The Power of Love

Something to consider when planning a campaign is exactly how powerful is love? This can mean a number of different things depending on the game and setting and style. But any game in which there is love will eventually find it tested and measured in some way. The strength of love can be a big part of conveying your theme. So let's take a look at the ways that you can express how weak or powerful love is in your particular game.

What people will do for love: This is a simple but important question. What will someone do, or endure, for love? Will they risk their life? Their wealth? Their immortal soul, if they have one? Is this a game where someone will sneak across miles of war torn battlefield to be back with their family? Is this a game where there's "Another one in every port" and yet you lie awake at night thinking about the one that got away?  Does your setting value love as a reason, as a driving force? Or is it seen as foolishness to choose love over responsibility or ones own gain. If you tell a member of the police, the space rangers, or the city guard "Please, it's for love" how do they react? Will you be met with a harsh stonewall and a grim rebuff? Or do they offer a personal escort, because they'd do "Anything for love"

The Authority of love: I love respected? Is it revered? Is it a well known fact that true love is the greatest force in the world? Think of the authority that love holds in a story like The Princess Bride. The difference between a healer turning someone away and bestowing a literal miracle is the fact that true love was in danger.  Can you justify refusing a marriage to a wealthy noble because you cannot love them? There are many who style themselves as champions of love, those who will do anything under the authority of promoting love and happiness and see it as a divine duty.  And in some games love itself may actually be a true sentient force that can make demands.

The mechanical power of love: In the vast array of RPG's it's hardly unthinkable that love can provide a very real quantifiable power. A super hero who gains strength, speed and stamina in accordance with how loved they are. A priest of Love itself given divine magic by the bonds that people form. A changeling that feeds primarily on love has everything in the world to gain by promoting it.  Growing strong on real love and drunk on romantic dreams. And these are all just mechanics that can already be found in games. It would be easy to create extra bonuses or rules for benefiting the idea of love in your campaign. For more on this check out the article: Mechanical power of love!