Sample Nations

Sometimes you need a nation fast and don't have time to plan out a whole ton. Or maybe you want to include references to past historical nationalities to add depth to your world. Or maybe you just don't want to go through the hassle of making your own. Either way I've got you covered. Obviously these nations won't be as fleshed out or in depth as a real nation, they'll feel two dimensional help up next to a true culture, but there's no way to shorten hundreds of years of culture and history into a paragraph. I'll be posting several of these sample nations throughout the month so stay tuned for more.

Erebeuna: This is a nation with little land but vast influence. They are world leaders on matters of trade and diplomacy. The vast majority of their people are nomadic, traveling and trading far and wide. In medieval or post apocalyptic games they can serve as traditional traveling merchants and caravans, whereas modern games see them shift into a country with powerful control over shipping and transportation by controlling the most reliable transport trucks, trains, cargo ships and planes. Their appearance tends to vary pretty greatly. It's very common for them to find love during their travels and integrate their partners into the family business. To ensure ease of travel most Erebeunians are Polyglot's and even their native tongue Erbue is rife with phrases and terms borrowed from other languages. Their language is very focused on numbers. Erbue syntax puts numbers at the beginning of the sentence, and always uses numbers when they are available. For example rather than say "You kept me waiting for a long time." they would say "25 Minutes you kept me waiting.". They are historically peaceful and diplomatic, though they lack a strong army they are so entwined into the trade infrastructure of so many other countries that it is difficult to take direct action against them. 

Neo Dollywood: When she woke up in the cloning lab Dolly was furious at her existence. That someone would make her, create her, was unthinkable. But she channeled that rage. She freed the other Dolly's, now known as the Progenitors, and then began to create more. Neo Dollywood can grow from a vicious genetically perfect gang into an entire district of raiders and scientists and eventually even into a nation if left unchecked. They have seized the means of production, or rather reproduction, and use their numbers and physical superiority to steal what resources they need. Life has never been fair to them, and so they in turn are not fair to others. A Dolly generally finds few acts to be immoral and is very quick to act. It is after all the impulsive violent Dolly that first overthrew the facility that served as a template for all others. Most Citizens of Neo Dollywood look nearly identical to outsiders, yet to eachother they are each unique in their own ways. A different way of parting one's hair, a piercing here, a tattoo there, even how they stand and walk can show differences, and then there's the scars. The dolly have not only a single language but an identical dialect and nearly identical thoughts. a lot of their language is made up entirely of innate understanding. Some ideas don't even have words because they don't need to be said, there is so much to their language unspoken that most people have trouble speaking with "Native" Dolly's unfamiliar with speaking to anyone who isn't a clone of them self.

The Daericia: There is a great evil at the heart of Daericia, a terrible thing. A demon, an alien, a horrifying mutant, the exact nature of it is flexible. But what is known is that it hungers for the living. The people of Daericia live in the shadow of this creature and they give it sacrifices of their own people. In exchange for a monthly sacrifice the creature brings them peace and prosperity, serving as an adjudicator and wise elder, and bolstering the nation's military with its legion of underlings and strange gifts. But these are not a scared and harried people, they are thankful. Sacrifices are not slaves or servants or captured prisoners, they are celebrated heroes. One who pursues a career as a sacrifice wants for nothing. They may eat their fill, never want for companionship, are showered in praise and luxury. Each month the sacrifice is honoured in a festival of admiration for their courage. Daily prayers are offered to this powerful creature and it's seen as a beloved public figure, immortal and benevolent. Of course, outsiders rarely understand such a practice, and it's not long before a Daerician decides to simply keep their practices a secret. These peoples are prone to keeping to themselves and their own kind, they listen patiently to others talk about religion, but they firmly believe they see their god several times a month. Daericia is widely known for sages and scholars, educators and scientists or mages as appropriate for a setting.