Sample Nations: Part 2

Since the response to my first batch of sample settlements was so positive I'm going to go ahead and give you all a few more. Let's get right to it!

The Free Radicals: In the depths of space there is a place where you can be free. It exists at the edges of the "controlled zone". No matter how much of space they try to own, there will always be more just beyond. This is where the peoples known as the free radicals reside. There is a place for anyone who wants it, but nothing is guaranteed. The people here come from all walks of life, all planets and species. From escaped clones and robots, to refugees, criminals, and other entities not recognized as sentient by the common people living safe in controlled space. There is no law, only a suggested code of conduct. trade is done in a thousand currencies. Bartering and credits, favours and secrets all pass between the residents freely. Many help each other simply out of the kindness in their souls and to help build a sense of community. It's a place where radiation shields fail, and air filters slowly die over time, scrubbed so much that they're barely there. But the radicals are growing, larger and larger. Every planet forced to become a colony, every new world and race conquered and subjugated, every batch of clones that falls of the back of the truck. Sooner or later this small fringe group will be large enough to be considered a threat. What will happen then?


The Dwarven Kingdom: That is its name. Its practical, clear, no room for mistaking it. That's how they like it. The capital is a massive city built on, above, under and around a mountain. It is known as "The Dwarven Capital". Of course that's not to say it's without its charms, or that only dwarves live within. While the every day soldiers, citizens, smiths and the like are predominantly dwarves, they have a close kinship with Gnomes. The gnomish people generally occupy the roles of bureaucrats, politicians, judges, historians, and scholars. While this isn't a law, it's common sense that running the country is "Gnome work", often said with a disdainful grunt. The Gnomes run the country, keeping it working smoothly and efficient, making the laws and policies that form the kingdom proper. They tend to live in the tops of the mountains, and in towers and other high places where they observe the majesty of their cities. Meanwhile, the ancient undermountain tunnels and temples, once the proud birthplace of dwarves, now have new residents. A century ago the Ratfolk began pouring out of their tunnels and warrens, hidden even deeper than dwarves ever dug. After a short but terribly bloody war, it came to be realized that the rats were merely fleeing the more horrific Drow hidden even beneath them. It didn't take long for an arrangement to be made. Now the Ratfolk serve as the soldiers on the front lines of the Dwarven army. They are aggressive shock troopers who fight zealously with hearts filled with gnomish propaganda. The Ratfolk know that any fate is better than being left to the Drow. And so that is the state of the Dwarven kingdom now, stalwart Dwarven craftsmen and citizens, zealous Ratfolk armies, and all of it lead by Gnomish politicians. But the Drow are still down there, getting closer to the Dwarven kingdom every day. And threats can come from all directions, even within.

Prosperia: In all the world, all the worlds, it's the same; people struggle, they fight for resources, they squabble and scrabble to claim another little piece of success while the rich eat the poor. But those civilizations were built by circumstance, built by flawed people, built on a bedrock of human limitation. Prosperia is different. A Nation built to be better, by people who are better. Since "The Event", a small number of people have been given phenomenal abilities. Strength, speed, flight, teleportation, and more. At first these few individuals took it upon themselves to use their powers to protect others. To fight evil, to uphold truth and justice, but they could only be as good as the world around them allowed. Eventually, more and more of them came to understand that a new system was needed, a new home was needed. Prosperia was founded. A man made continent, created using the abilities of dozens of empowered individuals, was carefully constructed. They watched for everything, making sure that the  global water levels didn't rise, that ocean temperatures and tectonic systems didn't shift dangerously. That set the tone for the precisions and social consciousness of the country.The nation is run by a council of super intellects who, with the help of empaths, are directly connected to the needs, desires, and fears of their populace. Between super strong and fast humans, and those with the power to generate electricity and heat the entire nation has limitless free energy. Super scientists work at rapidly progressing solar technology and soon  even those who work part time to power the country will be able to retire, while still leaving Prosperia able to sell surplus energy to other nations. Superhumans grow healthy crops of food in days instead of months, and by-products are carefully recycled. Prosperia is a beacon of light to powered people, home to the best of the best. But only the absolute finest humans are permitted entry without possessing superhuman abilities. But no matter how perfect things appear, life is never without conflict. What happens when a nation of superhuman people grow ever more bored with the peace and lack of challenge in their lives? Can the rest of the world tolerate such a massive and rapidly advancing superpower? Are superhuman abilities passed on genetically? If they are, then soon Prosperia will have nearly all the worlds superhuman potential within it's borders. And if not, then what happens when the next generation begins to grow up, flawed and imperfect as anyone else in the world?