Item Crossover

Human beings are defined by their tools. Almost every hero and villain, from ancient mythology, to modern movies, makes use of tools, weapons, and equipment. As a function of this, a vast assortment of roleplaying games feature items and equipment, and it's only natural for some items to be more interesting than others. That's why I am a firm believer of what I call "Magic item crossover." Which is essentially taking the  best items from one game, and putting them in another.

All you do is find the most exciting, thought provoking, or just plain awesome items from one game, and then adapt and modify them for the  game you're currently running. I've had a Mutants and Masterminds game where a gunned up Space marine parody wielded a Warhammer 40K bolter. I've implanted "The Turk" One of my favourite world of Darkness relics into a pathfinder game, and I've written up a special device in Shadowrun that functions similarly to a DND rod of wonder. All with great success. The key is to recognize what about the item or device in question you love so much, and then change the item to suit your game without losing that quality. For example, something simple like a belt of Ogre strength would be far more interesting in a world of Darkness game, where strength is less important and yet also far more rare, than it is in a regular DND game. But, it's not matching the tone of the game to just have a magic item that gives you benefit without a drawback, and here you get to add a second interesting element to your game by making careful changes. For example what if the belt forces you to use all your might, making you incapable of careful manoeuvres, lowering your dexterity. Or what if it really borrows the strength of an ogre, but also draws their true fey master to you!

As long as you focus on taking the item, and making it as interesting as possible, while fitting it seamlessly into your world, you can't really go wrong. Many of the most interesting items and ideas come from sources you wouldn't expect, and I've always found that one of the great benefits of having and playing many different games, is to give you access to many different ideas, don't be afraid to use those ideas, no matter what game you're playing!