Kathodos class variant: The Katerrei 

By Xefas


There's so much to do and I may never create the full Tharizdun/Elder Elemental Eye Mythos set that I'd like to. But I've had the idea for a 'Dark Kathodos' ever since I wrote the vestige for The Maiden Who Surmounted The World. So, here's a little tweak for playing a less nature-protect-y-but-still-throwing-around-elemental-blasts character. Insert the following fluff, remove the two Mythos 'Sought By Nature's Chaperon' and 'Sojourner Of A Thousand Lives Shintai', and replace them with the two Mythos that follow. Season with crazy to taste.

After his defeat by The Maiden Who Surmounted The World, mad Tharizdun was sealed within an impenetrable prison of elemental power, designed by the Omphalos and constructed by the hands of every pantheon that spins upon the Wheel. Never before and never again shall there ever be so impervious a cage. Neither god nor titan could ever hope to breach it.

Truly, Tharizdun had long forsaken his status as Lawgiver, infested and mutated by the Beyond and its denizens as he had been. It had made him peerless in his power, a lord among mythic lords, but even he could not batter down the walls that held him. But the Far Realm did as it does, and defied reason and expectation. It spread its madness from Tharizdun to the prison that held him, and from that empty corner of the multiverse, none could hear the fallen one's screams as he was remade. His mythic heart rotted and boiled, seething, and collapsed, and his legend poured onto the walls of his prison where the Far Realm's madness seared them together. 

Tharizdun is no more, though the mask of his name is sometimes worn by that husk the Far Realm's champions now inhabit. By their corruption, both prison and prisoner are now the Elder Elemental Eye, and in this way, That Which Was Tharizdun has found a withered sort of freedom, where it may reach its influence outward and continue to undermine the multiverse it so hates. Such plots have included the creation of the Evil Archomental Princes: Imix, Yan-C-Bin, Olhydra, and Ogremoch, as well as the (repeatedly) failed Temple of Elemental Evil.

Unfortunately for those that call the Great Wheel home, by using the prison so forged and saturated with the Omphalos' elemental mythic power in the creation of the Elder Elemental Eye, the Farspawn unintentionally found a conduit into the same planar strata that allows the Omphalos' Mythos to flow outward into mortal bodies and create Kathodos. Through these channels, That Which Was Tharizdun slowly spreads its contagious insanity, creating dark cousins to the Omphalos' children. They are called Katarrei - living avatars of the world's essence, corrupted. 

New Exceptional Mythos: Revolving Upon An Alien Fulcrum
Prerequisite: Must have had a vision of an otherworldly tower of seething elemental storms crowned by a lidless eye of many irises.

You gain Omniscient Whispers (UA) as a bonus feat, and the use of that feat does not render you Exhausted.

Once per round, as a free action, you may focus your thoughts on the alien tower that lurks in the dark mists of your mind. Without warning or flourish, your perceptions suddenly shift from perceiving the normal world to perceiving a bizarre mirror of it, as you are struck with a concentrated hallucinatory madness.

In this state, fire appears to you in unnatural hues, ranging from brilliant greens and purples in its outer flames to cores of infrared and ultraviolet oddities that the common tongue has never had words for. It stinks of pungent incenses and the sound of it burning is curiously inverted, as if it were exhaling rather than consuming the air around it.

Water reflects things to you that are not present, and sometimes you glimpse squirming shadows just beneath the surface - shadows of impossibly connected mandibles and many-jointed limbs, or surfaces pocked with irregular holes. It smells like the unsettling sweetness of overripe citrus.

Air carries with it mumbled whispers when it moves, unintelligible and perhaps without meaning to begin with. Any spoken words you hear or speak while this Mythos is active are similarly unintelligable, as if they were thoughtless gibberish. However, non-verbal communication, such as hand-signals or telepathy, are uninhibited.

Earthen materials look as if stained with thick, blotchy crystalline dyes that sweep through spirals and elegant flourishes, meticulous and measured, as if crafted by a purposeful hand in an alien calligraphy.

Though no one else can see your hallucination, while you are hallucinating, your [External] Mythos cause the alien world you see to leak into reality, transforming the elemental material used in the Mythos such that it appears like the elements in your hallucination (for example, a stone thrown with Land-Strike Wrath would become dyed in reality to match its appearance in your hallucination, and remains so indefinitely). Fire you transform in this way replaces any oxygen it consumes to feed itself with stagnant, pungent air that cannot be further respired by itself, or by mortals that require breath. The smell is strong enough to make tracking by Scent through the area impossible. Transformed water is unpotable to most creatures, save for those hailing from the Far Realm or those that possess this Mythos. Transformed air usually disperses too quickly to have a pronounced ongoing effect, though [External] Mythos that maintain a constant wind effect (such as Omphalic Monument Skin's wind-armor) inflicts a -4 circumstance penalty on Listen checks to decipher specific audible details in the area (such as the exact words you're speaking, though it would not penalize a Listen check meant to perceive that you were speaking at all). Plants grown in transformed earth always grow into odd shapes. Pumpkins might sit in the center of vine networks arranged in sprawling fractal patterns, or roses might bloom with what appears to be a sleeping face nestled between its petals.

