Entering the Ring

So it seems that Duck and Roll is not alone in celebrating the theme of "Schools" this month. My good friends over at the Giants in the Playground Forums are having their Thirty fifth homebrew competition with the theme of "The Eight Schools of Magic" and I've decided to join in. 

You can follow the contest as it develops right Here

I'd like to use this opportunity to talk a bit about homebrew competitions like this, and about the tabletop gaming community as a whole.  For years and years and years I'd been GMing and homebrewing as a hobby, and I always had communities like the Giants forums, and the wizard forums, and even boards like 4chan's /tg/ to call on for support, advise, and a good laugh. A year ago I decided that I was going to make a go of writing content professionally, and I've come a long way. I saw in myself a little spark of talent, and I was determined to make it. But day after day, week after week I see truly great homebrewers, ones far more talented and passionate than me, saying that they could never go pro. But I want to say to all the homebrewers out there, that you should never give up on your passion, never feel like what your doing isn't being heard and felt. My favourite classes are homebrew, my job is writing content, and the innovation and friendliness and spirit of gaming communities is what keeps me coming back to the table again and again. I guess what I really want to say, is to everyone out there in the roleplaying community: Keep being awesome.