Up and coming products

With regular posting having been very minimal lately a lot of fans have been wondering what's going on. Well here’s the news!

Three major projects are currently being worked on and their releases will be fairly close together!

At the end of November Duck and Roll will be releasing the first of two free products in: “Dead by Darkness” A horror game built using the world of darkness system to provide exciting one shot adventures centered around being pursued by a supernatural killer! Fans of the game Dead by Daylight should find it quite familiar.

By year's end the second free project should be released in its early form on the website. It’s a pathfinder variant that revolves around emulating the style, lore and mechanics of the incredibly popular Naruto Franchise. 

So why free projects? There are two main reasons for this, the first is that Duck and Roll isn’t a company solely dedicated to making a profit. These are incredibly fun games and systems and giving that joy to everyone at no cost is the best way to give something back to our fans. Secondly, these are passion projects that were created out of a love for game design and to see if they could be done. Thirdly since these games use existing intellectual property they can’t be monetized without a lot of legal hassle anyways. 

And the third major project is the long awaited “Behind the Vault door” a Pathfinder supplement focused on treasure, wealth, and magic items. If things continue on schedule Behind the vault door should be released sometime in the middle of 2019.