Divine spellcasters that take damage from one of your transformed [External] Mythos must make an additional Will save. On a failed save, they lose one randomly selected divine spell of the highest level they have prepared, or one use of their highest level of unused spells per day if they do not prepare spells. In addition, they lose access to the domain power of, and cannot cast domain spells taken from, the Fire, Water, Air, or Earth Domains, for 5 minutes. If, within that 5 minutes of non-access, they fail a second save from this Mythos, they lose access to those Domains until they next rest and regain their spells.

A Divine Spellcaster that has no more spells or spell uses left to lose instead takes 1d4 Wisdom damage on a failed save. A Divine Spellcaster reduced to 0 Wisdom in this way goes temporarily mad (after they recover enough Wisdom to regain their agency) and their connection to their deity is severed. During this time, they are mysteriously still granted spells if they pray for them, though their god will not speak to them (even through spells that facilitate such a conversation, such as Commune). They pick new Domains, if they normally have access to Domains, from the following list: Air, Earth, Fire, Madness, Water. An Atonement spell will return a Divine Spellcaster's connection to their deity, returning their proper domains to them, and allow them to hear the voice of their god once more. Those that go long enough without receiving an Atonement almost invariably go completely insane and become cultists of the Elder Elemental Eye, though the faith of powerful priests and clerics can remain resolute for long indeed.

To end your hallucination and return your perceptions to reality, you must meditate for 5 minutes, focusing on forcibly peeling back the veil.


New Legendary Mythos: Hollow Slave-Prison Shintai
Prerequisite: The 'Revolving Upon An Alien Fulcrum' Mythos

Upon learning this Mythos, a mental tendril of the Farspawn that lives inside the Elder Elemental Eye slams through your body, completely gutting you of any humanity or personality, enslaving you to its will and purpose without hope of resistance. 

With a gasp, your body goes into agonized convulsions, as the flesh of your limbs begins to melt and fuse - your legs to one another, and your arms to your torso. They retain their distinctive shape, but are rendered completely unusable, your legs now unable to support you, your fingertips melted to each other, or to your palm, or perhaps paralyzed entirely, and your upper arms fused to your rib-cage down to the elbow. Further, your teeth sharpen to points and your tongue elongates. One of your eyes grows to around three times its normal size, the bone of your skull malforming to accommodate it. Your giant eye's iris splits into many fragments, and it moves independently of its fellow. 

Next, a few writhing batteries of perforated chain-shaped tentacles of flesh grow in asymmetrical arrays around your body. These chains function, in aggregate, with the same dexterity as a humanoid hand, and assume the same functions as your arms and hands would. They can make any Slam, Claw, Tentacle or other natural attack that you lost with the loss of your arms and legs, as well as making unarmed attacks. 

Now, the convulsions cease, and your wracked form levitates from the ground of its own accord. Hence, while utilizing your land speed, you may naturally levitate up to six inches off of any solid or liquid surface, propelling yourself despite your useless appendages. This levitation exerts no pressure on the ground you levitate over, so you do not leave tracks, nor do you set off pressure plates or similar mechanisms.

After being fully transformed, your 'Revolving Upon An Alien Fulcrum' Mythos becomes permanently active and cannot be turned off with meditation. You lose all prior personality and motivations you once held, and are instead uncontrollably, unconscionably dedicated to the service of the Elder Elemental Eye and the eventual eradication of all things that are not the Far Realm. You possess no morals or ethics in the face of this goal, and pursue what you believe to be the most effective route to this end, even if it would clash with less enlightened servants of Once-Tharizdun. Such a clash is, however, unlikely - so evocative is your new form that a mere DC 15 Knowledge (Religion) check upon seeing you is enough to decipher that you are a devoted spawn of the Elder Elemental Eye, or one of its pseudonyms. Followers of the Eye gain a +10 bonus on this check. Unless lead by a highly charismatic, or equally powerful master, most cultists will worship you as an extension of their god.

You gain Deformity (Madness) as a bonus feat. Further, you gain an insane boon similar to the Madness Domain taken by the followers of the Eye. You have an Insanity score equal to 1/2 your class level. When you calculate the DC of a saving throw inflicted by one of your Katarrei Mythos, add your Insanity score to your Intelligence score. (For example, a level 20 Katarrei with this Mythos and 30 Intelligence would calculate their save DCs as if they had 40 Intelligence. Their saving throws would be DC 35.) However, your Wisdom score has a continuous penalty equal to your Insanity score (as per normal ability penalty rules, this cannot reduce your Wisdom below 1). Once per day, you may choose to have a single round of lucidity, lifting this penalty for the duration, and you may speak a few tortured sentences with a mind only as insane as it was prior to taking this Mythos. Echoes of a consciousness long dead and gone.

Finally, your type changes to Aberration with the Augmented subtype, and all other prior subtypes. If you were previously an Undead, Construct, or Outsider, you instead gain the Augmented Aberration subtype. You radiate an aura of evil as if you were a cleric of an Evil deity. You are immune to ability damage and drain to your mental ability scores, and you may exist comfortably in the normally inhospitable environments of the Far Realm.