Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know I'm back. I'd been away for a little while dealing with a lot of back end stuff in preparation for my first product: The Flavour Handbook.

I've posted a few excerpts here and there but I wanted to take the time to really tell you all what I have in mind. 

The Flavour Handbook is a book about food, style, and details in 3.5 and pathfinder.  It features a brand new class: The Chef, which serves as an active support character akin to a bard or alchemist but specializing in preparing magical foods to provide all day buffs as well as utilizing a host of in combat abilities to provide further support. 

It also features more than fifty new feats geared towards the use of foods and potions, as well as building up and releasing huge stores of energy through a series of calorie feats that allow anyone to make use of incredible surges of power.

And of course there will be archetypes. The book features eleven brand new archetypes, including the Bad apple which was presented here

Rounding out the book is a small section of new spells and magic items and then lastly a whole chapter filled with articles about food in your game, at your table, and in your setting as well as 100 food based adventure ideas.  

This is my first product and I've been working very diligently to get it released and I hope everyone looks forward to its release!