Bestiary 5 inspired items

I've recently picked up and summarily devoured the bestiary 5. Since I've had items on the mind thanks to my work on my next big project I figured I'd do a little write-up of the new items inspired by bestiary 5! 

This article will cover some custom adaptations of various weapons and equipment mentioned in the Bestiary 5 that could be fun for a player or DM to get a hold of.


Maul: This massive hammer is significantly heavier than a typical war hammer and is favoured by Gristly Demodands.

Primal chisel:   This amazing and peculiar weapon is the trademark of the Anunnaki . This peculiar device draws power fromspecial device known as a Lantern of civilization (see below) and as such cannot be used unless it's wielder is also carrying such a device in their other hand.

Laser Torch: This small extremely hot beam of energy is a laser weapons and as such follows the rules for lasers below. Furthermore a laser ignores the first ten points of hardness when used against an object.

Chain gun: This massive two handed firearm is a devestating weapon that is capable of unleashing a withering hail of fire. Ammunition for this weapon is specially crafted at the same price as regular bullets but this weapon is belt fed. As such as long as there are bullets left this gun can continue firing without having to stop and reload. Furthermore the wielder of this weapon may, as a standard action, unleash a stream of automatic fire in a 200 ft line, allowing one attack against each creature in this line. Using this function expends 10 bullets per target attacked.  Unlike most firearms this weapon has no misfire chance.

Laser rifle: This two handed ranged weapon comes in a plethora of designs and styles but all funciton identically and use the laser rules presented below.

Laser weapons: Laser weapons fire highly concentrated light which causes them to function differently from solid projectiles. Lasers always target touch ac regardless of their range increment. Lasers deal fire damage rather than normal weapon damage but this damage can be increased by any feats or abilities normally limited to weapon damage. Lastly lasers completely pass through invisible barriers and creatures, though cloud cover provides cover in addition to concealment.


Lantern of civilization:

Aura: Strong Divination; CL 20

Slot: None; Price: 140,000 gp, Weight: 5 lbs

Lantern of civilization: This peculiar object nearly hums with power casting a dull light like iron fresh from the forge. So long as it is being carried it's weilder gains a continual true seeing effect. This ability only applies when the lantern is held, not merely when stowed on the owner's person.

Construction requirements:  craft wonderous item, true seeing, Cost: 70,000 gp



Myrmidon rockets:

This highly advanced and deadly weapon system unleashes devastating rocket fire from extreme range. This device is too large and cumbersome to be moved by anything shortof a massive vehicle or powerful magic. As such it is almost exclusively placed to defend an area from invaders. This weapon come in several varieties but all of them function similarly using the same basic rules.

The weapon system requires someone to aim it by using standard action and selecting a 30 ft burst anywhere within 800 ft of the device. Unless otherwise noted all rockets deal 6d6 fire and 6d6 bludgeoning damage with a DC 18 reflex save for half.  Unless otherwise noted a single rocket launcher can hold up to 5 prebuilt rockets at a time. Once stored rockets are expended more can be loaded in but each takes a full minute to load and the weapon cannot fire while being loaded. Unless otherwise noted a rocket costs 1,600 gp to create. The launcher itself has effectively a hardness of only 5 and 50 hp due to the many vulnerable areas and fragile components creating it and it can also be de-activated with a DC 15 disable device check.

In addition to the standard design there are several upgrades that can be bought for the system independently of each other. All costs are listed below.

Regular:  The basic weapon system as listed above. 8,000 gp

Concealed: When loading  or not firing this weapon it stays beneath the earth surrounded by a tube of either adamantine or magically hardened iron (Hardness 20, 120 HP). This protective silo is concealed requiring a DC 30 perception check to locate and a disable device check of DC 32 to bypass without first destroying the hatch on the top.  +8,000 gp

Direct attack: The person aiming the weapon may select a specific creature to target and roll a ranged touch attack vs the target, the bonus for this roll is always +20 regardless of the aimer's aptitude. If the attack is successful the struck target does not get a reflex save to avoid the missile's damage.  +5,000 gp

Double capacity to 10 rockets before requiring reload: +3,000 gp

Damage increases to 12d6 fire and 12d6 bludgeoning:  +9,000 gp (And 3,500 gp per rocket)

Reflex save increases to DC 36: +4,000 gp

Single use, cannot be reloaded: Final cost halved

Creates one new missile every 12 hours using nothing but scrap: Increase final cost by 50%