The Temporalist

By Atilla the Geek

Time is one of the most powerful and fundamental of all forces and those who can manipulate it hold a power more dangerous than can be imaged. There is no magic, no item, and no strategy that can prepare you for someone who can act before you, with the knowledge of what you haven't even done yet. The temporalist is a class that literally gives foes pause.

The temporalist is simple in concept and beautiful in design. A class that manipulates time to augment their natural abilities while also using the passage of time to power their abilities. It is a class that elegantly blurs the line between martial and magical in a way that duskblades and magus' could never hope to.  

The basic framework of the temporalist is somewhat misleading. The medium attack bonus, low fort save, D8 hit die, and humble 4+int skills does little to convey what a versatile and dangerous class it truly is. Despite it's medium attack bonus this is a class that often will draw you to the frontlines of combat, making touch attacks to trigger abilities, pausing time to move around with impunity, and launching a blistering array of attacks on nearly helpless opponents. This class was carefully constructed to ensure that despite not having the best attack bonus you'll never feel inaccurate or unskilled since so many options are geared towards minimizing the drawback of a lower attack bonus. And boy are there a lot of options.

I'm a big fan of abilities that let you pick from a list, as is evident to anyone who has seen my own homebrews, and this class has not one, not two, but three different lists worth of abilities and powers! The temporalist has manipulations, talents, and techniques, and each represents different types of abilities. Simply put a manipulation is something you do, an activated power. A talent is a passive bonus that you gain all the time. An a technique is an ability that alters your style of play. All of them are carefully weighed and balanced and seem specifically designed to work together in nearly any combination.

Too many classes with optional abilities seem to be basically trees for just a few different paths you can/should take that are just disguised as a list. The temporalist however is much more carefully made to make any combination viable and unique and the options it presents are truly exciting.  Not only can you mix the abilities together in creative and exciting ways but depending on which mental stat you choose as your primary, stat you get different abilities to compliment that choice. This class gives you the options to be a swift deadly high flying hand to hand warrior, a time stopping archer who seems to blink across the battlefield or summons a deadly hail of ranged attacks all at once, a powerful time manipulating omniscient seeming entity, or anything in between without ever loosing focus. And with possibly the coolest capstone I've ever seen that supports all of those paths at once!

Seamlessly blending cool powers, an amazing flavour, and a bag of holding full of options this class wows in every department. Needless to say this 3.5 and pathfinder compatible class has made my bucket list of classes I simply MUST play, and it should make yours too!