Hatching duck and Roll 3: The first Dollar

It’s been a little while since my last update and there have been a few months of quiet website side but they’ve been anything but quiet on my end. I’ve been busy like never before. I finished writing the content for my first book. The Flavour Handbook, which if you clicked that link you can see has gone live. It took a tremendous deal of effort, writing, editing, playtesting (A.K.A the fun part), and meeting with everyone from potential customers to experts to Mensa ranking mathematicians. I’d been working closely with a few dear friends of mine on getting art and composition done while I was still writing and editing which wound up saving a lot of time in the end. Finally I’d had a finished product and put it out for sale. I’ll never forget the feeling of having gotten my first sale. I rushed out and got my very first dollar to save in my box of mementos and I plan to keep that coin as long as I live.

In the following few days I got my first review and while it was positive they’d found some errors and corrections, nothing that would ruin the book but a few things making it less than perfect. This was the moment they told me would happen. The moment when a company owner decides how they carry themselves and their business. I knew right away what I had to do. I thanked the customer up and down for their input and immediately set upon hiring a professional editor to go back and pick through the book with a fine tooth comb. I’d re-release it with all the updates and resend copies to everyone who bought it in the meantime. During that process I also discovered it would need some reformatting if I ever wanted to make a real hardcover book, so I had that done as well, hoping that someday It’d be something tangible I could hold in my hands. At the time of writing this all the edits and revisions are nearly done, and I’ve already begun working away on my next product, learning from my past mistakes, and hopefully getting things right this time around.

The downside to all this, and the other big factor towards things having slowed down is money. The program I was enrolled in has ended, and due to a lot of delays in getting the Flavour handbook together I was financially dead in the water. So I went back to work, sticking through my medical issues as best as possible, working an eight hour day and then coming home to work on my book and website alike. That’s the situation I’m in now at the time of writing this, but in my last article I talked big about sticking to the path and determination and I damn well wasn’t going to go back on that now.  Until things tighten up I’ll do the very best I can to keep on top of updating you all. Hopefully you’ll hear more from me soon, until then take care.