Hatching duck and roll: Following the path

In my last article I mentioned that I got started by getting as much help as possible and boy did I need it. I knew nothing about business at all, and my financial situation was pretty bleak. I was unemployed and for medical reasons a regular job was not an option for me, so I'd decided that starting my own business was the way to go. Since I had no money I had to do everything on the cheap. Paid lessons and seminars were out, but I was lucky enough to find a couple of government programs I could enroll in.  I learned that  in business it's incredibly important to have a solid business plan, but at the same time you have to be flexible and ready to change. I switched from one government program to another and slowly I made connections, I learned one aspect of business after another. In the span of a few months I went from having o idea at all about business, to being a real official business owner, balancing my own budget, handling my own taxes, forecasting sales, running my own advertising campaign, and networking with other entrepreneurs. It's intimidating it really is. A lot of people think they don't have what it takes but in my experience there's only one quality you must have. Determination. I am no genius, I'm certainly not from a business background, I had no connections when I started, and I didn't have a penny to my name . I was just a homebrewer who dreamed of making a living creating content. Times were hard, there were mornings where I was catching a 5 AM train to wait 3 hours in the January cold of a strange city so I could attend a 2 hour meeting. There were emergency cab rides that broke the bank so I couldn't eat that day.  There were dozens of people, even ones I loved and respected, telling me I couldn't make it. And there were a lot of nights I even doubted myself. But I followed the path, and I'll keep following that path until I make my dream come true. I'm still fighting for that dream, but I've never fought alone. I've always had people there to help me. And to all of you, you've got me to help now too.  I'm hoping to do more in this series, but in the meantime if anyone out there is hoping to get their own start just contact me and I'll help however I can.