10 Terrain Feats

Concealing cover: (Cover)

Prerequisite: Dex 13, Stealth 1 rank

Benefit: If you are currently receiving a cover bonus to armor class you may instead choose to receive a miss chance equal to the cover bonus x5. IE regular cover grants 20% miss chance instead of +4 to ac.


Collateral damage: (Combat)

Prerequisite: Power attack, Improved sunder

Benefit: If you miss an attack roll against a foe with cover by less than the cover bonus to ac plus the penalty taken due to power attack, if any, then your attack strikes their cover dealing your weapons maximum damage. If this deals enough damage to grant the cover the broken condition the original attack target takes the damage as well and the attack is treated as a hit.


Hazard: (Combat)

Prerequisite: Improved bulrush, improved pull, Improved reposition, or improved trip

Benefit: When a foe takes damage due to you moving them, such as pushing them off a cliff, tripping them into a pool of lava, or repositioning them into a spell effect, the damage they take is maximized instead of rolled. This does not include damage caused by moving them into creatures such as attacks of opportunity or moving them into a creature's aura.


Improved cover: (Combat)

Prerequisites: dex 13, stealth 1 rank,

Benefit: The bonus that cover grants to your ac, reflex, and stealth checks increases by +2.


Jump off terrain:  

Prerequisite:  Dex 13 Acrobatics rank 1

Benefit: Once per turn when moving away from a space in which you could receive a cover bonus to ac you may first make an acrobatics roll to jump, any distance covered by that jump is not subtracted by your movement. Using this feat is a free action.


Shatter obstacle: (Combat)

Prerequisites: Strength 17, Trample terrain

Benefit: When a move or charge would be interrupted by an obstacle such as a door, wall or other furniture you may immediately make a strength check to burst the object at the normal DC as a free action. If this is used as part of a charge you gain a +4 bonus on the roll and an additional +2 for every 10 ft your base land speed exceeds 30 by.


Trample terrain: (Combat)

Prerequisite: str 15

Benefit:  When making a move action or charge that takes you into difficult terrain you may make a strength check as a free action to remove the rough terrain. This packs mud and sand flat, scatters snow, crushes rock and otherwise levels flat the terrain to a depth of 1 foot. This can be extremely hazardous if that difficult terrain happens to be a bridge or the surface of a frozen lake. Only a single check is made for each type of difficult terrain passed through on the turn and if the check is successful the terrain does not impede you. The DC can vary and is determined by the GM with the following examples as a starting point:

Snow , ice, or glass: DC 11

Sand, dirt, or mud: DC 12

Wood : DC 15

Plants and vines: DC 18

Stone : DC 18

Caltrops or iron :  DC 20

Adamantine: DC 30

Magical effects:   Equal to the spell's save DC

Terrain slows movement to 1/4:        +5 to DC


The high ground: (Combat)

Benefit: When attacking a foe from higher ground using a ranged or melee weapon you gain +2 attack and damage instead of the usual +1 to attacks. Additionally if you drop down from higher ground and make a melee attack at the conclusion of the fall both you and the target take the falling damage provided you hit them with your attack, if you possess the Hazard feat you may choose to apply it to the fall damage you both take.


Unstable footing: (Combat)

Prerequisite: Trample terrain

Benefit: With thunderous footsteps and powerful strokes of your weapon you can ruin the landscape where you step. When moving or charging you may as a free action make a strength check to turn regular even ground into scarred pitted terrain. This uses the same DC's presented in the trample terrain feat, including being able to raise the DC by 5 to reduce movement to 1/4.


Well concealed:

Prerequisite: Stealth 1 rank, Dex 13,

Benefit: While benefiting from less than total concealment, increase the percentage bonus by 10% to a maximum of 50%. This feat may be taken multiple times and it's effects stack.