Final Fantasy Pathfinder

Alright, so this month is weather month, but I'm actually going to take some time to talk about a homebrew I'm really passionate about. I can do that cause I do what I want.

I'm gonna talk about the Final Fantasy Pathfinder homebrew. You can find it right here

It's a totally free fan project that has been steadily building for years and years, basically since pathfinder came out. This site is an absolute treasure trove of amazing homebrew. It has a huge selection of classes, archetypes, prestige classes, feats, items, races and even monsters all from the lore of the final fantasy series.

Each class and archetype has new features, fascinating abilities, limit breaks, and generally well written and easy to understand powers. Every Final Fantasy game is a little different, with different classes and abilities and takes on what those classes do and how they operate. But no matter what game, class, or character you admire you can find exactly what you're looking for.

There's a whole slew of extra custom features like the variant multiclassing from pathfinder unchained, but updated for a multitude of their own base classes. More than that they have feats and skills that compliment thetechnology found in Final fantasy games. Everything is well designed and integrated, even to the point of including a Materia system and a Magitek system.

In addition to all the amazing classes and feats and character options they've even imported and updated a vast array of technology from the D20 Modern and D20 Future systems and they spared no effort. You see the modern and future D20 systems use a wealth score instead of having you buy items from a depleting pool of gold. This means that they couldn't just grab the item and cost and slap it into their website, they had to come up with a price for it. Now technically there is a chart for converting the wealth score needed into a specific dollar value, however this conversion method produces some incredibly strange results. But FFD20 went a step beyond, instead they laboriously picked out new Gil values for each item that actually make sense. That might seem like a little thing, but as a designer myself I can tell you how much work it can be, and how easy and tempting it is to take the easier shortcut in exchange for a less quality end result. But they went above and beyond every step of the way.

As with any homebrew system there's always the potential for a few things to go a little wonky, and this content is by no means flawless. A few class features are a little tricky to understand or vague. And a Few of the skills and items are adapted from D20 future and modern in strange ways and a couple of feats don't match with changes made to class. But that brings me to another major strong suit, the site is still updating and being improved. The last update was less than a month ago and they're still going strong, making changes and improvements all the time.

I've always been a huge advocate of good homebrew and you'll find few places with such a high concentration of amazing free content. I could go on and on detailing my favourite races and classes and picking apart all the little things I love, but I'll leave it with this. Check out this site, donate if you can, and make your next pathfinder game a little more fantastic.