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Q.) What is duck and roll games?

A.) Duck and Roll Games is everything I have to offer the roleplayers of the world. It's a database of homebrew content easily acessible, it's a third party publisher that sells content I've personally written, it's articles I've penned to help improve the games of people around the world, it's reviews of useful products that could improve your game, it's my job, and my passion.  


Q.) I'm a homebrewer and I want to get my content  on your site. How do?

A.) I try hard to make myself easily acessible. I've got a section on the site for contacting me and I'm generally not too picky about how you go about it. I can be reached on any of my social media and you can either send me a link to where your content is currently available, or even send it to me as a PDF or word document. Once I've had a chance to look it over and playtest it at least once I'll decide if it makes the cut. I only present the very best in homebrew so a lot of works may not meet the standards that I set. Keep in mind it can take a long time to read, test, review and post content so I can't guarantee it will show up on the site soon or even ever. By sending me your content you're giving me permission to review it and post it, with proper credit to you, but I don't get ownership of it and I do not have the rights to sell it so you don't need to worry about comitting to something too big. Also by sending me content you confirm that you are the creator of the content or have the right to permit me to repost it. Please do not send me homebrew someone else has made unless you make it very clear you are not the author, I could get in a heap of trouble for that.


Q.) I have a rules question about some of your content, is there any way to get clarification?

A.) Absolutely! First, as new products are launched there will be new sections added to the F.A.Q page that cover specific questions by product. I'd reccomend checking there first and if you don't see the answer you need then just click on the contact section and let me know your query. Don't be shy about asking specific rules questions since a lot of other people probably have the same question.