Encounter Culture #3- Divination

Encounter culture #3- Divination "The Stacked deck"

CR- 11- 13 (See Tale of the tape)

The basics: It is inevitable that the party will make enemies, but when one of those enemies call upon a mercenary member of the black powder inquisition the party may be facing a challenge they cannot overcome. Their opponent has been watching and measuring them for some time and has everything they need to bring their enemies down.


Level 12 Inquisitor

Story: The premise is simple. An unscrupulous mercenary Blackpowder Inquisitor has been hired to take down the party. The Inquisitor spends days Casting divination and asking people they've known about them. A thorough round of Detect anxieties, Detect desires, Seek thoughts, and other similar spells help shape a full tactical plan of attack.

Tactics: The inquisitor is equipped with a revolver with six Bane bullets per  player, tailored to their specific races.  The Inquisitor uses their judgement ability, tailored to the opponent they choose to take on first. Along with their and the greater bane ability they have the potential to deal huge damage, and this is bolstered even more when they take the time to cast a pre-emptive named bullet, one for each target, and Locate weakness spell. All told this allows The Inquisitor to attack with an enchantment +4 higher than normal, 6d6 extra damage, and the first shot on each player (assuming the inquisitor is using named bullets on the right targets) will ignore concealment and be an automatic critical threat with an extra +12 damage if it confirms, and will roll the weapons damage dice twice and take the better result.

If they deem it plausible the Inquisitor will challenge a party member to a one on one duel. After gunning them down the inquisitor is likely to open fire on the least defended enemy, unless they can persuade another player to duel them, though that is unlikely.

Hooks: This encounter doesn't need a plot hook in order to start, but it can lead to several exciting plots. Firstly, the party can find out who sent the inquisitor and seek revenge. Second any of the parties contacts or allies who were spoken to by the inquisitor can now be brought back into the scene, either murdered, captured, or simply fearing for their lives, or even seeking to make amends for giving away their allies weaknesses. This encounter can also be foreshadowed by the inquisitors reputation getting around, or even by them meeting or being noticed by the player earlier in the campaign.

 Tale of the Tape: This encounter can vary considerably in difficulty depending on circumstance. The base challenge rating is 11, due to a 12th level NPC enemy. However If a player decides  to accept a 1 on 1 duel the challenge rating is 1 higher. And if the Inquisitor has time to cast all their buffs beforehand the challenge rating also raises by 1