level no creature other than the bad apple can designate the target as an ally for any effect and ability and the target cannot voluntarily fail a will save even against harmless effects for the same amount of time.

Sidebar:  The insidious rot: All of the Bad apple's aura abilities poses remarkable control and precision allowing the bad apple to willingly exclude any creature from their aura's effect if they choose. This does not require an action. From a design perspective this is to allow the bad apple to function on a party without constantly weakening their allies. From an in game perspective this allows the Bad Apple to focus their penalties on the most vulnerable members of their order and ensures that the source of the weakness is not traced back to them.