Sample Nations volume 4:

Alright! I hope everyone is excited for one last round of sample nations:

Lost Lorleic: The nation of lost Lorleic if defined by loss and sacrifice. Theirs is an ancient kingdom of dark magics, ageless curses and virulent diseases. Every era of Lorleic history is defined by a great cataclysm. Each cataclysm is ended only through the deaths of those in powers. Gods, Queens,  Churches, and countless numbers of the harried residents die for the good of the rest. With each era, each re-telling the story changes. A horrible disease ravages the kingdom until a desperate mad doctor is able to slay enough mutated victims to collect a sample of all their blood and concoct a cure. The ocean tides creep and rise slowly threatening to drown the world. Only a great divine flame, kindled with the bones of the gods can drive back the endless black sea. A terrible curse keeps the dead from staying in their graves until a pure and perfect soul is found and sacrificed to an unimaginable evil entity. For the people of this great kingdom there is no greater badge of honour than survival. some find it by scratching out meagre existences in harsh desolate lands. Some survive by feasting on the ruin left by the most recent cataclysm. Others, nearly identical, survive by scavenging from fallen pantheons or noble lines that were lost to save the kingdom for another few centuries. Most survive by serving, swearing to whatever dark lord or wicked god casts it's shadow over the land. But a few rise, a few stand and fight and oppose cataclysm, and in each generation a handful of those will succeed, while the rest will be crushed. Lorleic is home of the powerful and beleaguered lost legends of the world. Their hardships have made their people strong, in mind and body. It's not uncommon for the natives of this land to greet crippling loss with a dark and bemused chuckle. Lorleic's vast armies stand ever ready, many times even beyond death. Though despite their military might this noble kingdom is slow to go to war, always wary of when the next disaster will strike, at least until a great war becomes the next disaster. Of course if there is anything this nation does, it's endure. And it's not difficult to imagine even in the far flung future this ever suffering nation branching out into the stars to escape earth and slip neatly into the claws of fresh new cosmic horrors.


New Delaware: It was inevitable. As the state built more and more of its economy around providing huge tax breaks for big corporations it became more and more dependent on those same businesses. Of course they'd strengthen that stranglehold, growing bigger and stronger. It's what corporations do. Eventually the state became synonymous with naked corporate greed and it possesses wealth equivalent to the entire rest of the states added together. And as the number of  superhumans grew, new Delaware  saw an untapped market. Corporate heroes. Of course the other states gradually signed bills surrendering control of "Volunteer law enforcement" teams over to the government, but not new Delaware, they held firm. And sooner or later things were bound to come to a head. Of course on the surface you can't have opposing groups of superheroes warring in the streets, one has to maintain a veneer of civility, no this is a game of outperforming and out impressing the competition. Both sides making bigger, better, flashier, sexier, cooler heroes to try to win the favour of the public. Even as New Delaware toys with and threatens becoming its own sovereign nation it's hero teams are performing astounding feats of skill and power on the evening news. Many imagine the upcoming metahuman Olympics may well serve as a boiling point as New Delaware petitions to have their superhumans enter separately from the rest of the united states. Of course, the system falls apart without a steady stream of criminals and supervillians, something not lost to either side. It's easy to put on a good show when your opponent is in on the game, not unlike high powered pro wrestling. And if those same villains defeat heroes on the other side then all the better. Of course neither side would ever admit to funding the creation of villainous teams. But it does seem curious how they keep escaping and getting released so easily...


WWW.Finalfreefrontier.cyd:  What if there were a place free from all the laws, not only of man, but of nature? A place where immortality was the norm, gravity was measured on a slider bar, and consequence was a distant memory. Final Free Frontier. F3, the place to search for absolute personal liberty. It's more than a mere forum, it's a cyberspace that accommodates everyone from people sitting behind a screen all the way to purely digital entities. The only limitations are this: You cannot alter someone else' presence without their consent. You restrict someone else' experience without their consent. And you cannot shut it down. Of course this nation exists in no physical space in the world, unless one counts a collection of highly secure server farms scattered across the globe. But within that non space is an infinite world. A flat endless reality where each person is unto a god them self. An individual can raise a skyscraper with enough programming knowledge, and an aspiring artist might paint vast murals across the sky. Of course life isn't just a beautiful immortal paradise. Absolute freedom means that there are no laws to be violated, no taboos or social norms to hold people in place, and some gravitate to this place as a way to explore their darker nature's. It is a place that is both heaven and hell rolled into one. While the three basic rules are a fine safety net, there are countless horrors that can slip through. Many of the citizens exist solely as data, as living programs, thoughts and minds uploaded into computers, existing long after the body dies. Some were never even real to begin with. There may come a day when almost none of the citizens inside exist in the real world anymore. But if that time comes and something threatens the servers containing the world...well that would be quite an adventure.